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Halloween it is one of the funniest and most terrifying times of the year, on the one hand there are those who put all their efforts into having the best costume, the most authentic, the one that is most similar to that character or element chosen to imitate, there are also the smallest who go out to the streets to ask for sweets and for others it is the perfect time to enjoy the darkness and a good scare.

For this reason, Halloween is also a perfect date to premiere horror series and movies, so we share a selection of dark series to binge-watch during this celebration.

It premiered in September 2021, was created and directed by mike flanagan for Netflix and develops in Crockett Islanda small and isolated island community where a mysterious priest named Paul, his presence coincides with several inexplicable and “miraculous” events. Throughout its seven episodes, faith takes hold of the community, but these miracles will come at a price.

It is inspired by the homonymous novel by Dan Simmonswhich is based on the true story of the lost franklin expeditiona failed voyage of exploration to the Arctic that took place in the 19th century which sought to explore and cross the last stretch of the Northwest Passage, but the ships were trapped in the ice and the 129 explorers died from the Addison’s disease. In the series created by David Kajganich they will have to survive a mysterious predator that stalks the boats in a game of uncertainty and survival.

There were 30 coins for which Judas he betrayed Jesus Christ. This series written and directed by alex church takes place 2000 years after this event, when in a remote town in Spain one of these coins appears, unleashing a series of supernatural forces that threaten to uncover secrets of the Vatican and the exorcist priest, boxer and ex-con Vergara who is exiled in the parish of this town.

Ilionka is diagnosed with thyroid cancer, so instead of going to university, she now spends her days with seven other terminally ill patients in the hospice Brightcliffe, every day at midnight they meet to tell horror stories and make a pact in which the first to die must find a way to communicate with others from beyond. A series of strange events are about to unfold when they discover a basement in which a rather dangerous rite is being practiced.

To date, it has three seasons and the fourth has already been confirmed. This production created by Robert King and Michelle King follows the story of a skeptical clinical psychologist who teams up with a reverend’s apprentice and a builder to investigate apparent miracles, demonic possession, and other extraordinary occurrences to determine if they are scientifically explained or not. they are supernatural.

It is a project in which the renowned filmmaker William of the Bull aims to challenge our traditional notions of horror by giving audiences a series of stories that range from the macabre and the magical, the gothic and the grotesque, the classic and the creepy. Although del Toro is the creator, presenter and executive producer of this production, he will not be the director of the eight episodes, since he sought to obtain different perspectives from the eyes of experts such as Catherine Hardwicke, Guillermo Navarro, Keith Thomas, among others.

It only has 3 episodes and is based on the novel of the same name by the writer bram stokerwas developed by mark gatiss Y Steven Moffat (Sherlock) who show us the earl dracula from its origins in Transylvania until it meets the descendants of Abraham Van Helsing. The production rescues classic aspects of dracula and adds new stories and characters that develop around the original story.

The ‘horror’ series par excellence, is an anthology created by Ryan Murphy Y Brad Falchuck and it is characterized because each of its seasons is conceived as a miniseries, since it has its own plot and different characters. Some elements of the plots are based on real events, themes such as haunted houses, insane criminals, witches’ coven, among others.

It is based on the series Child’s Play and takes place after the events of Cult of Chucky when the teenager Jake Wheeler buy a brand doll good guys for an art project, but realizes he is possessed by the serial killer Charles LeeRay, known as chuckywho will unleash a wave of murders while flashbacks to his past show more details about him as his first victim or how he met his girlfriend Tiffany.

Much of its plot is based on the homonymous novel published in 1959 and written by Shirley Jacksonis the first season of an anthology series titled The Haunting and takes place between two timelines, it shows the story of five brothers who grew up in the haunted mansion Hill House and how all the paranormal phenomena that lived in this place and that cost their mother her life still haunts them in the present. The family will have to face the ghosts of the past after a tragedy that brings them back together.

10 dark series to watch on Halloween | Radionics