Advance of all the Spanish fiction of Netflix in 2023

    The streaming giant has fallen in love with our country and, after the success of ‘The Money Heist‘, no wonder. Proof of it is this Review of all the Spanish fiction on Netflix for 2023a collection of productions for all audiences.

    Whether you are an expert algorithm diver enjoying the reef of netflix moviesas if you are up to date with the infinite expansion of the catalog of Netflix seriesthis year’s Spanish projects will give you hours of streaming fun.

    renewed series

    ‘I’m Georgina’ – Season 2

    Second season confirmed.


    ‘Welcome to Eden’ – Season 2

    Filming begins for a new season in which Carlos Torres and Nona Sobo join and Amaia Aberasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Belinda Peregrín, Berta Castañé, Lola Rodríguez, Sergio Momo, Begoña Vargas and Tomy Aguilera return.

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    verónica sánchez, lali esposito, yany prado sky rojo miniseries and short series on netflix


    ‘Red Sky’ – Season 3

    The third season premieres on January 13 with Verónica Sánchez, Lali Espósito, Yani Prado, Asier Etxeandia and Miguel Ángel Silvestre in its cast.

    After escaping with four million euros from their pimp, Coral, Wendy and Gina begin to get excited about the possibility of a new life, in a remote fishing village, far from Romeo and Moses’ need for revenge.

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    cast in the second season of the series


    ‘Valerie’ – Season 3

    Third season confirmed.

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    Elite‘ – Season 7

    Confirmed seventh season with the addition of Mirela Balic, Fernando Líndez, Gleb Abrosimov, Iván Mendes, Alejandro, Albarracín, Maribel Verdú and the return of Omar Ayuso.

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    new series

    la chica de nieve l to r milena smith as miren in episode 03 of la chica de nieve cr nietenetflix © 2022


    ‘The Snow Girl’

    Premiere on January 27 with Milena Smit, José Coronado, Aixa Villagrán, Tristán Ulloa, Loreto Mauleón and Raúl Prieto.

    Three Kings Parade in Malaga, 2010. That magical moment turns into a nightmare for the Martín family when their daughter Amaya disappears in the crowd. Miren, a trainee journalist, begins an investigation parallel to that of Inspector Millán that will make her remember facets of her past that she would prefer to have forgotten. With the help of Eduardo, a fellow journalist, Miren won’t stop until she finds the girl. Where is Amaya Martin?

    ‘The Snow Girl’: Trailer for the series starring Milena Smit

    ‘Up to the sky: The series’

    Serial version of the film that will feature Asia Ortega, Luis Tosar, Álvaro Rico, Alana La Hija del Jeque, Richard Holmes, Patricia Vico, Fernando Cayo and urban music artists Ayax Pedrosa, Dollar Selmouni and Jarfaiter.

    In ‘Hasta el cielo’, a call in the middle of the night will change Sole’s destiny: Ángel, her husband and leader of a gang of moonlighters, has died; Turned overnight into a young widow with a dependent son and many businesses with problems to run, Sole is not willing to return under the tutelage of her father Rogelio, one of the biggest dealers in stolen goods. from Madrid.

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    ‘The silence’

    With Arón Piper, Almudena Amor, Cristina Kovani, Manu Ríos, Aitor Luna, Ramiro Blas, Aria Bedmar and Mikel Losada.

    Sergio Ciscar is released from prison six years after murdering his parents, when he was still a minor. During the sentence, Sergio has not said a word or collaborated with Justice, so the motives for the crime and his intentions after being released are a mystery. The young psychiatrist Ana Dussel and her team are in charge of evaluating to what extent Sergio could pose a danger to society, secretly observing him day and night as if he were an animal.

    Aron Piper to star in ‘The Silence’ on Netflix

    Ursula Corberó and Quim Gutiérrez


    ‘The body on fire’

    With Úrsula Corberó, Quim Gutiérrez, José Manuel Poga, Isak Férriz and Eva Llorach.

    May 2017. The body of a man appears burned inside a car in the Foix reservoir, in Barcelona. This is Pedro, a police officer. The event quickly arouses the interest of public opinion, and more so as the investigation reveals a network of toxic relationships, deceit, violence and sexual scandals involving Pedro and two of his fellow policemen: his partner Rosa and the ex-boyfriend of this one, Albert

    ‘The body on fire’, with Úrsula Corberó and Quim Gutiérrez




    With Pedro Alonso, Michelle Jenner, Tristán Ulloa, Begoña Vargas, Julio Peña and Joel Sánchez.

    There are only two things that can turn a dog day into a wonderful day: one is love and the other is a million-dollar booty. Prequel to ‘The paper house’.

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    ‘Not one more’

    With Nicole Wallace and Clara Galle.

    In the words of its creator Miguel Sáez Carral, he affirms: “Not one more is a portrait of generation Z and its relationship with the adult world, pornography, social networks, drugs and sexual abuse in the times of the feminist revolution and the #MeToo”. It talks about finding your way in life, about learning what freedom, friendship and love mean, about finding out where your desires can take you. It’s a show starring teens, but it’s not a “just” show for teens.”

    ‘All the times we fell in love’

    With Georgina Amorós, Franco Masini, Carlos González, Blanca Martínez, Albert Salazar, Roser Vilajosana and Kyle Scudder.

