At what age can my child watch Indiana Jones?

Already 41 years have passed since the release of the first film Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981. Since then, three other feature films have been released (1984, 1989, and 2008). Adorned with a three-day beard topped with a brown fedora hat, a leather jacket over a khaki shirt and beige pants with a whip on his belt, he is a world famous fictional character, and this, even fourteen years after the last film. Henry Walton Jones Jr. of his real name renames himself by taking the name of the family dog, Indiana. Appears IndianaJonesthe character embodied on screen by the famous actor Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford almost didn’t play Indiana Jones

Today, we cannot imagine the character in any other guise than that of the American actor. However, the main character has almost got played by another actor. Indeed, during the search for the main actor, if the director Steven Spielberg wants from the start to see Harrison Ford embody the character, the producer and creator of the character George Lucas turns out to be against it. The actor already plays a major role that he considers similar in another of his works, Star Wars. The two men finally agree on Tom Selleck to portray Indy. As he was about to sign, the latter finally refuses the role to join the cast of the series Magnum, in which he plays the main role. It’s decided, Harrison Ford will play Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones, a legendary saga

On the soundtrack composed by John William, of which a few notes are enough to recognize the film, Steven Spielberg embarks us on the adventures of Indiana Jones. A perfect alchemy of action, suspense, humor and music makes it all very effective. So good that the first opus is considered to be the best of all. In 1982, he won 5 Oscars for nine nominations. Professor of archeology on a daily basis, adventurer the rest of the time, Indiana Jones pursues artefacts in adventures mixing religions, conspiracies, ghosts and snakes. We find ourselves transposed into adventures where the story mixes with the fantastic with magic, whether good or bad. If you don’t remember the script of the first film, Indiana Jones goes in search of the Lost Ark, refuge of the ten commandments and object of supernatural power. Funded by Americans, his trip quickly brings him to face Nazis who will try to kill him throughout the film.

The father-son relationship in the spotlight in Indiana Jones

We won’t talk about the second film, which was also a great and well-deserved success, to directly mention the third film. Less bloody than the previous ones, it remains violent. After a flashback of his youth, we find our hero at the dawn of the Second World War. We meet Henry Walton Jones, father of Indiana Jones, played by Sean Connery. The theme of father-son relationship is developed throughout the film, until the final scene, in the Khazneh, in Petra (Jordan). In 2008, a fourth opus was released in cinemas around the world and the reception was not kind. First Indiana Jones with computer graphics, we find an aging Indy. He in turn embodies father figure with his son, on behalf of Mutt, played by Shia LaBeouf. Probably the worst of the four films, it had the heavy responsibility of closing the adventures of Indiana Jones, who marries Marion Ravenwood, secondary female character played by Karen Allen in the first film, and passing the torch to the new generation. . This one, like the previous ones, can be seen by children without any problem.

From what age can my child watch Indiana Jones?

The theme of the family often comes up in films, but from how old can your kids watch the movie in your company ? Obviously, there is no predetermined age for watching Indiana Jones for the first time. Each child has their own maturity and unique sensibility. A true man on the pitch, Indiana Jones is likely to find himself regularly in action situations. In the latter, there is often a lot of death and bloodshed. It is undeniable, whether it is armed combat or simply with fists, there is violence. The final scene of the first episode, when the Nazis melt or the human sacrifice scene in the second can be shocking. However, the level of violence remains limited. It is estimated thatfrom 7 years old your child can start and understand the stakes of films without getting lost.

Moreover, in the first film, after an hour and a half, our hero finds himself locked in a crypt filled with snakes. We discover his phobia of cold-blooded animals. Become legendary by its originality, this fear is called ophiophobia. He gets his trauma from a fall in a tank full of snakes when he was younger. If your child was afraid of Voldemort’s snake in front of a harry potter movies, pay attention to the scenes where Indy finds himself stuck with dozens of reptiles. To reassure your child at this time, you can brag about knowing a filming secret. During this scene, some snakes seem inert. This is because they are garden hose cuts. Spielberg resorted to this trick after realizing that even after clearing out the pet stores around the set, there were still snakes missing.

Introduce your child to Indiana Jones in other ways

Besides the big screen, the popularity of the lasso man and his adventures go further. The famous archaeologist has inspired dozens of other works, like the character Lara Croft in Tomb Raider or Nathan Drake from the Uncharted video game series. To push the discovery of the character, there is a plethora of additional works. video games like Lego: Indiana Jones, the Lego adaptation of the first three films, to novels, your child can also discover Indiana Jones in a format other than that of the 7th art. Multiple comics also exist, and even a series named The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones was born, launched in 1992. It will be canceled the following year, after 28 episodes and 4 telefilms.

The adventures of Indiana Jones are currently available in full in France on Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+.

At what age can my child watch Indiana Jones?