10 Reasons This Horror Movie Is So Terrifying

The brand new supernatural horror movie, Smile, is taking social media by storm, as more and more people flock to theaters to see it. The film follows a therapist who, after witnessing the suicide of one of her patients (while flashing an evil smile), begins to have terrifying experiences and delusions.

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Eventually, she realizes that she is cursed and will die within seven days. As stated earlier, Smile is causing a stir on social media, being called one of the scariest movies to watch right now. There are more than a few reasons why the film is so scary.

The “Kubrick gaze”

One of the most well-known horror tropes is what is now known as “Kubrick Stare”, which refers to the actor Stanley Kubrick. In one of his roles, he must have smiled and tilted his head, creating an extremely unsettling look. This “look-and-tilt” has been used in several films since then, and is used heavily in the new Smile.

Stanley Kubrick’s smile is psychologically disturbing as seen by the human eye, and thus is the basis of a seemingly pleasant but unpleasant thing (the smile) used to confuse audiences.

Urban legend and realism

There’s always something ridiculously scary and upsetting about horror that’s just a little removed from the real thing. Urban Legends rocks that line nicely, and that’s part of why they’re just so creepy.

Whereas Smile has quite a few supernatural elements, the urban legend factor that the same events that happened in the movie could be believable in a live setting is the scariest part. And, while a demonic entity may be behind the film’s problems, there are many similarities to the pandemics of recent years. This type of horror would most definitely evoke a few scares.

chain effect

Send this photo and this message to the next one, otherwise she (insert picture of possessed girl) will be under your bed tonight! Chain posts are so common in the age of social media, and it’s no surprise that the trend has made its way into the entertainment industry as well.

In Smile, the demon moves through each smiling suicide witness and then to the next after 7 days. This chain effect adds to the fear factor by increasing anticipation among audience members of when the next person will arrive and who will die next.

Jumping is scary

Like any modern horror film, there are leaps and bounds throughout the film’s 115 minutes. There are also numerous murder scenes, which is equally terrifying.

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The film’s main antagonist, a parasitic demon who attaches itself to each person for 7 days (causing them to commit suicide while smiling), is on the loose and ends up appearing in the film in his own jumpscare. The menacing entity attacks Rose near the end of the film in its own bizarre way.


One thing that Smile done exceptionally well compared to other horror films is built tension. Throughout the film, the audience is on the edge of their seat to figure out what this mysterious demonic entity looks like and understand its purpose. Only at the end do they get a glimpse of what this entity does to its hosts.

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Plus, the fact that Rose is a psychiatrist also creates a sort of mental strain for the audience. And, as mentioned earlier, the idea of ​​something so pleasant (like a smile) signifies something so deadly that overwhelms human instinct and triggers the fight or flight response.


Smile also had a very interesting aesthetic, unlike many horror films released in recent years. While many horror, paranormal, or supernatural films have a darker, hollow aesthetic, Smile has a very dark and bland aesthetic. The movie doesn’t rely on a lot of hardcore lighting elements to create a creepy look, only on the actors and scripts themselves.

This dark aesthetic makes the film even more believable for audiences and creates a jarring presence when conflict arises at such a purgatory point of view from the main character. The color, lights, and setting also force the audience to focus on the characters and actions of the film rather than anything in the background, causing them to scream more.


Film scores are always a wonderful way to understand the concept of a film before watching it. Whether it’s the fantastically scary music of Danny Elfman or the chilling and thrilling music of John Charpentierhorror movies require a soundtrack for the audience to understand what is really going on.

For Smilethe soundtrack was composed by Cristobal Tapia de Veer (who is also known for composing the score for HBO’s The White Lotus). SmileThe score of can be described as genuinely uncomfortable to listen to. There’s distortion, heavy bass, jarring sounds from violins and other electronic instruments, and baroque-like terraced dynamics. No one can listen to the soundtrack without their body instinctively shaking, thus altering the state of the mind and creating psychological tension.

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