Aim for the heart: what is this new series on TF1?

“Aim for the heart” is the new police proposal from TF1, a mini-series carried by Lannick Gautry and Claire Keim. An ambitious creation that offers a journey into the present and the past of its main characters, linking criminal investigations and more intimate issues.

TF1 presents its new detective mini-series

From September 1, 2022, TF1 is launching a new detective mini-series entitled Aim for the heart. A creation of screenwriters and thriller specialists Fanny Robert and Sophie Lebarbier, to whom we owe the very popular series Profiling, a great success broadcast on TF1 between April 2009 and August 2020. After this long-term creation, the two women are offering a smaller format. In effect, Aim for the heart consists of a single season of 6 episodes of 52 minutes each.

A reduced format, but an ambitious series nonetheless, since Aim for the heart will develop complex and surprising intrigues, in the present as in the past of its two main characters, Julia Scola and Novak Lisica.

Aim for the heart ©TF1

Here is the synopsis: Julia Scola, a courageous and respected police captain, and Novak Lisica, a criminal lawyer with a devastating smile, loved each other against all odds when they were teenagers. But today, they haven’t spoken to each other for twenty years. Why ? What tragedy separated them? They have built their lives far, very far from each other. So when Novak leaves his prestigious firm to become a commissioner and join Julia in his brigade, fate takes back its rights. Between past and present, Julia and Novak’s investigations explore childhood terrors, adult nightmares, and monsters are not always what you think…

A cast of choice for Aim for the heart

Julia Scola, police commander, is played by Claire Keim. An actress well known to viewers since she was recently cast in the series Unfaithful as well as in the TV movie Threat to Kermadec, two rating successes. Active since the early 1990s on both the small and the big screen, she is a safe bet on which TF1 can count with its eyes closed.

Both in front of her and by her side, Novak Lisica is played by Lannick Gautry, very active film and television actor. It is indeed in no less than five TV movies and series that he appears in 2022, including Aim for the heart. Novak Lisica is a former criminal lawyer. Freshly converted police commissioner, he comes back into Julia’s life. A shared daily life which will therefore mix professional and personal issues.

Alongside them, the cast includes, among others, Noémie Chicheportiche, Zinédine Soualem, Waly Dia and Élodie Hesme.

Episodes that offer navigation between the present and the past

One of the main qualities of Aim for the heart is to propose a journey through the childhood and adolescence of the protagonists. For these returns in the past, young actors embody Julia and Novak at 9 years old. They are respectively Marina Giroud Griscelli and Victor Valverdé. And at the age of 18, Philippine de Fabry and Axel Naroditzky. These returns are in themselves interesting, but above all bring complexity to the relationship between Julia and Novak in adulthood.

Beyond the cases that they have to solve together, in an often dark setting and with surprising events where sometimes a supernatural trait emerges, we will rather dwell on the real mystery of the series which is the estrangement then the reunion. by Julie and Novak. What happened to make them tear each other apart? What secrets are they hiding? Will they resolve their antagonisms?

Aim for the heart is broadcast every Thursday evening on TF1 from September 1, 2022, with two episodes per evening. All episodes are available at somersault.

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