A policeman was attacked by a ghost

By Francisco Villagran


Special for The Coast

In the world of the paranormal there are many cases of aggression by ghostly entities towards human beings causing injuries or injuries. The case of a policeman from Entre Ríos in a Gualeguaychú prison, who was attacked and scratched by a strange dark entity that even spoke to him, occupied the country’s media for days, astonishing everyone.

The spectacular event happened to 30-year-old police officer Mauro Reinaldi, who will never forget that day. He still hasn’t come out of shock and terror still paralyzes him. The police agent suffered the mysterious attack at the Departmental Headquarters in the Entre Ríos city of Gualeguaychú, when he was fulfilling his mission as a guard in the jail area. He is convinced that an entity attacked him and, terrified, after the violent event, he stated that “just as God exists, the devil also exists and I believe that this was his work, an evil entity attacked me and tried to kill me.”

That disastrous day, the officer heard strange noises and blows, as well as screams, coming from the dungeons at the top, which were empty because they had to be repaired. Reinaldi went upstairs to see what was happening. According to the detainees, more sustained blows began to be heard and, at the same time, the screams of the policeman desperately asking for help were heard. And minutes later they saw how the policeman fell down the stairs. The arrested people who were staying in the cells also saw the anguish and fear of this police officer and also of his colleagues who were doing cleaning tasks in one of the patios, who were desperately trying to help him. For his part, the departmental head of the force, Commissioner César Primo, confirmed at a press conference all the data and details of this incredible case.

spectacular story

The victim of this strange episode recounted that “I feel like they are grabbing me from inside a cell and I begin to struggle with a person all in black and hooded. I was left scratched on my back, he cut my entire shirt,” Reinaldi explained after the violent episode that resulted in injuries to the neck, chest, back, and arms, as well as a mysterious cross marked as if it had been made with hooves.

The man added that “I got very nervous, I asked for help and help and I even urinated from fright. This person wanted to kill me, I have no doubt, he had no other intention, he was an unknown entity, I don’t know what to call him. The strength that he had was impressive, he could not get rid of it ”. Reinaldi assured that he fell to the floor, where he was taken by the legs and there the attacker put him back inside the cell, without him being able to do anything to avoid it. Meanwhile, the opinion of those who came to see the dispute gained value and claimed to observe a shadow on several occasions, which moved quickly. “I couldn’t see the nails,” he explained, “I only heard him tell me: ‘I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you.’ His voice was hoarse and thick,” the policeman explained.

The head of the Departmental, in turn, specified that Reinaldi began to get upset before the attack and already presented injuries to his back and other parts of his body. Personnel from the Centennial Hospital who arrived in an ambulance should have been summoned. A few hours later, the police officer was transferred to his home where he remained under the care and support of his family group. The police force made psychologists available to him to provide him with the necessary professional help. While the episode had all the hallmarks of a paranormal event, the chief said a mental health specialist commented that the officer may have suffered a “psychotic break.”


In any case, the authorities of the Departmental Headquarters, as they were left with the doubt of whether it was a paranormal event or a “psychotic break”, decided to call a priest to bless the place. So it was that the priest Mauricio Landra arrived at the scene and described the episode as “inexplicable”.

He also explained that it is not known for sure what happened. The detainees saw that this man was stumbling although they could not see what was holding him up. The priest also commented that the fear of the inmates was such that they asked to be transferred to the nearest prison and even expressed fear to go to the bathroom. The strange fact motivated the intervention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Headquarters building, located at Roque Sáenz Peña 26, was built more than a hundred years ago, in 1843, fulfilling different functions throughout history, until finally being a prison.

The passage of time was reflected in its structure, causing constant detachments of masonry, ceilings and roofs, as well as leaks and the entry of water and humidity. The upper part, for all the reasons mentioned, should have been closed until the necessary arrangements are made so that the prisoners can be housed without the risk of escape. It is also possible that there, as in every prison, there has been suffering, pain and even death in a tragic way.

It is possible that in its ruined walls some souls have been imprisoned who, with a lot of anger and hatred for everything that is there, and what they did to them until the moment of their death, took revenge for everything. They are places of great pain, inhabited by characters who were eradicated from society for their antisocial behavior.

In short, they are all theories to try to explain the manifestation of these events considered supernatural, but which, in the light of researchers of the paranormal, are logical consequences of past behaviors of undesirable people for society.

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