    The series is set in the year 2003. In the story, Irene studies film and meets Julio, who would be the perfect protagonist for her short film and, why deny it, for her life. But fate always has other plans. And although they will be in each other’s lives, it will never be as they imagine. A continuous meeting and disagreement until their paths meet again in the present. Will they fall in love again? Or is it that perhaps yours is still a movie story that does not fit reality?

    ‘A perfect tale’

    With Anna Castillo, Álvaro Mel, Ana Belén, Ingrid García-Jonsson, Lourdes Hernández, Elena Irureta and Ane Gabarain.

    Margot and David come from different worlds. She is heiress to a hotel empire. He must work three jobs to make ends meet. But when their paths come together, they realize that only between them can they help each other win back the love of their lives.

    Anna Castillo and Álvaro Mel star in ‘A Perfect Story’

    iron hand


    ‘Iron hand’

    With Chino Darín, Jaime Lorente, Natalia de Molina, Sergi López, Enric Auquer and Eduard Fernández.

    The seaport of Barcelona receives almost 6,000 containers a day. Merchandise from all over the world that, in a single year, can hide more than 30,000 kg of cocaine, making Barcelona one of the most important gateways in Europe for the lucrative drug-trafficking business. A good connoisseur of this is Joaquín Manchado, owner of the main terminal in the port of Barcelona. If someone wants to use the port to import illegal cargo, they must have his collaboration and the support of the entire criminal network that he has formed around him. However, an unexpected accident and the disappearance of an important shipment of cocaine will unleash a ruthless war full of murders and revenge.

    ‘Iron Hand’: Netflix starts filming its new series



    The film takes place in the near future and is about Nada (Anna Castillo), a young pregnant woman who escapes from a country at war hiding in a container on board a freighter. Halfway through the voyage, a violent storm throws the container into the sea. Trapped in the metal coffin, Nada gives birth to her daughter. Now, weakened by childbirth, adrift, without food or water, she must fight to survive and save the girl.

    ‘It’s you’

    Álvaro Cervantes, Silvia Alonso, Susana Abaitua and Gorka Otxoa star in this story about Javier, who at the age of 16 kissed a girl for the first time and discovered that he had the gift of clairvoyance, at least of loving clairvoyance. With just one kiss, he is able to see the future of that relationship before living it, which has led him to be an adult who has never had a lasting relationship, since he always breaks them before things start to go wrong. But everything changes when one night out, he kisses Lucía and finds himself happily married with children. The problem? Lucía is the girlfriend of his best friend.

    mario houses

    Matias Uris/Netflix

    Project with Mario Casas

    Mario Casas will star in a film directed by David and Àlex Pastor that will begin shooting this year.

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    ‘Across the sea’

    ‘Across the Sea’ will be an unprecedented story that will follow the love affair of Raquel and Ares, who will face more than one challenge in their relationship. Of course, they will be accompanied by Artemis, Apolo, Yoshi, Daniela and Claudia, as well as new characters that will expand the universe created by Ariana Godoy.

    phenomenal movie netflix



    At the end of the 1990s, Sagrario (Belén Rueda), Paz (Gracia Olayo), Gloria (Toni Acosta) and Father Girón (Emilio Gutiérrez Cava), form an investigative team specialized in paranormal phenomena: the Hepta group. Although the group is not going through its best moment, they agree to investigate an antiques shop where strange things happen. But what seemed like a case like any other, will become the most difficult of their lives. And only together can they solve it.

    ‘Fenómenas’, the new Spanish Netflix film, is being shot

    criminal readers club


    ‘The Criminal Readers Club’

    Veki Velilla, Álvaro Mel, Priscilla Delgado, Iván Pellicer, Ane Rot, Carlos Alcaide, Hamza Zaidi, María Cerezuela and Daniel Grao are part of the cast of this story about eight young university students who meet every week in a reading club to share their Passion for horror literature. After being accomplices in a costume prank that ends in a fateful accident and a pact of silence, the group of young people will be threatened by an anonymous writer who wants to reveal their dark secret. Their stalker threatens to post a bloody horror novel based on them on social media. At each chapter one of them will die. While they mistrust each other, the group of young people will begin a fight for survival in the middle of the university campus. Any one of them could be the next victim… or the killer.

    Criminal Books Club: Netflix Slasher


    Isak Férriz, Iria del Río, José Manuel Poga and Luis Zahera star in this title that takes us to March 2020. On the first day of the state of emergency, two police inspectors are called to a small mining town in the Asturian mountains where A young woman who had been presumed dead for months has appeared. As the world falls apart and personal tragedies strike everywhere, it doesn’t take long for the detectives to realize that the virus may not be the only dark force at work.

    sister death


    ‘Sister Death’

    In post-war Spain, Narcisa (Aria Bedmar), a young novice with supernatural powers, arrives at an old convent, now a girls’ school, to become a teacher. As the days go by, the strange events and the increasingly disturbing situations that torment her will end up leading her to unravel the terrible web of secrets that surround the convent and haunt its inhabitants.

    Paco Plaza starts filming ‘Hermana Muerte’ for Netflix

Advance of all the Spanish fiction of Netflix in 2023