[BIFFF 2022 : Jour 5] Hairy Possessed Albino Kills Mexican Zombies Like Mad Max

Don’t Come Back Alive: Don’t come back, take your things go home

“Bae, don’t come back. Take your things, go home. No, don’t come back. Take your things, go home. This is what I want to say to the director of the film Néstor Sanchez Sotelo. But that’s also the message the world seems to be sending to young Camilla. On the day of a big intervention at the police, she literally falls on an occult ritual of which she is the turkey and the farce. She then falls into a deep coma to wake up a few months later with a supernatural presence inside her.

Did you feel it? Yes yes, my deep boredom in front of this film. So let’s get it straight once and for all: NO, introducing an albino or anyone with a vaguely disturbing physical appearance doesn’t suddenly make a movie good. At best, it can bring a little extra when it’s done well, at worst it’s like being in a circus that wants to show off its fairground beast. In less than 1h30, Don’t Come Back Alive manages the feat of listing us all the shots of the film of demonic possession AND the film of satanic cult. It’s strong. And in the end, the film will very quickly join the ray of 2 p.m. films that we don’t remember in a few years. “And na-na-ni, na-na-na. Don’t tell me about your salads. It’s either you come, or you cut yourself off. We are not going to speak Thai. There are Shegueys, moula. » OE


Hinterland: kill the furry ones!

Already present at the BIFFF in 2017 with cold hellStefan Ruzowitsky returns to us for this fortieth edition of the famous Brussels festival with a thriller, Hinterlandtaking place in a Vienna scarred by war and whose aesthetic resembles that instilled by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet in their film The city of lost children.

After living the nightmare of the trenches and that of the prison camps, Peter Perg and the survivors of his platoon finally return to the fold. But their sumptuous Vienna, which was the greatness of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is now nothing more than a decadent city that is bogged down in despair and rampant poverty. But the end of the war does not mean the return of peace. Indeed, a psychopath is prowling the city. A cop in another life, Perg decides to go after him, but soon he realizes that the key to the mystery is hidden in his troubled past…

Hinterland could have been just another version of a genre heavily publicized by Seven in the 1990s if the director had only focused on the aspect of ritual murders, providing us for each corpse with a multitude of excruciating details. Fortunately, thanks to the inventiveness of its cinematographer and its screenplay, the film has much more to offer than that.

Visually as we mentioned above, Hinterland is in the same category of films as those of Jeunet and Caro, a kind of dreamlike world where the sets seem to have been planted behind the actors, as if we were opening a three-dimensional storybook… but a very dark collection of tales , where the whole city is distorted under the gaze of the hero, as if his war-scarred mind could no longer bear geometric perspective.

A global conflict which is a protagonist in its own right in the story, he who transformed the city and the men, forcing them to adapt in order to survive, even if it meant leaving the majority on the floor.

A film that manages to tell us about the horrors of the post-war period while gently making us shiver in an original and ultra-stylized setting, this is not common. Yet it is the challenge that has fulfilled Hinterlandpublic price at 74e Locarno Film Festival. VP


Studio 666, the ghost hunters

Wow, it’s Friday! And since it’s the BIFFF, mom and dad gave us midnight permission. From then on, wearing our vair slippers (in real squirrel skin freshly butchered in parking lot M), head for the ball at Ciné 1, the one that never starts on time, which doesn’t bode well for our carriage and our mounts.

Here we are in front of the famous Studio 666, by Dave Grohl, paid by Dave Grohl, with Dave Grohl, on an original idea of ​​Dave Grohl, the charismatic leader of the Foo Fighters (founded by Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana). Proof that the film was expected at the BIFFF, the Ciné 1 room was almost full, making the electric atmosphere and the valves of our dear Stéphane inaudible.

Studio 666 tells the story of the Foo Fighters who, in another reality, decided to go green, in slippers, to compensate for Dave Grohl’s lack of inspiration. The latter sets his sights on a villa with a very special atmosphere. Normal, it’s haunted and the frenzied riffs will very quickly give way to the snarky devil (we know that doesn’t mean anything, but we haven’t slept much). Everyone dies atrociously, but in joy and good humor.

