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Horror thrillers like Scream and Bodies Bodies managed to produce both scares and twists with their murder mystery plots. But twist endings can backfire and end up hurting the movie. Unfortunately, many horror movies have disappointing end acts that are doomed by either a poorly crafted twist or a reveal that sinks the whole concept.

So horror fans on Reddit started talking about these twist endings that were so bad they ended up dragging down the rest of the movie, even the good ones. Here are 10 twist endings that have ruined horror movies, ranging from the seriousness of the twist in question to the entire movie. Needless to say, spoilers abound.

Brahms: The Boy 2 (2020)

The original The Boy was a surprise hit with horror fans who were craving a spooky new killer doll movie. Unfortunately, the writers got carried away afterwards and wrote in a twist that not only disappoints but actively ruins its predecessor’s ending. As Reddit user kuraxt put it, “The Boy 2 had such a bad twist that it not only ruined the movie, but also retroactively ruined the movie’s early twists.” »

This sequel follows a family moving into a new home after their son is traumatized. The son becomes attached to the Brahms doll, which turns out to be supernaturally possessed by a demon looking for a human host. This directly contradicts the ending of the original, where Brahms, the real boy, is revealed to be alive. Horror series can be convoluted down the line, but it’s bizarre to see a franchise contradict itself so quickly.

Jigsaw (2018)

In a franchise already known for its twists and convoluted storylines, it seemed like Jigsaw would try to be an attempt to course-correct after the disappointing Saw: The Final Chapter. Instead, it pretty much takes the same twist from previous installments and only muddies the waters of the Saw mythos even further.

Set years after The Final Chapter, this slash reboot sequel sees a new Jigsaw copycat pop-up. As it tries to build suspense and intrigue, almost anyone who’s seen a previous Saw movie could have guessed the ending: it’s another one of Jigsaw’s apprentices. Reddit user u/iHaveAHeavyFlow expressed fellow fans’ frustration, writing, “But, I wasn’t really mad until they worked in ANOTHER apprentice that made the OG even more complicated. This begs the question of why they even bothered to restart the franchise.

The Rental (2020)

In this debut film by Dave Franco, a couple fear harassment after renting a house. Filled with tension and mystery, The Rental could have been a huge hit for Franco if he could have brought him home in the 3rd act. Unfortunately, in an attempt to subvert expectations, he ended up deflating the entire film.

Instead of the villain turning out to be the mysterious owner, the real villain turns out to be… a random guy. While that may have been surprising, it was equally disappointing to Reddit users like elljana, who writes, “I could have sworn this was shaping up to something good and it held until we revealed that it wasn’t the owner/caretaker dude… I guess that’s realistic but quite disappointing. While Franco’s intentions were noble, his twisted end undermined everything he had set up.

We (2018)

After the mega-hit that was Get Out, all eyes were on Jordan Peele for his second effort, Us, to see if he could live up to the incredibly high standards of his debut. While Us certainly has its supporters, there are fans who thought this movie finally sank under the weight of its third act revelations.

After setting up a truly intriguing lore with The Tethered, it looked like Jordan Peele was ready to bring home another masterpiece. But according to Reddit users like u/spicymemories19, who writes “The beginning was really interesting and scary but towards the middle the motivations of the Tethered got very convoluted and absurd. While no one could call Us a failure, the third act makes it Peele’s most controversial and polarizing film to date.

The Town That Dreaded Sunset (2014)

Both a legacy sequel and a meta-exploration of the blurring lines between fiction and reality, The Town That Dreaded Sundown had the ingredients to transcend its genre trappings. Unfortunately, he ended up becoming a wannabe Scream with a twist that betrays both the original movie and the real murders that inspired him.

As Reddit user Jamesthefanboy puts it, “What made me love the original was that they kept The Phantom Killer’s identity unknown, the remake just ruins that and went awry. turned into a thriller. Given that the real Phantom Killer was never discovered, you’d think this sequel would honor the true events as much as possible, but instead it just reveals its killers in a generic murder mystery fashion. irrelevant to its subject.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Already the subject of massive controversy, Jeepers Creepers is one of the most polarizing horror films of recent films due to the crimes of writer/director Victor Salva. Even if we separate the artist from the artist, this quirky film has a third-act reveal that went too far for some fans.

As Reddit user Grodd writes, “I saw him in the theater and I don’t know why, but when it was revealed he was a monster, he lost all fear. While some appreciate the fact that the Creeper turns out to be a supernatural creature, this twist totally detaches it from all the reality and suspense the film had built.

Signs (2002)

No one is more famous (or in this case infamous) for his twisted endings than M. Night Shyamalan. It’s probably because his O Henry endings can range from brilliant to disconcerting. Unfortunately for Signs, a significant number of viewers believe the twist here is closer to the latter.

Signs is Shyamalan’s take on the alien invasion genre, and it’s pretty tense. Since it takes place from the perspective of a single family, the film’s suspense only builds and builds, and viewers were on the edge of their seats. That is, until they learned that the oh-so-scary aliens had a critical weakness: water. Reddit user jimnast30 points out how bizarre it is, writing “The twist in Signs that water is like acid to the skin of the aliens undermines a really scary and really sad story.” »

Don’t Breathe (2016)

Horror filmmakers tend to go broke to push the envelope. Sometimes it’s welcome, but other times it can turn a terrifying movie into a sickening one. That’s what some Reddit users thought of Don’t Breathe, which was otherwise a very effective subversion of the home invasion genre.

The film creates a truly intimidating villain in The Blind Man who uses his military training to hunt down and kill his victims. For some, that was enough, and the twist that the blind man held a woman captive so she could forcibly carry her child crossed the line into being upsetting and even petty. That’s how Reddit user PSB2013 seems to feel, writing “There were other better options they could have chosen to make it more ‘menacing’.

The Village (2004)

Shymalan reappears on the list with this period thriller that many considered the start of his downward spiral. It’s a shame because The Village brings together haunting cinematography and a brilliant cast to create a suspenseful film with atmosphere. Unfortunately, Shymalan ruins it by revealing that the villagers who were being terrorized by monsters were actually modern-day peasants being hunted down by men in crude monster garb.

As Reddit user asromatifoso puts it, “Not Shyamalan’s (Lady in the Water) worst movie but definitely the worst ending/twist.” It may sound harsh, but Shymalan took a compelling period creature feature and took both the ‘period’ and ‘creature-feature’ part with its twist, removing everything that made The Village even remotely interesting.

High Voltage (2005)

This foreign film could have been considered one of the most hardcore thrillers of the 2000s. Unfortunately, its legacy was marred by an infamous twist that makes the whole film irrelevant. In the words of Reddit user HippoSoupLava, “It makes no sense and definitely ruined the movie. »

After two French students are targeted by a serial killer, they must fight for their lives in a visceral, ultra-violent ballet of death and gore. But then, in a twist that Roger Ebert called “a plot hole big enough to drive a truck through,” it turns out the killer was one of the girls the entire time. It’s an ending that turns the whole story into a convoluted, brain-numbed mess and taints what might otherwise be considered a modern grindhouse classic.

10 Twist Endings That Ruined Horror Movies, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel