Like every week, VERIDIK gives you a review of all the cinema releases of the week, ranging from fantasy drama, to comedy and including Christmas films that are already starting to show up. There will be something for everyone, and with the return of low temperatures, it is better to shut yourself up in front of a good movie.

This section is dedicated to Gaspard Ulliel, a brilliant actor who died of a tragic accident at the start of the year, several of whose latest films are being released this week.


Bertrand Bonello’s new film, presented at the Berlinale this year, promises to be in the same vein as all its precedents: disturbing and in tune with the times. We follow a teenager who suddenly develops a supernatural power, that of bringing people into her dreams, as well as into her nightmares. Obsessed with youtuber Patricia Coma, she loses herself between the real and the imaginary, but where will she land?

The Almond Trees

4 years after her last production, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi returns behind the camera with a nostalgic film. At her side, a brilliant actress whom she had met on the set of only beasts, Nadia Tereszkiewicz. At the end of the 1980s, AIDS was a real fear among all young people, including that of Stella, Etienne and Adèle, young people who wanted to join the prestigious Amandiers theater school in Nanterre.

Stay a bit

New comedy by Gad Elmaleh which tells the story of a man in his fifties who returns to visit his parents. Everyone wonders the reason for this sudden return, until his parents find a Virgin Mary in their son’s belongings. Problem ? The family has always been Jewish and this is an affront to her.

The House

Emma, ​​an author, decides to write a new book. She has an idea of ​​the main subject but does not know exactly how to interpret it. She is then hired in a brothel in Berlin to be able to deepen her knowledge. This film directed by Anissa Bonnefont stars Ana Girardot, Aure Atika, Philippe Rebbot and Rossy De Palma.

The women of the Square

Angèle, a young woman who came straight from Côte d’Ivoire, earns her living through petty theft. One day, she is pressured by the people above her asking for money. She is therefore recruited as the nanny of Arthur, a young boy from a Parisian socialite family. This film by Julien Rambaldi is carried by Eye Haïdara, Ahmed Sylla and Léa Drucker.

The rest of the releases of the week

THE COMMITTEES, drama where a motorist hits a young exile with his car and will try everything to help him flee the police. Directed by Emilie Frèche.

MORE THAN EVER, drama in which a long-time, madly in love couple sees an important decision turn everything upside down. Directed by Emily Atef.

A ROMANTIC COMEDY, revealing title, tells the story of a man who crosses paths with a woman again, 3 years later, and learns that he is a father. Directed by Thibault Segouin.

ARIAFERMA, drama where the inmates of a prison and the guards coexist during the last moments of this cage. Directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo.

THE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE, romantic comedy where a footballer who wants to relaunch her career in bad shape, will take a trip and an encounter that will change everything. Directed by Florian Hessique.

BLACK IS BELTZA II: AINHOA, animated film in which the Cold War, political repressions and groups of Basque activists mingle. Directed by Fermin Muguruza.

CRACKLING UNDER THE NEON LIGHTS, drama with rapper Bosh, where an ex-prisoner who dreams of a new life, accepts a last convoy to repay his debts. Made by FGKO.

FIRST EMERGENCIES, documentary on medical students doing their first internship in a hospital in Saint-Denis. Directed by Eric Gueret.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE KOALAS BROTHERS, animated film where koalas decide to go get their injured friend Penny, who is in Antarctica to spend Christmas with them. Directed by Tobias Fouracre.

JUST ONE NIGHT, drama where the young Fereshteh receives an unexpected visit from her parents, and must hide her illegitimate baby for a night. Directed by Ali Asgari.

ALL RESISTANT IN THE SOUL, documentary that retraces the different paths of people who wish to change the world of tomorrow. Directed by Stéphane Chatry.

ALASKA, SKI ADVENTURE, documentary where two men take on the crazy challenge of crossing Alaska on skis in the middle of winter. Directed by Gabriele Carletti.

WHO’S AFRAID OF PAULINE KAEL? eponymous documentary that traces the story of an American film critic and how she left her mark on this art. Directed by Rob Garver.

THE PROMISE OF THE CAREGIVER, drama where a man must help his mother who is aging, as well as his wife who is losing her autonomy. Directed by Edouard Carrion.

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