6 series to watch if you like House of the Dragon

If you’re looking forward to your weekly George RR Martin signature fix every Monday, but don’t know what to watch on other days of the week, here are six shows that are also worth your attention.

The name of the Targaryens is now on everyone’s lips and on all Twitter trends: since the release of its first episode on August 22, House of the Dragon already broke some records. But the series derived from Game Of Throneswhich achieved the best launch of the HBO channel, unfortunately did not entirely convince us, after watching its first six episodes.

If you like elements of House of the Dragon but you don’t want to watch it, or you want to occupy your weekends before the long-awaited release of the episodes every Monday on OCSyou should find your happiness in this selection of six series, not to be missed.

If you look House of the Dragon for… dragons: The Prince of Dragons

It is obviously the type of characters that we expect the most, in each episode: the marvelous winged creatures, raised by the Targaryens. If you are fascinated by dragons, we strongly recommend that you take an interest in the prince of dragons, available on Netflix. Co-created by Aaron Ehasz, the screenwriter of the brilliant Avatar the Last Airbender, the series plunges us into the fantastic world of Xadia. Two princes will form an unlikely alliance with the elf sent to assassinate them, in order to preserve the last dragon egg.

Don’t stop at its childish look: The Prince of Dragons on the contrary, addresses many geopolitical and social themes, Game of Throness. Alliances and low blows between several clans of elves and humans are on the program of this animated series in three seasons, smarter than it seems. And there’s even a lesbian couple: what more could you ask for?

If you want to travel with medieval fantasy: The Wheel of Time

Well, we know you’re impatiently waiting for the start of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power to take over from House of the Dragon, and U.S. too. But to be patient and continue traveling in fantastic medieval worlds, you really should take a look at The Wheel of Timealready renewed for a second season.

Without being the series of the century, this adaptation of Robert Jordan’s novels offers sublime aesthetics and a rather original scenario. In a world where only women can wield magic, they wield their powers to protect the Wheel of Time, a principle that every being has multiple, predestined lives. The Wheel of Time lacks spice, but offers a successful fantastic immersion, and that’s already not bad. If not, you can always review the integral of vikings on Netflixa choice.

The first season of The Wheel of Time (The wheel of time) is available at Amazon Prime Video, whose subscription starts at 5.99 euros per month.

If you only swear by the historical sagas (and Matt Smith): The Crown

We no longer present the fresco in four seasons of Netflix, which reveals the life of Queen Elizabeth II from all angles, from the late 1950s to the present day. every two seasons, The Crown completely changes its casting, to better match the age of the protagonists. And it was Matt Smith who had the difficult task of donning the costume of Prince Philip in the first two chapters, long before his transformation into Daemon in House of the Dragon.

The iconic actor Doctor Who had found one of his finest roles in The Crown, offering a bit of empathy to the viewer for the husband of the Queen of England. If you enjoy diving into past historical periods, this Netflix series should meet all your expectations, with successful costumes and cups of tea to boot. And if you like to see Matt Smith’s butt in House of the Dragonyou will be served.

If you are not afraid of family betrayal: Succession

This is one of the best current series on the small screen: Succession quickly established itself as a reference, with its well-placed repartee and its fascinating intrigues. By staging a torn and heartbreaking family, this reinterpretation of King Lear of Shakespeare in media version seduces by its implacable cruelty and its writing of a rare intelligence.

In this tasty family saga, Connor, Kendall, Roman and Siobhan seek to take over the business of their wealthy father, Logan. Just like in Game Of Thrones and House of the Dragon, all shots are allowed and blood ties are not worth much in the face of power. In the same style, we also advise you Big Little Liesfor a more feminine variation of family relationships that have become toxic.

Succession and Big Little Lies are both available for 10.99 euros or 12.99 euros per month on the OCS websiteWhere 11.99 euros through Amazon.

If you like jumping in front of shocking cliffhangers: The Haunting Where Dark

The two Netflix series should appeal to all lovers of surprising family revelations at the Game Of Thrones and House of the Dragon. If you prefer horror, you should enjoy The Hauntingdivided into two seasons: Hill House and Bly Manor. Each season of this anthology is independent, each time focusing on the horrific fate of a family, while developing exciting psychological intrigues. Far from being yet another source of singles jump scares, The Haunting rather proposes an intelligent use of the mechanisms of terror, to better tell our inner ills.

On his side, Dark will appeal to fans of mysterious disappearances and fantastic twists. The series transports us between several eras, while the young Mikkel has disappeared and the whole town of Winden seems to be mobilized to find him. Between family secrets, supernatural enigmas and characters with disastrous destinies, Dark might remind you of some elements of George RR Martin’s sagas (but better). Don’t miss these two great puzzle-like series. And believe us, as in Game Of Thrones : no one is immune.

If you prefer a cuddly and benevolent series to change sexist violence: This is Us

It’s no secret: Game Of Thrones frankly does not excel in the art of respecting its female characters. And since House of the Dragon seems to be taking the same path, again showing violence against women, we suggest you instead change your mind by discovering a more peaceful version of the Targaryens (though): the Pearson. Ths is Us allows us to discover the links that unite several characters born on the same day: an actor losing ground, a couple expecting triplets, a man trying to find his biological father…

You won’t be blown away by action scenes watching this American drama, that’s for sure, but you will fall in love with sweet and caring characters (most of the time). And sometimes it feels good to get away from the graphic violence of House of the Dragonwe swear. This is Us is to discover on Canal+, from 25 euros.

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6 series to watch if you like House of the Dragon