Criticism of Wednesday, mystery and black humor somewhat lacking in color

The Addams Family series and movies They arouse a nostalgic smile in those who mention them, because they presented some funny but endearing characters, while laughing at the miseries of the world. Of his characters, perhaps Wednesday was the most charismatic (despite being inexpressive), reason enough for Tim Burton would like to give her own series on Netflix.

The new series about wednesday it had many ingredients to succeed: the promise of black and absurd humor, satire, Tim Burton as project manager (and directing four of the eight episodes of the season) and a good cast to cement it all: Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago) as Morticia, the emerging Jenna Ortega (scream) like Wednesday…

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It also has a very important weight gwendoline christie (Lucifer in The Sandman)… We even have Christina Ricci (Monstrous)which was Wednesday in the movies, in a role to close the circle!

Come on, our expectations were reasonably high with the idea of ​​using all this to dive into the sinister look and the goings-on of Wednesday. The final result, as we will see, is interesting… But quite lacking in spark, as we are going to see in this wednesday review.


The first thing to be clear about, even if it’s obvious, is that the series is about Wednesday, not about the Addams family as a whole, although they appear from time to time in the episodes. The excuse is that the girl makes a big mess by throwing piranhas into a pool and is sent to a reformatory for “excluded”, adolescents with supernatural characteristics: werewolves, mermaids…

Thanks to that, what could be a comedy of adolescent misadventures starts from the cynical and Machiavellian perspective of Wednesday, but we soon see that the common thread is rather that of suspense: some strange attacks are taking place in the vicinity of the reformatory and the protagonist suspects that they could be more sinister than they seem.

To top it off, she is experiencing strange visions about what could be the past of one of her ancestors, while she begins to discern the evil plans that are hatched in the shadows…

In this way, and although the humor and satire of the first episode never completely dissipates, the main ingredient is that research about who will be the bad guy in the shadows, while other subplots about rivalries at school, love affairs…

When all the elements are placed on the table, it is impossible not to find similarities with Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaother netflix series based on previous milestones, with a charismatic protagonist and a sinister background… But here, too, we fall into some mistakes that this series was able to correct over the seasons: too much weight in the purely adolescent.

Although there are a few funny moments (the presence of the hand thing is great and gives a few gags), it seems that the potential of the characters is constantly wasted.


As much as Wednesday says in his monologues that hates everyone and loves crimes, everything that ends up happening seems to hint that it is rather lip service. Okay, she acts very borderline with anyone who comes across her… But come on, that’s what happens to many of us at that age, right?

And it is not for lack of delivery in the main role. Jenna Ortega signs a magnificent interpretation of Wednesday, with their stretched gait, looks that cut steel and half grimaces that hint at their inner conflict. Without a doubt, she is the best of the series.

But other characters don’t quite have as much “punch”, especially some Pugsley and Gomez Addams pretty bland. sorry for Luis Guzman (Boogie Nights), but pales in comparison to the torrent that was Raúl Juliá in the movies.

Also shocking are the few special effects around the monsters that appear, which have a strangely comical look to intimidate an adult, but at the same time can be too “destroyer” for children.


Wednesday – Trailer on Netflix

The mystery about the crimes surely it will attract a good part of the public, at the same time that the wicked gags here and there They can keep the nostalgia afloat. The melodies, both in classic and environmental versions, are at a very good level, as are the photography and staging (especially in the first chapters) and that helps to make everything more enjoyable.

A) Yes, Wednesday It doesn’t have any major flaws, but it’s overly formulaic as netflix series, as if he had only touched the tip of the iceberg of what his characters could offer. If you expected to laugh at iconoclastic stories like in the 90s, you won’t find it here. But if you’re into the teen mystery with a bit of a bad mood, you’ll enjoy yourself like a funeral (in a good way).

Criticism of Wednesday, mystery and black humor somewhat lacking in color