10 funniest movies to watch this Thanksgiving with your family

The holiday season is a time when old friends meet, families reunite, and everyone has a good time. We all eat good food, share funny incidents and, of course, watch good movies. There’s nothing better than sitting comfortably with your loved ones and enjoying your favorite dessert while watching a fun movie. Watching a movie is almost like a ritual when friends and families come together.

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There are plenty of movies to choose from that will not only relate to each member of the family, but also make them more enjoyable and relaxed. There are some remarkably hilarious family movies that will have everyone in the room laughing.

“Home Alone” (1991)

Alone at home is the perfect family movie to watch for Thanksgiving. Most people have watched it once, but it’s so good that it deserves to be revisited at every gathering. Macaulay Culkin stars as little Kevin McCallister, who was left behind in his huge home while his family went on a road trip. Watching how events unfold after that is indeed a treat.

Ever since he was alone, he fulfills all of his childhood wishes, such as eating giant bowls of ice cream, beating up thieves, and even jumping on his parents’ bed. The violence in the film has more of a cat and mouse theme, which makes it even funnier. At the end, the film leaves a very simple but important message, which concerns the importance of the family.

“Jumanji” (1995)

Jumanji is a film that no child of the 90s can forget, because it holds a special place. The film was so good that it became the 10th highest-grossing film of 1995. Robin Williams classic is full of slightly spooky moments and plenty of hilarious moments and adventures that kids would definitely enjoy, making it a great movie to watch as a family this Thanksgiving.

As the title suggests, the film is about Jumanji, a supernatural board game full of menace. With every move a player makes, there is a new dangerous element. In 1969, Alen Parrish got trapped in the game while playing Jumanji with Sarah. In 1995, two siblings, Judy and Peter, started playing the game and freed Alen, who is now an adult. After they all find Sarah, they complete the game together in order to undo all the damage it has caused.

“Shrek” (2001)

Shrek is a smart, funny and enjoyable film to watch with children. It is about an ogre named Shrek who lived peacefully in solitude, until the day when his routine is disrupted by the invasion of fairy tale characters. These new arrivals were all banished from their kingdom.

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But Shrek is determined, and he wants to save the houses of all these people (to regain his loneliness). To do this, he makes a deal with Lord Farquaad, the ruler of the kingdom. He will save Princess Fiona in return, who will be Farquaad’s bride – Fiona has her own secrets. The film delivers the message to always form and pursue genuine relationships with people and nature.

‘Finding Nemo’ (2003)

The world of Nemo is arguably among the best Pixar classics of all time. It’s about a clownfish who swims away from his home, a coral reef, who forces his widowed father to embark on a mission to find him by swimming in the open sea and facing his greatest fears during the travel.

While this father-son tale of dating sounds pretty serious and moving, and has plenty of sad moments, it’s also filled with plenty of funny scenes. The world of Nemo is a unique film that does a great job of making its audience cry and laugh. It’s a heartwarming tale that lets viewers know that no matter how difficult things are right now, it will all end positively in the end.

‘Ratatouille’ (2007)

Ratatouille is a film about Remy, an adorable and determined rat who dreams of becoming a chef. To pursue his career, he moved to Paris, and with the help of Linguini, a garbage collector, he began to work on his culinary skills. But because he’s a rat, and it’s a profession where rats aren’t welcome, he also needs to hide a lot, which makes the movie hilarious.

As he grows and practices his cooking skills, Remy finally gets the chance to prove just how good he is to a food critic. Whether he has what it takes or not is the real question. Overall, the movie was a massive box office success, which was well deserved. The hidden message behind the film is to try things because you never know until you try it.

“School of Rock” (2003)

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Jack Black took his performance to another level in school of rock, where he starred as Dewey Finn, a struggling musician who makes his way through a school by landing a teaching job. He then helps the students and the principal release their inner musicians and rockstars, forming a new band.

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It really is a feel-good movie not just because of the story, but also because you get to see Jack Black being Jack Black. Globally, school of rock is a truly lively, funny, witty and meaningful family film, with brilliant performances from the actors. Basically, this movie sucks.

‘Kung Fu Panda’ (2008)

The film kung fu panda is the story of Po, a lazy panda who embarks on a mission to become a Dragon Master. Although the movie’s title says a lot about the story, it’s fun to imagine a lovable, lazy giant panda practicing martial arts and being the best at it. Even though the odds are stacked against him, he succeeds.

This is an amazing movie to watch with kids as you will witness Po’s journey which is beautifully animated. The film is stylish, the action scenes are very entertaining, the script is not stretched at all and Jack Black delivers a brilliant performance voicing Po. The message of this film is that in order to succeed, be better than the best. doesn’t matter, what matters is becoming the best version of yourself.

‘The Lego Movie’ (2014)

The Lego Movie is one of a kind, with its satirical writing and wit. Chris Pratt and Will Ferrell were exceptional with their voiceovers for their roles. The animation for this movie is also something new, and it’s a story about Emmet, a construction worker in Bricksburg. He likes his colleagues and everything is fine, but things are about to get intense.

Soon Emmet is misidentified as a special being who is the only key to saving the world from imminent danger. He soon joins a team of aliens who fight a tyrant’s evil plan for world domination. Things get hilarious because although Emmet is completely desperate and unprepared, he tries his best.

‘Vana’ (2016)

Moana is a special movie for all Disney fans because, in a way, it makes you nostalgic for old Disney movies. The sense of humor and the musical aspect of the film make it even better. The film is about Moana, a bold and strong-willed teenager who makes it her mission to save her people.

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Her story is full of adventures, and along the way she meets Maui, who was once a demigod, and he helps her in her quest. Maui and Moana sail across the ocean, and on their journey they battle against incredible odds and monsters. After all, the film shows how Moana discovers her ancestry and embraces her heritage, making her identity.

‘DC League of Super-Pets’ (2022)

DC League of Super Pets was released recently, and it was a huge hit at the worldwide box office. This feel-good movie is action-packed, funny, and emotionally charged. It’s a movie that will make you want to give your pets a tight hug after watching it. The film has a star-studded cast who delivered a promising performance.

After Superman and the Justice League are kidnapped by an evil guinea pig, it’s up to Krypto, Superman’s dog, to save his best friend’s life. On his way, he forms a team of stray animals from an adoption shelter who all have superpowers, and together they save the Justice League. The film has a very positive ending and brings a new concept of super pets. All have superpowers and are all DC superhero pets.

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