Clearly, this Studio 666 was a good delirium. Indeed, a niche horror comedy par excellence, this film could only be the fruit of an overflowing imagination like that of Dave Grohl (fan of UFOs as proven by the name of the group Foo Fighters and the name of his production house). Roswell Films), assisted in his task by Jeff Buhler (screenwriter of Simetierre). The actors play as well as Standard de Liège or Stéphane Bern, but that is not the important thing. We will nevertheless regret a film that draws in length in its last part. Especially since my slippers were clearly beginning to smell, the squirrel was ginger.

Never mind, this film gave us ideas. We found the film house on Airbnb, so we rented it with the whole Meerkat team to find inspiration too. MM


MexZombies: #TeamGros in force!

This year, Mexican zombies are in the spotlight! Being a big fan of zombimedie, I was impatiently awaiting this session while wondering, but what originality will this MexZombies ? What will allow him to stand out? If the film is quite basic in its structure and treatment of the zombie, it draws its originality from the fact of taking young teenagers as heroes of the film. We follow the path of Tavo, from the poor neighborhoods who crosses the wall of the rich neighborhoods to get closer to Sara with whom he is secretly in love and to say hello to his friend Cronos (whom his father, a Mexican look-alike of Michel Blanc persists in calling by his birth name, Jacob). Bad luck, the zombies are going to come say hi to them and since the adults are getting drunk at the party of the year, they have no choice, they have to take up arms with their friend Rex and her American correspondent. It’s purely enjoyable to see them unsolder zombies with all their might while the adults don’t get anywhere. But in my capacity as a little big official of the editorial staff, the guilty pleasure is to see this dear Cronos evolve (see photo above) who goes from cinegeek who is afraid of everything to zombie killer who finds in Rex, the girlfriend of dream. Besides being a charming comedy, MexZombies is one of those films that gives #TeamGros winners! LS


Wyrmwood Apocalypse: the zombie, energy of the turfu

Who remembers the first wyrmwood in 2015 at the BIFFF? But if, at 00:30 at Cine 2. Nobody? Shit but everyone was drunk or what? Because between you and me, I couldn’t remember either. And yet, I reviewed the film. Which could mean two things:

  1. A rift in space-time caused a temporal anomaly on April 17, 2015 between 12:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., resulting in a rupture of the space-time continuum at the Bozar site and resulting in the impossibility for anyone who saw this film to remember.
  2. Meerkat reporters are drunks barely good at yelling nonsense during BIFFF and writing pseudo-articles the next day about the rare moments of clarity that remain from their drunken ramblings.

If you believe the correct answer is 1, send 1 to 3658. If you believe the correct answer is 2, send 2 to 3658. €1 per SMS sent or received.

And Wyrmwood Apocalypse in all of that ? Well it starts again on the same bases as the first part but with a little more budget. It’s not hard because the zombie apocalypse Mad Max version of an elementary school theater group, it doesn’t give a damn. In the radius of safe bets, zombies are still used as fuel for cars. This could well solve the energy crisis in which we are engaged. Which inevitably brings up a lot of questions: do zombies release polluting gas? If so, what is their carbon footprint and can it be taxed? Are there diesel zombies and gasoline zombies?

Well, we’re not going to lie to you, this wyrmwood 2 must be seen in a particular context to appreciate it. This implies a substantial blood alcohol level. And that’s probably why I didn’t remember number 1. Life is an eternal beginning. With some magical ideas (the zombie-fueled sulphate for example) but also some lengths in the script, we find more or less the same qualities and faults as in the first part. With again a completely barred end scene with a final fight that sends the pâté. Big up also to the quad guy who appears 4 times on his quad, does little tricks and then breaks like a prince. The star of the movie is you bro. Come on, can’t wait for the 3rd in 2028! OE

Loïc Smars, Matthieu Matthys, Olivier Eggermont, Vincent Penninckx

[BIFFF 2022 : Jour 5] Hairy Possessed Albino Kills Mexican Zombies Like Mad Max