Alma, is the Netflix series inspired by real events?

Alma is the new supernatural thriller to discover on Netflix. A frightening fiction that revisits legends linking the world of the living with that of the dead, all inspired by the experience of its screenwriter. Are you ready to scare yourself?

Alma, you will never see life the same way on Netflix

Alma is a Spanish series created by Sergio G. Sánchez and above all a very special project. Indeed, this mystical story approaching horror relies on young talents to seduce Netflix subscribers. Let’s come back together to its concept and our vision of this fiction which started from a real fact to create a singular universe.

Alma, a series that will challenge your perception of the world:

Composed of 9 episodes gathered in one season, Alma is an avant-garde fiction that relies on a mystical side to seduce Netflix subscribers.

Synopsis: After surviving a bus accident that killed nearly all of her classmates, Alma wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the tragedy or her past. Her house is full of memories that are not hers and the amnesia like the trauma from which she suffers causes night terrors in her as well as visions that she cannot elucidate. With the help of her parents and her friends, who have become complete strangers, she will try to unravel the mystery surrounding her accident, while striving to resume her life and find her identity.

Back home after a stormy convalescence, the young amnesiac will have to put the pieces of the puzzle of her past back together to rediscover who she is when she is the victim of a serious trauma that causes her night terrors and indecipherable visions.

Alma, dramas, mysteries and a quest for identity rooted in reality:

Alma is a horror series with a backdrop of supernatural events which are, however, only a pretext to evoke social themes such as sexual abuse, friendship, the quest for identity, mental health, loss of a loved one or the consequences of trauma.

In addition, the creator was directly inspired by his experience to write the fiction. A few years ago, he was the victim of a terrible accident from which he “miraculously came out alive” after hitting a patch of ice on the road and falling on a railway track at a height of 12 meters. This experience marked his life as he confided to the site

This tragedy is the starting point of the project in which I personally got involved. Terror helps us know ourselves. The one that interests me is the one that talks about deeper things and doesn’t just stay in the dark. »

Sergio G. Sánchez at

The Spaniards are past masters in the art of horror cinema. Moreover, Sergio G. Sánchez worked very early in this field. In particular, in 2008 he won the Goya for best original screenplay for The Orphanage. Their secret: dealing with our deepest fears and acting them out using terror!

Alma, the series that introduces young talents:

The cast of the series are mostly young comedians with little or no experience. Thus, the fiction is centered on Mireia Oriol that you could see in The Girls of the Rink on Netflix. She is playing the title role here for the first time and she did not choose the easy way. This character is obscure, complex but she does very well.

She is accompanied by Alex Villazán known in Spain for the series El Nudo and Pol Monen seen in Campamento Albanta or Who would you take to a desert island?

Alma is a rather choral series whose cast is completed by young performers Claudia Roset (Skam), Nil Cardoner (The Hockey Girls), María Caballero (El ministerio del tiempo) and Milena Smit (Parallel Mothers).

Finally, we also note the participation of Elena Irureta, Marta Belaustegui, Josean Bengoetxea, Cándido Uranga, Katia Borlado, Ximena Vera, Celia Sastre, Laura Ubach, Raúl Tejón and Alejandro Serrano.

Editorial review:

How to live when one has the feeling of no longer being alive? Alma is a series that deals with the search for identity through teenagers whose lives are shattered by an accident that may not be an accident. Each survivor must rebuild themselves in their own way with their own demons.

Alma, who the series focuses on, is haunted by her memories or what she believes she is. What is apparently a psychological trauma, however, hides a dark reality that goes beyond it. She is strangely linked to a world that she did not see until now and the series will take on the aspect of a quest that she will lead to discover the reasons for this accident and above all to regain her memory.

Alma is a series that makes you jump at times and on this side, we can say that the horrific bet has been successful. Its advantage, however, is not to scare just to scare. Indeed, there is a deeper side combining legends and problems of societies which makes it possible to identify. Think horror means lack of depth? You will change your mind watching the series. On the other hand, arm yourself with patience because the first two episodes drag a little in length but once the story begins, the adventures are there!

Alma is not just a horror series and that’s what makes it strong. Do you dare to watch it on netflix?

Alma, is the Netflix series inspired by real events?