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Expo D23 never ceases to amaze with its unexpected advances. After the presentation of Star Wars, it is the turn of Marvel Studios, and one of its most peculiar projects has delighted fans with the first trailer: Werewolf by Nightstarring the Mexican Gael García Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien – 92%, Bad Education – blank88%, Coconut – blank97%). It is a one-hour special that will arrive on Disney Plus on October 7.

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Since Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) began, it was clear that fresh and interesting products had to be offered to keep the public and not lose interest after The Infinity Saga. With the closure of the plots and the departure of several superheroes, there were those who believed that Marvel could not sustain its universe any longer, but they bet on new characters as with the Shang-Chi movies and the legend of the ten rings – blank95% and Eternals – 58% already giving more relevance to previously secondary characters as with the Loki series – blank96% and Falcon and the Winter Soldier – blank97%, obtaining good results.

Another of the creative decisions they made was to create films and series that went beyond the pre-established style, so that they could have their own identity. The same Eternals It already felt different from the other MCU movies. When WandaVision premiered – blank95% One of the successes that made it so successful was the format of its first chapters that paid tribute to classic sitcoms. When Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – blank88% was announced, there was talk that it would be a horror movie rather than an action movie; in the end it is not so terrifying, but it does have elements of a scary movie.

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With the premiere of the trailer for Werewolf by Night, it is clear that it will be very different from everything we have seen in Marvel. In black and white, and with a setting inspired by classic monster movies, we are introduced for the first time to the character of Gael Garcia Bernal, the werewolf. Based on the legend, the character in the comics is an anti-hero and has been part of the Midnight Sons group like Blade, Doctor Strange, Morbius and Moon Knight.

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In the advance, in addition to seeing the Werewolf, we can see that there will be other supernatural beings involved and the one that attracted the most attention is Man-Thing. He is the Marvel version of the famous Swamp Monster, and in the comics he is a scientist who, due to the mutagens of a swamp and mystical energies connected to the Nexus, transforms into an entity that, in addition to being stronger and bigger, He also has empathic powers that allow him to know what people around him feel. He is not usually portrayed as a villain, just that he is a being that cannot be reasoned with.

Actress Harriet Sansom Harris was announced as the villainous Verrusa, leader of a cult from the house of BloodStone. The character does not exist in the comics but the surname Bloodstone does. Elsa Bloodstone is a vampire slayer who is the character that Laura Donnelly plays in the special. Directed by Michael Giacchinothis special is within Phase 4 of the UCM.

Werewolf by Night It is the first special that Marvel premieres on Disney plus, but for December of this year it is planned to release a Christmas special called The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Specialwhich would work as a prequel before seeing the team again in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 where it seems it will be the last time we see the entire group and also where Will Poulter will be integrated as Adam Warlock in the MCU.

This edition of D23 has given us very good surprises as far as Marvel is concerned, in addition to the advance of Werewolf by Nightwe also got to see the first trailer for Secret Invasion, starring Samuel L. Jackson and introducing Emilia Clarke to the MCU. In addition, the cast was announced for Thunderboltswhich confirmed the rumor about its cast and Yelena (Florence Pugh) as the lead.

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D23 2022 | Gael García stars in the first trailer for Werewolf by Night, the MCU Halloween special | tomatoes