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Modern K-dramas are relatable, and historical K-dramas are always impressive. The modern series depict our daily lives, while the historical ones offer magnificent fashion and classic romances. What if you could combine the two amazing genres to make the perfect K-drama? “mr queen”, “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”, “splash splash love” and many more have made this wish come true! Modern and historical mixes combine the elements you love to give you the most satisfying K-drama.

Let’s learn a little more about these K-dramas now.

1. “mr queen

The soul of a modern chef mysteriously finds a new home in queen Kim So Young (Shin Hye Sun), and experience life through their eyes. The kingdom is upside down with her husband, who is King Cheol Jong (Kim Jung-hyun), being unofficially stripped of his power by the late king’s widow.

“Mr. Queen” is the ideal K-drama for fans of “Come Back Alive”, or even for fans of supernatural dramas that resemble “oh my ghostess”. It’s fun to watch another person adjust to life in a new body. This offers the best kind of comedy through its simple mistakes and everyday awkwardness.

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two. “Queen In Hyun’s Man

Yoo In Na Y Ji Hyun Woo star in the shocking story of art imitating life. Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na) is an actress who plays a historical queen who travels back in time to the Joseon dynasty. A noble scholar named Kim Bung Do (Ji Hyun Woo) is trying to reinstate a queen in the kingdom with the same name. Of course, the couple meets and a love story that transcends time begins.

A mysterious talisman is Choi Hee Jin’s supernatural transportation method. Many K-dramas feature the incarnated version of the characters, but rarely do we see a star playing royalty and facing reality in another century! It’s fun to watch a drama within a drama, and “Queen In Hyun’s Man” offers a good version of it. It’s nice to see the real on-screen chemistry of the top stars in this modern historical mix!

3. “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”


A 21st century woman named Hae Soo (UI) is magically transported to the Goryeo dynasty during a total solar eclipse. Her incarnated self gets involved in various princes’ struggle for power to be the next King of Goryeo. Even she ends up falling in love with the future king!

“Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” is absolutely fascinating. The beautiful clothes, the stunning cinematography, and the handsome princes are just three reasons why this series is unforgettable. Clothing during the Goryeo Dynasty makes any of today’s outfits pale in comparison. His journeys from one era to another will leave you speechless. You will never think of solar eclipses the same way again. It was also based on the hit Chinese series “Scarlet Heart”!

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4. “splash splash love


Puddles on a rainy day turn into mystical things when they help a troubled teenager travel back in time to the Joseon dynasty. The teenager named Dan Bi (Kim Seulgi) struggles with math today, but becomes a math student in the glorious past. During her brief visit, King Lee Do (Yoon Doo Joon) is taken by Dan Bi and promises to love her forever.

Dan Bi uses a puddle to travel from one century to the next. She visits the past and returns to the modern time of her using the puddle. It seems that the king uses the same magic to find her in the present. This fantasy series really opens everyone’s imagination. Thanks to “Splash Splash Love”, we begin to see magic in the smallest things in life. Even puddles turn into something beautiful. The fact that this series is only two episodes long and features talented actors makes it a must-watch! His acting talent goes far beyond his young years.

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5. “Saimdang, Light’s Diary”


This is one of the most relatable K-dramas in the modern historical mash-up. Lee Young Ae plays an art history teacher who starts reading an old newspaper. The diary gives you a detailed backstory of a Joseon Dynasty painting. Discover the truth about Saimdang’s love story (Lee Young Ae) and Lee Gyeom (Song Seung Heon) promises to help her in her career and in her personal life.

This is a pure love story! “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” allows Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Heon to portray a first love that never dies. They do an amazing job showing the audience an example of unconditional love even when Saimdang marries someone else.

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6. “Live Up to Your Name”


Traditional and modern medicine collide in this fantasy series about two doctors from different eras. The stars Kim Ah Joong Y Kim Nam Gil take on the roles of surgeon Choi Yeon Kyung and traditional medicine doctor Heo Im, respectively. Moments before he drowned in the Joseon dynasty, Heo Im travels hundreds of years to the present day, where he meets Choi Yeon Kyung and begins his story.

Fans of Kim Ah Joong and Kim Nam Gil are sure to fall in love with the roles they play. They are talented veterans who have done very well playing many different characters over the years. In “Live Up to Your Name,” the pair play medical experts, and you will be eager and excited to see them compete against each other. Who will win more patients and cure them in record time? You will have fun watching them discuss and work together.

Soompiers, which modern historical combination is your favorite? Is there any actor that stands out from the rest?

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