Confirmed: This is Marvel’s fastest superhero

Marvel’s fastest superhero was confirmed by the Avengers #50 comic and this revelation has come as a surprise to many.

The universe (or multiverse) of Marvel is truly extensive. The history of the famous comics label dates back to 1939 and since then it has not ceased to amaze us with its characters and their stories. Of course there are some more famous than others, but the variety is so great that we have heroes with all kinds of abilities. These range from the ability to fly, to regenerate, through super strength, the ability to climb walls and of course, super speed.

The truth is that as we delve into the world of comics, we can be surprised by revelations that we did not know. And it is a world so extensive and with so many possibilities, that we can also come across new answers to questions that we thought were answered. This has been the case of the comic Avengers #50 and that reveals to us that the fastest superhero in all of Marvel is not one that we would have believed.

The fastest Marvel superhero is nothing more and nothing less than: Ghost Rider

That’s how it is. Ghost Rider He is the fastest known character in the entire Marvel multiverse.. Although of course, it depends on a key factor to reach its maximum speed. In Avengers #50 in an encounter between Ghost Rider and Deathlok, it is revealed that Ghost Rider’s Hell Charger is the fastest known vehicle in the entire multiverse, when it reaches its full potential. Ghost Rider’s Hell Charger is a modified 1969 Dodge Charger. The vehicle acquires supernatural powers thanks to the Spirit of Vengeance.

This is a huge addition to Ghost Rider’s powers, which are already considerable. It gets even more impressive when we remember that Marvel just welcomed their own version of The Flash, called Blur. If this vehicle can reach a speed greater than that of a character that equals that of Barry Allen, we are talking about the fastest artifact in the entire universe.

Previously, Ghost Rider has already shown to be faster than Thor, someone who can travel at the speed of sound. Now robbie kings has access to a car that can go even faster. This opens up an endless amount of possibilities, as Ghost Rider can easily get to wherever he’s needed, as long as he has the car at his disposal.

ghost rider hell charger marvel superhero fastest

It just remains to be seen if Robbie Reyes will put this ability to move at super speed to good use. Although getting around in this way may seem very useful, it can also have its drawbacks. Despite being able to be where you want whenever you want, dealing with a vehicle of this size might not be very practical at times. What do you think?

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Confirmed: This is Marvel’s fastest superhero