Dancing with the monster, in Sansepolcro the show with Serena Balivo

They arrived in Sansepolcro in mid-September, to work on the creation of a new show: they are the actress Serena Balivo, the author and director Mariano Dammacco and the actor, author and director Roberto Latini, three champions of the national theater, in residence creative at the Teatro alla Misericordia, headquarters of the CapoTrave / Kilowatt Association, one of the two unique locations, together with Armunia di Rosignano Marittimo, of the Tuscan Residence Center. The three artists are working on Danzando con il mostro, of which they are authors and performers, a work that for the first time sees Serena Balivo and Damiano Dammacco, already in duo in the works of Piccola Compagnia Dammacco, together with Roberto Latini. Appointment on Tuesday 27 September, at 9 pm, for the open test at the end of the residency; the show will be presented in national preview at the Primavera dei Teatri di Castrovillari festival, while the national debut is expected later at the Piccinni Theater in Bari.

“Monster. Legendary or supernatural creature. The word comes from the Latin monstrum which indicates the appearance, the manifestation, the sudden showing of something extraordinary, a sign, a prodigy; and derives from the theme of monere: to warn. The monster is a warning, a warning to man. In the presence of the monster there is danger, there is a tendency to flee. Then, we stop, we try to look back, we observe it and we seem to recognize some features, it seems familiar. Maybe it’s your monster, it’s part of you, maybe it’s you. “

Serena Balivo, actress (National Prize Young Reality of the Theater 2011, Ubu Prize 2017 as New actress or performer, International Ivo Chiesa Award 2021 as Future of the scene), works on the creation of characters who already in their physicality are bearers of meaning regardless of the text and plot, characters intended as allegorical figures, living pictures, emblems.

Mariano Dammacco is an author and director (Ubu Prize 2020-2021 in the category New Italian text / dramaturgical writing, Italian And American Playwrights Project 20/22, Dramaturgy Prize Il centro del speech 2010, ETI / Vetrine Prize 1996, Scenario Prize 1992-1993 ). He carries on his research by composing shows with original dramaturgy and centered on the work of the actor with the aim of creating poetic, surreal and humorous visions of our contemporary life.

Roberto Latini is an actor, author and director (Sipario Award 2011, Critics Award 2015, Ubu Award 2014 and 2017 as Best Actor, Le Maschere Award of the Italian Theater 2021). He leads an artistic journey aimed at experimenting with the contemporary, at the re-appropriation of the classics and the search for an original scenic writing.


a show by and with Serena Balivo, Mariano Dammacco, Roberto Latini

dramaturgy Mariano Dammacco

music Gianluca Misti

lighting design and technical direction Max Mugnai

scenography and costumes Francesca Tunno

still photo Luca Del Pia

Maddalena Peluso press office

Infinito production, ERT / National Theater, Lombardi-Tiezzi Company

artistic residencies at Florian Metateatro, C.Re.a.Re Campania / Associated Theaters of Naples, Dialoghi – Performing arts residences at Villa Manin 2022 – 2024, Tuscany residence center (Armunia-CapoTrave / Kilowatt), Teatro delle Forche

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Dancing with the monster, in Sansepolcro the show with Serena Balivo