CINEDIK – The cinema releases of 11/01/2023

Now that the year has started and you have renewed your cinema subscriptions, you will be able to return to see films in theaters. And this week, you will be served between comedy, drama, thriller or even horror film. You’ll have to hold on tight to your seat.

Thank you for being so many to follow the chronicles of Cinédik, you are more and more every week!

The Rascals

In a society of the 80s where street fights are raging, The Rascals have made a name for themselves. Going to a record store one day, they recognize a skin that attacked one of them and take revenge. The skinhead’s sister will in turn get closer to an extremist in what promises to be a confrontation with a dramatic outcome. Jimmy Laporal-Trésor is the director of the bomb of the week.

The Cyclades

Big cast with Laure Calamy, Olivia Côte and Kristin Scott Thomas, the film is directed by Marc Fitoussi. Two old friends reunite after years without seeing each other and decide to go to Greece, the trip they have always dreamed of together. One in the process of divorce and with her head on her shoulders, the other living on instinct and not having changed in her head, will their friendship hold?

The Cadors

Beautiful cast also for this comedy by Julien Guetta with Jean-Paul Rouve, Grégoire Ludig and Michel Blanc. Two brothers with diametrically opposed lives, one married with a tidy life and the other unemployed and the first to get into trouble. But when the wisest of the two finds himself in trouble, the other comes to his rescue.

take off

A film by Pietro Marcello, we find Louis Garrel in front of the camera. A young woman who lives with her father one day meets a magician. She then sees a man mysteriously come out of the water and begins a relationship with him. But between madness and desire elsewhere, where is our protagonist really?

Terrify 2

Damien Leone helms this low-budget horror flick. Art the Clown terrified the town of Miles County before being silenced in the first installment. But an evil entity has decided to resurrect him to come and terrorize the city on Halloween night, he who has targeted a teenage girl and her younger brother.

The rest of the releases of the week

THE NOVICE, thriller about a young girl who joins a rowing club and is ready to do anything to succeed. Directed by Lauren Hadaway.

GREAT SAILOR, drama where a woman joins a crew to go fishing on the North Seas. Directed by Dinara Drukarova.

DEMON’S HOLD, horror film where a couple wanting to get closer to their family will make a macabre discovery. Directed by Oliver Park.

THE IMMENSITA, drama where a woman in a bad relationship, takes refuge in the arms of her children wishing to be closer to them. Directed by Emanuele Crialese.

VARISU, action film where a lucky man sees his destiny turned upside down when his adoptive father dies. Directed by Vamshi Paidipally.

LINE, drama where a woman who assaulted her mother is forbidden to approach her or her home. Directed by Ursula Meier.

GOODBYE HAPPINESS, comedy where four brothers decide to pay a last tribute to their deceased father. Directed by Ken Scott.

FROM HUMANI CORPORIS FABRICA, documentary about the complexities and fascinations of the human body. Directed by Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor.

SWING APPOINTMENT, musical where a young Parisian discovers that a song has supernatural powers. Directed by Gerome Barry.

NATURAL LIGHT, drama where a Hungarian peasant is enlisted during the First World War, and faces the enemy. Directed by Dénes Nagy.

REWIND & PLAY, documentary where television reruns show how a pianist fights against the clichés of his time. Directed by Alain Gomis.

THOSE OF THE NIGHT, documentary which puts a dazzling contrast between the tourist day and the migratory night of a cross-border hill. Directed by Sarah Leonor.

MY CITY TOMORROW, documentary where a group of people go to meet local actors in favor of the protection of the environment. Directed by Marie Montvuagnard, Caroline Dragacci and Mathieu Coffin.

THE BET, wildlife documentary in which two friends search for traces of endangered bird species. Directed by Baptiste Deturche.

Have a great cinema week!

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CINEDIK – The cinema releases of 11/01/2023