About super moustache: hero or executioner?

Superheroes are fictional characters, who are characterized by possessing supernatural qualities capable of solving everything by selflessly helping the community, so we have been introduced to Superman, Batman, Captain America and hundreds of other characters in Hollywood comics that have delighted children and adults. of all the world.

Why? What is the reason why these types of characters like so much?

Because precisely they embody moral values ​​such as justice, courage, bravery, protection of the weakest.

But these characters are not just taken from American movies, since the ancient Greeks (Homer’s Iliad) had Achilles and Ulysses, the first with enormous speed and the other with exceptional brilliance. There was also Hercules with an incomparable natural strength.

In other words, societies are creating their own heroes who symbolize ethical values ​​that we all want to copy or perhaps have in our lives.

Why super mustache the Venezuelan superhero has generated so much rejection?

Let’s see: because this society knows very well the character behind the costume, because super mustache, far from being the bold anonymous man who one day puts on the suit to go out to do justice and defend his people between good and evil, is who has directed the government policy that has led the country to chaos and anxiety.

Nobody sees themselves represented in a character who has lied to the country for years with the outdated phrase of “economic recovery”, of the salaries in petros that never arrived, of the negative indexation of salaries, of the failure in security policies , of hospitals without supplies, without doctors, without nurses; of the destruction of PDVSA, of the political prisoners and violation of human rights, of the judicialization of politics;

Of the schools begging for their maintenance, of retirees and pensioners in the streets protesting for a decent pension, of hungry children eating in the garbage, of the worst deforestation policy in the mining area; of blatant corruption; of the imperialist sanctions with which a large part of the government did business (food, medicine); of the largest migration in history, that is, who can identify with someone of few ethical and moral qualities.

Super mustache represents chaos, misery, political debauchery, agreements under the table, secret negotiations, the defense of businessmen, the high inflation rate, slave wages, arrogance, corruption.

This new symbology of dolls, comics, animals like the bat, do not generate any spiritual connection, because the government and the PSUV know perfectly well the rejection that these years of hard battle have engendered but from the people.

If today they ask me who my favorite superheroes are

The teacher who comes to teach

The doctor who continues to attend the hospital.

The policeman who goes out to defend the people

The worker who survives with $7 a month.

The mother who mourns her children abroad.

The retiree who kept his fear and went out to protest.

These are real characters, with real stories that without disguise have resisted the abuse and lies of the old and the new political class.

Super mustache ended up being the EXECUTIONER of his own town and no matter how many costumes they make him, we all know the character and as the saying goes “those who don’t know him should buy him” with everything and combo, which can easily be sold in the still lifes of Las Mercedes in those niches of good life, prosperity and “economic recovery”


About super moustache: hero or executioner?