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American Horror Story: NYC is the eleventh season of the hit anthology show and focuses on the gay community of 1980s New York City. Despite being targeted by a serial killer and the emergence of a deadly virus, the community’s problems are ignored by the police and the rest of the town.

Some of the characters such as Gino, Adam, and Hannah desperately search for answers, while others feign ignorance or are more involved than they appear. Since the season began airing, fans have been tweeting about twists and various plot developments.

The Terrifying Mr. Whitley

One of the main antagonists of the season is the killer Mai Tai who drugs, kidnaps and kills gay people in the city. At the start of the season, it feels like the identity of the killer will be a major mystery throughout. That being said, Mr. Whitley is revealed pretty early on as the killer and Gino and Patrick work together to try and stop him.

He oddly believes he can underline how little the police care about the community by killing gay people. Mr. Whitley is definitely the most terrifying villain this season, mostly because of the chilling performance and also because he believes he’s doing the right thing, while reveling in his kills.

Angel of Death

Although it is an anthology show, each season of American Horror Story is linked. Since Pepper from Asylum reappeared in Freak Show, many other characters (and locations) from the show’s past have returned.

Season 11 connects to Season 2 by the reappearance of The Angel of Death. During a tarot reading between Gino and Kathy, the supernatural figure appears, offering to grant the former his famous deadly kiss. However, many fans are both surprised and disappointed to see the role recast with American Horror Story alum Frances Conroy not returning as a previous character.

The return of Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto appears in the first two seasons of American Horror Story, playing a particularly key role in Asylum. After a long hiatus from the show, Quinto returns to the fold for Season 11. After playing such a terrifying villain in Season 2, it’s no surprise that his character, Sam in the new season is twisted and evil.

Sam belittles and controls his partner, Theo, believing he can buy him off and later in the season even drugs and ties him up. Many fans have long been waiting for Quinto and Sam’s return to be just as complicated and sinister as expected.

The Big Daddy Theory

While Mr. Whitley is revealed as the Mai Tai killer quite early in the season, another killer also lurks the streets of New York. A huge masked man clad in leather and known as “Big Daddy” is seen in several scenes, stalking many of the main characters.

As the season progresses, more and more characters start seeing Big Daddy, but it’s clear he’s no ordinary human. Despite being shot in the head by Patrick, Big Daddy manages to disappear, and he suddenly appears in the shower behind Barbara without warning as well. Fans began to theorize that Big Daddy is a metaphor or some kind of manifestation of the virus rather than a regular killer, a theory confirmed in the season finale.

Gino’s bad luck

One of the few likable characters in season 11 is the reporter Gino. He tries to draw attention to murders and disappearances through his publication “The Native”. However, while investigating, Gino finds himself in grave danger on several occasions, being targeted by Mr. Whitley, Big Daddy, and the virus.

Gino is only spared by Mr. Whitley because he is a war veteran, but later finds himself locked in a mortuary freezer and then fatigued by the same killer. As Gino is one of the most likable characters of the season, fans fear for his safety whenever he finds himself in one of these life-threatening situations.

Gino and Patrick’s relationship

Most seasons of American Horror Story feature toxic couples, and Gino and Patrick in season 11 certainly have their moments. Their relationship is incredibly strained due to Patrick’s reluctance to date due to his police career. That being said, this is far from the only problem in their relationship since Patrick is hiding many secrets from his partner.

Gino discovers that Patrick has been visiting leather bars and cheating on him on several occasions, then later finds out that he was involved in covering up a man’s death on Fire Island. While their relationship can definitely be considered toxic, Gino continues to support Patrick and stays by his side when he is dying.

patrick comes out

Patrick is one of the most complex characters in the final season and can be hard to like at times. His fear of going out as a police officer leaves his partner, with Gino feeling unwanted and belittled. However, after realizing how little the force cares about the gay community, Patrick bravely comes out to his colleagues.

While Patrick’s reluctance to be honest has already hurt Gino and Barbara, he finally does speak up. Although he’s a pretty unlikable character at times, there’s no denying that Patrick’s outing is a highlight of the season.

Adam and Theo’s relationship

Toxic and tragic couples have become a common element within American Horror Story. At the start of Season 11, Theo is in a toxic relationship with Sam but, from their very first meeting, it’s clear there’s chemistry between the former and Adam.

Eventually Theo leaves Sam and reunites with Adam and many fans were heading for a happy ending for the couple. After being drugged and tied up by Sam, Theo is killed by “Big Daddy”. While fans hope Theo and Sam will end the season together, their relationship unsurprisingly ends in tragedy.

The missing cast

While the series is primarily an anthology, one of American Horror Story’s main draws is the recurring cast. Season 11 features a number of cast members, but none of the franchise’s main cast members such as Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters appear.

The new cast ensures that the story is fresh and allows the season to have a completely different feel to previous ones. Many of the new cast members have already become fan favorites and many hope they will be back for more seasons. However, while the Season 11 cast is incredibly strong, many fans are disappointed by the notable absences.

Gino’s edit

True stories often inspire episodes and seasons of American Horror Story, and NYC is certainly no different. Hannah investigates a mysterious illness throughout the season and given the time frame, many fans correctly assumed it was HIV/AIDS.

The season finale shows a montage centered around Gino as he watches countless people around him being killed by “Big Daddy” as a representation of the AIDS epidemic. The scene is an extremely powerful way to end the season, showing the tragedy of this very real moment in history. While Gino himself eventually succumbs to the disease, it is tragic to watch him watch person after person die around him.

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