Alucarda López and Polaris, lagoon comics starring women

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One of the supernatural beings that have caused the most fascination throughout history are the vampires, the children of the night that roam in search of victims on which they will feed through their blood.

It was not until late nineteenth century when Bram Stoker created the archetype of the European vampire that inspired multiple other characters. With his epistolary novel ‘Dracula’Stoker laid the foundations for what would become a genre for popular culture, both in novels, film, radio, television and comics.

these beings The undead have been represented on countless occasions and some of the most famous, in addition to Dracula, such as Nosferatu, obey the mysterious knight secluded in an old mansion on a hill in Eastern Europe, others are modernized and adapted to the time in which they are created, like those in the movie saga ‘Underworld’ and some have even saved the world as antiheroes, in this case ‘Blade’ that despite being a vampire, he is dedicated to hunting other vampires who see the human race as inferior.

Manuel López, a young illustrator from La Laguna, took the world of vampires and transferred it to the pages of a comic that is set in the Comarca Lagunera and what is its name ‘Alucarda López’, starring a female vampire of the same name and that at night he wanders through the ‘Trasilbarrio’ looking for his dinner. Furthermore, it is author of ‘Polaris’, another comic set in space.

‘Manuelos’, as his stage name is, studied information technology engineering and drawing and literature since he was a child they caught his attention. In an interview for MILLENNIUM He told why and how he came up with his characters, as well as how the creative process was.

He mentions that he was the student who always had his notebooks full of his drawings of the cartoons he liked.

How did the love for drawing and literature arise?

Like many artists the passion for developing their skills was born at an early age. “My dad drew and I watched him. I learned a lot from observation and in literature I was going to a graduate school for writers and that’s how I started to make my own stories”.

What do you like most to read?

“Since they bought the newspaper at home, I read the news and in high school I started reading horror stories. I remember that when the teachers took us to the library I always went to the horror section. He took me to Dracula, Frankenstein, the stories of Edgar Allan Poe and Lovecraft”.

When did your path in illustration begin?

“I started this initiative in 2019 when I lost my job and as I have always drawn, I decided to add more to this project. When it coincided with the pandemic, I began to put more effort into it to move forward.”

How did your comics start?

In 2019 he began to have the impulse to write and illustrate his own stories and the first was ‘Polaris’, a superheroine who travels through space and helps planets, a comic inspired by Japanese manga, which was presented at the Center for Arts of the UAdeC that opened a call to present projects at a fair “coincided that I was working on this and encouraged me to write one and two. It was well received, although I did not sell all the copies I made, it left me satisfied”.

It also mentions that attending the workshops opened his mind to the areas in which he was strong and helped him hone where you felt you needed to improve.

after making ‘Polaris’, Manuelos ventured into the genres he likes the most, terror and the supernaturalThus, during the period of the covid-19 pandemic, he dedicated himself to exploring his drawing skills and took an animation course, later one in graphic narrative with the artist Cecilia Beaven.

This is how the comedian of the lagoon vampire began to take shape and based on the influences he drew the first sketch of ‘Alucarda’, whose name takes from the character of the video game Castlevania, ‘Alucard’, Dracula in reverse.

What unites vampires and humans?

“Metaphorically we do look alike. We relate them to romance, dark beings and the night and they have always been present in our culture.

The aesthetic of the character was chosen by wanting to make her more attached to the street and move away a little from the classic Transylvania who lived among castles and dressed elegantly in black.

In addition to ‘Alucarda’, Manuelos created his own characters inspired by monsters from popular culture such as a mummy and a monster similar to that of Frankenstein, who are friends, however, they are not present in the first installment of the comic, but they will appear later.

alucarda and polaris

Why female characters?

The answer to this question was the easiest for Manuel to answer, since he was sure from the beginning that his characters had to be women and not depend on male help to develop their stories nor relying argumentatively on another character so that his story was told.

“There were already many male characters, a woman as the protagonist was the idea that I liked. That they were by themselves who they are without depending on anyone. That was what helped me develop the leads.”

Before being part of a physical comic, whose pages he himself arranges, he began to launch advances through his page of Instagram Y FacebookParanoid Graphic, where he also shares his illustrations.

Alucarda López and Polaris, lagoon comics starring women