2023: the year of Valencian cinema

The year 2023 will be synonymous with Valencian cinema. Well, many of the most anticipated productions on the calendar have been recorded in the Valencian Community. Like the ‘blockbuster’ of streaming “Citadel”, the thriller starring Indian Miss World Priyanka Chopra and “Game of Thrones” actor Richard Madden. The production is directed by the Russo brothers, regulars at the Marvel factory, and it was filmed in the Tous reservoir, Castelló and the center of the city of Valencia. The filming attracted worldwide attention, as the city It was not only part of the plot scenario but also part of the script. That is why it is not surprising that the Fallas appear in the series, the biggest international tourist attraction in the city.

It is an experimental series made up of several series developed in different countries, but having in common an emotionally charged spy thriller. It can be seen throughout the new year on Amazon Prime.

The famous filmmaker Guy Ritchie has also set his sights on C. Valenciana to shoot ‘The Covenant’, a thriller with Jake Gyllenhaal that has been shot in different locations in the province of Alicante. The plot centers on Sergeant John Kinley (Gyllenhaal), who on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan teams up with local interpreter Ahmed to survey the region. When his unit is ambushed, Kinley and Ahmed are the only survivors.

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Another international production recorded in the Valencian Community, but this time a film is ‘Kaos’, starring actors like David Thewlis, the unforgettable Professor Lupine in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga; Jeff Goldblum, famous for starring in ‘Jurassic Park’; Janet McTeer, actress in series like “Ozark”; and Layo-Christina Akinlude, actress in the series “The End of the F***ing World”. Characters like Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera or Dionysus will participate in the plot. For example, Goldblum will play the seemingly all-powerful, but insecure and vengeful Zeus, who “has long enjoyed his status as King of the Gods. He until he wakes up one morning to discover a wrinkle on his forehead. Then neurosis kicks in, setting him on a dangerous and paranoid path. Zeus becomes convinced that his downfall is near and begins to see signs of it everywhere.”

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One of the first productions to be released in 2023 will surely be the one that has the most to do with the Valencians, ‘Olvido’, the new film by filmmaker Inés París. This director, with great ties to Valencia, has chosen the story of the Riada to set the plot of the film, which narrates the search of a young journalist to unravel some strange events in the València de la Riada as a result of the discovery of a corpse . The script is by the Valencian Ferran Palacios and the film was recorded in Manises, just in a few days when it did not stop raining, which came in handy for Inés París.

During the new year we will continue to hear about La Ruta del Bakalao, especially due to the premiere of the film by Óscar Montón, ‘When night does not end’, by Dacsa Produccions. This is the first feature film by this Valencian, who has united several Valencian actors on stages such as Spook. The film will come almost a year after the premiere of the Atresmedia series “La Ruta”, which has been a phenomenon on social networks and has started a ‘revival’ of this very lively period in Valencian history.

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The mystery genre will be covered by the award-winning Valencian filmmaker Paco Plaza, author of the ‘REC’, ‘Verónica’ or ‘La abuela’ saga. This year it will premiere ‘Hermana muerte’, filmed in the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba. The film is a prequel to ‘Verónica’, and in it it addresses the story of a nun with supernatural powers. The film will star Aria Bedmar (Tell me who I am) and Almudena Amor (‘The good boss’) and can be seen on Netflix. At that time, Narcisa (Aria Bedmar, Camino in ‘Acacias 38’) is a young novice who arrives at an old cloistered convent, now a school for girls, as a new teacher. According to the appropriately ethereal official synopsis, will end up looking for a way to “unravel the terrible skein of secrets that surround the convent and stalk its inhabitants».


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As the director explained, Plaza and his team took a long time to come up with the perfect setting for this scary movie. They found it a few kilometers from Gandia, in Alfahuir. “It was a find,” he explains. «We were looking all over Spain, always trying to escape that more gothic, more predictable version of what a convent in a horror movie is supposed to be. This one gave us everything we wanted: surrounded by that field of oranges, with so much white, it’s almost like embracing the Mediterranean.” For the Valencian filmmaker, visiting that convent is like traveling back in time. According to Abel Balbastre, in charge of the guided visits to the monastery, its construction dates back to 1388, when Alfons El Vell wanted to find a safe ground for the Jerónima community of Xàbia. “They asked Alfons for a one-story monastery, but as time went by, patrons began to come and an eclectic monastery was built, between Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical.” The monks withdrew from the place in 1835 and since then it has suffered fair interventions. According to Plaza, if Íker Jiménez knew what they had experienced during the weeks of filming in the monastery, he would record a “Fourth Millennium” program.

Another of the most anticipated premieres is that of ‘La casa’, adaptation of the graphic novel by Paco Roca. The film is directed by another Valencian, Álex Montoya, author of ‘La asamblea’. Filming took place in the Roca family home where the play is set, in Olocau, and stars actors such as David Verdaguer and Olivia Molina.

2023: the year of Valencian cinema