“Carmilla”, one of the first novels to present vampires as attractive beings

Novel “Carmilla” written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.

the short story “Carmilla”, From the writer Joshep Sheridan Le Fanuis considered one of the first fictional writings about vampires in which the physical features and clothing with which these supernatural beings are described were made visible, like beauty, sensuality and a great thirst for blood. The text, which was controversial at the time of its launch, was 26 years ahead of the success of Bram Stocker, “Dracula”.

The story of this vampire novel is narrated from the perspective of Laura, who is traumatized by a dark event that changed the course of her life. A dream that she had in her childhood, in which a young woman of extraordinary beauty he visited her while she was in a deep sleep; when she woke up the next day she had chest pains as if she had been attacked.

the young Laura has grown up in an imposing old castle, located in the middle of nowhere. Her only interactions are with the servants and her father, sparse dialogues and fleeting moments that make her feel lonely. As the years go by, already in adolescence, her father worries about his daughter’s lack of social connection and announces that they will soon receive a visit from a family friend; she eagerly awaits the visit of the General Spielsdorf and the little one Bertha.

In the castle they prepare to receive visitors. Days before arrival, they receive a letter in which the general informs them that Bertha died under mysterious circumstances, which would postpone their visit due to the investigation of the mysterious case. Laura is disappointed. That same afternoon a carriage crashes at the entrance of the castle and they lodge Carmilla, the occupant of the transport, with the promise that her mother will return from her trip, which she has to fulfill urgently. The particular situation allows the two young women to establish a strange friendship, due to the sudden mood swings that affect the peculiar host.

Novel “Carmilla”.

Turning the pages Le Fanu, manages to make this unstable relationship work. On some occasions, the dynamic between the young women can be understood as sick and obsessive while the text describes situations that could be interpreted in a romantic sense in the middle of a hGothic history with almost lesbian overtones. Death, mystery, union and an unparalleled historical lineage are the keys to understanding this short story, in which desire transcends beyond the mundane.

“Carmilla” It is a story in which the writer raised different types of failed relationships, culminated and those established by custom: The author’s narrative goes from moments of tension to desire. The protagonist succumbs to bad relationships due to her lack of communication and the distance she keeps due to her social position and her age, factors that give the antagonist the opportunity to handle her as she pleases.

Despite Carmilla She is a vampire, she moves away from being a monster, she covers her dark purposes with sensuality, hypocrisy, debauchery and her feminine beauty, which makes her a perfect victimizer for her helpless and lonely counterpart. ANDhe text became a legend due to its high charge of affective tension between the two girls, which, for its release year, in 1872, caused euphoria due to what was described in its pages.

Joshep Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu is an Irish-born writer, born on August 28, 1873. He is considered one of the first exponents of terror in its modern form and has also been named as the father of the Irish ghost story of the Victorian era, for the inspiration and descriptions of his characters; he wrote “Wuthering Heights”, “Uncle Silas”, “The Rose and the Key” Y “In a mysterious glass” containing “Green Tea”, “The acquaintance” and the tale of the vampire woman “Carmilla”.


“Carmilla”, one of the first novels to present vampires as attractive beings