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From She-Hulk to Star Wars, fandom has become a serious talking point in the entertainment industry for overwhelmingly negative reasons. There are “fans” who bully the cast and crew of what are supposed to be their favorite shows, others who keep the media from “fake fans,” and still others who make it hard for the fandom to to be the loving, creative place he can be at his best.

Fandoms can be hugely rewarding spaces, in large part because marginalized communities can see themselves represented in ways they don’t see in mainstream media. However, a very small number of “toxic fans” have recently become the focus of media attention, making it difficult to view fandom as a positive space. Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss which fandoms are having the worst of this behavior to help others avoid unnecessary drama.

my hero academia

According to Flower_Power_Hour, the most toxic fandom is My Hero Academia. As they say, “The series is amazing and well animated, same for the manga which is well drawn and I know there are really nice people in the fandom but because of its big toxic side it’s sad to see people walk past the anime because of it. »

Many fans, especially anime, believe that there is only one way to enjoy stories. Anime or manga, subtitles or dubs, even characters that fans can support have all become major arguments within the MHA community. As Flower_Power_Hour says, these people are often in the minority, but it’s always difficult, especially for new fans, to find a place to discuss a series they love.

The boys

The Boys was written as a satire of the superhero genre, specifically pushing against its hyper-militaristic side. However, Redditors like navyzak find that many fans of the show don’t pick up on the show’s real messages, saying, “I just don’t understand how toxic fans of ‘The Boys’ don’t realize that the series is specifically designed. fun of them. »

Audiences shouldn’t attach themselves to characters like Homelander and Soldier Boy as heroes, as they are explicitly criticized by the show itself. However, just as some fans fell in love with John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, many seem ready to stick with their favorites to the bitter end, no matter what other fans or even the showrunners might have to say.


Marvel has conquered the media landscape, but many fans don’t want the heroism to be available to everyone. As Fossils222 explains, “I’m amazed at the toxic fans who accuse Marvel of being woke and forcing diversity and inclusion, but ironically, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee have spent their lives creating a universe where anyone who, regardless of skin color or origin, can be a hero. . »

For many years, the MCU was almost exclusively filled with white male heroes, and even to this day there are few superpowered women and POCs who haven’t become villains, died, or both. As Marvel does better, however, many supposed fans are upset that other demographics are being represented onscreen, making it a difficult fandom for many people to enjoy.

rick and morty

Many people have probably heard of the chaos within the Rick and Morty fandom, but it’s hard to hear from people who are fans themselves. A deleted comment discussed the issue saying, “Rick and Morty fans are notoriously bad. To the point that I’m embarrassed to say I watch it, because the fandom is so boring. »

Fandoms are meant to be safe places for people to share their love of a show, but some take it too far, forcing their interpretations and preferences on anyone who enjoys it. This phenomenon has even been documented in GQ, where the right of a small sector of fandom is discussed as a growing issue that scares other fans.

teen mom

While the word fandom is usually associated with scripted media, some Redditors like Lydia – from charming reality TV franchises like Teen Mom – said, “After a while off and then back on, they’re so mean to girls and with each other. I want to start leaving more positive/neutral feedback. But it’s also difficult when the subjects of the show can be so toxic…. »

The franchise is destined to thrive on drama, and mothers usually have frequent conflicts with their parents, partners, and each other regarding how they live their lives and raise their children. But while characters can be easily criticized in fiction, these women are real human beings who don’t deserve to be showered with hate for appearing on a TV show.


Ryan Murphy’s Glee was a huge cultural force in its early years, but it fell victim to the extreme sides of fandom that were prevalent in the 2010s, especially when it came to relationships. As lilxannydevito explains, “fans were obsessed with shipping [Darren Chris and Chris Colfer] together to the point where they could no longer interact publicly. Darren’s wife also got a lot of bullshit from the fans, I’m not sure about Chris’ husband, but he probably got some too. »

Fans have every right to enjoy a couple in fiction, and Kurt and Blaine’s relationship on Glee was incredibly important to members of the LGBT+ community. However, there is a difference between characters and actors, and any fandom that crosses that line needs to take a step back.

stranger things

Fan kimmiecla is concerned about a recent rise in toxic fandom involving Stranger Things. As they say, “Something happened to Stranger Things fans in the 3 years between season 3 and season 4 and I have no idea what it is. »

As kimmicla said, there was a three-year gap between seasons 3 and 4 of the show thanks to COVID-19, and that time meant fans had to rewatch the early seasons or make some of their own. new content. While this stage of fandom can cause a creative boom, it also tends to start fragmentation, as fans rally around characters or relationships more than the show itself.


Horror franchises tend to reenact the stories of their villains, and Halloween is the most infamous version of that. Redditor DontZzz34 says, “It’s a very divided fanbase because there are 4 different timeframes and with that you’ll get a lot of toxicity.” People are legitimately offended by an opinion and hurl insults at each other about it. »

It would be great for the fandom to be able to celebrate each movie for what it is, but many fans feel the need to force their opinions on others, getting angry at anyone who disagrees. With Halloween Ends so close on the horizon, the fandom is no doubt preparing for the wars to come between those who love it and those who wish it had never been written.


Supernatural ran for 15 years, and it had a lot of fans during that time, but those fans tended to be very divided on what the show should be. A deleted comment said, “The Supernatural fandom led THREE of the main guest stars on social media. It’s sad. … These keyboard warriors are ruining legitimate fans who have followed the series from the start. »

It’s totally fine to like some seasons over others — the show certainly provided plenty of variety. It’s good to want certain characters to be in a relationship. It’s even good to criticize the series for its flaws. But attacking the cast, crew, and fellow fans will always be toxic behavior.

star wars

When it comes to fan reviews, almost every post on Reddit agreed that the Star Wars community was the worst. SuppleSuplicant says, “I’m all for a critical side of my fandoms, but I wish I could hang out in an online Star Wars space not dominated by new movies. I enjoyed them and have a hard time finding someone to hang out with, despite being one of the most popular franchises of all time. »

The franchise has grown so large that no one seems to be able to enjoy it as a whole. While few fans would question the success of the originals, the prequels and sequels garner a lot of hate, and many female actors and POC have been harassed by “fans” who hate their involvement.

10 fandoms with the most toxic fans, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel