10 Biggest DCEU Reveals That Happened In The Tie

With the release of Black Adam and the anticipation of The Flash, DC released several tie-in comic issues. It’s a side of the DC Extended Universe that is often overlooked by moviegoers, even as they help expand this view of the DC Universe even further.

Typically, the comics are prequel stories to any movie that’s about to be released, from Man Of Steel to Wonder Woman 1984. They have reveals that the movies never mentioned despite being in film canon.

Ghost Gentleman

Several comics were released in promotion of Black Adam titled The Justice Society Files and each issue focused on different members of the Justice Society who appear in the film. Hawkman’s story featured him in both his superhero form and his civilian Carter Hall disguise.

It is in this story that Hawkman first encounters The Gentleman Ghost. He proves to be a threat to Hawkman, but with the help of Hawkman’s partner Doctor Fate, the villain is defeated. It’s a different take on the DC character, but there’s a surprising Easter egg showcasing the character’s iconic look from the main DC Universe.

Kord’s first appearance

It turns out that even before the Blue Beetle movie was announced, the DCEU planted the seeds for that movie with a mention of Kord Industries in the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice tie-in comics. In the Lex Luthor issue, it is mentioned that Kord is a rival company to LexCorp.

This company is owned by Ted Kord, who is famous for being the second Blue Beetle and his death plays a role in how Jaime Reyes becomes the new Blue Beetle. This version of the character is set to be the focus of the upcoming Blue Beetle movie starring Cobra Kai actor Xolo Maridueña.

Kryptonite is much more common now

The events of Batman V Superman made it seem like the piece of Kryptonite that Batman and Lex Luthor had acquired were the only samples of the substance on Earth. Apparently that’s no longer the case because Hawkman’s prequel comic to Black Adam established that there aren’t any more.

Not only is there more Kryptonite, there’s even a large ingot of it on display in a museum. This could explain how Bloodsport with his show-stealing weapon from The Suicide Squad was able to access a Kryptonite bullet that allowed him to put Superman in the ICU.

Batman and Superman saved the world before they met

It looks like there was another doomsday threat between General Zod and Doomsday in the DCEU. In the Batman V Superman comics, as Batman battles a group of ground soldiers, Superman is called into space to battle a satellite equipped with a laser cannon.

It was never explained who was in command of the satellite, but it is escaped that they were the same men Batman was fighting. Superman was able to stop the cannon but barely. This story is meant to show the stark differences and similarities between Batman and Superman, but Batman refuses to acknowledge it.

Drug that could be linked to Batman and Wonder Woman

In Cyclone’s story from The Justice Society Files, it is revealed that metahumans have become such a common thing that a new street drug has risen called Tar. This substance transforms an ordinary person into a towering monster with seemingly unlimited strength for a short time.

The tar turns out to be an inhaled powdery substance that looks suspiciously like the drug Ludendorff used to fight Princess Diana in Wonder Woman. When the Wonder Woman movie came out, there were theories that the drug was an early prototype of Venom, the drug Bane uses to power up against heroes such as Batman.

Doctor Fate may have fought Trigon

Although the name is never directly stated, Kent Nelson AKA Doctor Fate is forced to stop a demon from entering the mortal world. This demon has red skin, antlers, and a four-eyed design that’s pretty close to how most artists portray Trigon.

It could be a coincidence in the design choices, but it could also be a way to set up Trigon’s daughter, Raven, to join the DCEU at some point. With Constantine in the works at DC, Raven’s inclusion isn’t all that far-fetched for the supernatural side of the DCEU.

Barry Allen has a lot more experience

When introduced in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Barry Allen wasn’t a superhero at all. he wasn’t even called The Flash yet. However, with The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, the comic prequel to The Flash movie, the reader can learn more about the life of the DCEU speedster.

Not only is he being mentored by Ben Affleck’s Batman to learn how to fight both in and out of his gear, but he’s encountered more villains. The first issue had him face off against Girder, which resulted in the costume he wore in Justice League being destroyed, and he fought a molten monster known as the Tar Pit.

The Justice Society has been around for a long time

The Cyclone comic shows that she grew up admiring Hawkman and Doctor Fate of the Justice Society, even before she got her powers as a teenager. This could help connect to other DC projects such as Birds Of Prey which confirmed Black Canary’s mother was also a superhero.

Perhaps the first Black Canary was once a member of the JSA alongside the first Atom Smasher and Cyclone’s predecessor. Although it raises the question of why they didn’t get involved when Doomsday and Steppenwolf attacked Earth.

Firefly was already a DCEU villain

Before it was sadly canceled, the Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace was going to feature the cinematic debut of Firefly played by Brendan Fraser. However, this wouldn’t be the first time Firefly appeared in the DCEU as he was Batman’s villain in the Batman V Superman prequel comic.

Firefly attempted to light a building on fire when Batman interfered. It was a simple but effective story meant to show off a regular night for the DCEU Batman, showing just how dark and creepy it has become for the criminals of Gotham City who caught Lex Luthor’s eye.

Alfred rings the flash

It turns out that the costume seen in the first footage and first teaser of The Flash has been Barry’s primary costume for quite some time. The prequel comic shows him replacing the costume thanks to Alfred and Batman, resulting in a sleeker costume that looks more like an old-school Flash costume.

Many fans expected to see Barry upgrade his suit in the Flash movie, but instead, it looks like he’s going to start with the upgraded suit right away. While most will likely accept the new costume, it might put off some viewers from wearing something completely different from what was shown in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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