Cinema, the film Basileia by Isabella Torre presented to Antonimina: it will be shot entirely in Calabria

A few days before the start of filming, it begins on November 7 in Antonimina, a Press conference held last night in the small village of Locride officially presented Basileiafilm directed by Isabella Tower and produced by Stay black And Rai Cinemawith the support of Calabria Film Commission.

This is the first feature film directed by the Roman director born in 1994, already the author of the short films “Ninfe” (2018) and “Luna Piena” (2021), successfully presented at the Venice Film Festival.

A storythat of Basileia, that it merges with the territory until it discovers its deepest roots. Completely set in Calabria between Antonimina, Zervò, Zomaro and Rosarno, it tells the adventure of an archaeologist, played by the Danish actor Elliot Crosset Hove, who reaches Calabria to direct excavations aimed at recovering important finds from Magna Graecia. However, the archaeologist, in addition to making extraordinary discoveries, frees the unstoppable natural forces (the mythological nymphs) that will turn the world of people, of Aspromonte and specifically of Antonimina upside down.

«It is difficult to frame this film in a certain one gender – explains the director Isabella Torre – I define it a bit a dark fairy tale because it is a film made up of suggestions and atmospheres with different layers of the story. It’s true that it borders on the supernatural, but that’s really not the only key; there is so much cohesive realism with this magical world. What I find essential to tell with this film is also the importance of a time that is marked more by nature than by the realities imposed by human beings».

In the cast directed by Isabella Torre, also the young actress from Campania Angela Fontana (protagonist of “Indivisible”) and the actor originally from Burkina Faso Koudus Seihon (“Mediterranean”, “A Ciambra”).

Antonimina’s press conference, as well as the participation of the actors mentioned, also saw the intervention of the producer Paul Carpignano(Stayblack Productions) and of the extraordinary commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission, Anton Giulio Grande.

«I expect a beautiful film and innovative cinema – commented Anton Giulio Grande – Isabella Torre is a young director who has an international background and who had a varied education graduating from the University of Fine Arts; all the components are there to see a cinema capable of giving Calabria a new image by restoring its best version».

The well-known stylist from Lamezia to our microphones also took stock of the Calabria Film Commission commitments:

«The projects are different and in different fields, we are returning from a very lucky season: we had 13 film festivals and 6 cultural reviews where they are very large national and international celebrities with a very strong press echo. It has recently been closed an important announcementprobably the most important and prestigious in the entire history of the Calabria Film Commission, now there is a commission that will judge the over 100 productions that have arrived and we hope to have attracted productions of directors and producers of great depth and that Calabria and villages like that of Antonimina can be known for what they really represent: a land rich in scenic beauty but also of great culture”.

Cinema, the film Basileia by Isabella Torre presented to Antonimina: it will be shot entirely in Calabria