‘Disney Illusion Island’, ‘Avatar Reckoning’ and ‘MARVEL World of Heroes’, these are the announcements of D23: Disney & Marvel Showcase 2022

Expo D23 has finished and with it they showed us all the video games they have in development and pending to publish the Disney studies. From mobile games set in Avatar’s Pandora, to the reveal of a new Marvel title set in World War II.

In Xataka Mexico we introduce you the trailers and most important announcements of the D23 Expo this September.

‘Tron: Identity’

‘Tron Identity’ is being developed by Bithell Games, known for being the creators of ‘John Wick Hex’. Will be a visual novel that will use your power of decision in important moments of the plot, in addition to containing a narrative of the “choose your own adventure” style.

The ‘Tron’ Franchise come back now in video game formatsince the premiere of reboot made by Disney in 2010 and after the launch of a endless runner in the style of ‘Temple Run’ called ‘Tron RUN/r’ during 2016, this saga had been somewhat forgotten. It is a joy to know that this science fiction saga is still alive and that it can be the first block for its total return.

Black Panther and Captain America game

Although it was a short announcement, the development of this title focused on the adventures and misadventures of the Captain America and Black Panther during World War II. It is a game developed by Skydance New Media and is led by Amy Henning, who was the creative mind behind the first three ‘Uncharted’.

The source of inspiration for this title are various comics in which both characters have participated in which they face the marvelite version of the Nazis, commanded by Hydra. One of them is ‘Flags of our Fathers’in which both heroes collaborate with a young Nick Fury to form “the howling commandos” in their journey against the antagonistic forces.

‘Disney Illusion Island’

This title will only be released for nintendo switch, apparently. It will be a 2D platform game and will feature a Disney-style cartoon drawing. In ‘Disney Illusion Island’ we’ll meet characters like Mickey Mouse, Minni Mouse and Goofy on their way to reveal the mysteries of Illusion Island.

Join Mickey and his friends on a quest to explore the mysterious island of Monoth and retrieve three mystical books to save the world from disaster! Play as Mickey and his friends, choose your favorite character and unlock special abilities as you perform high-flying platforming feats, solve hilarious puzzles and face epic boss battles.

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ is a title of which we have already seen several advances. It is being developed by 2K Games, who have the already iconic ‘XCOM’ and ‘XCOM 2’ to their credit. They have experience creating real-time strategy titles and with the two aforementioned installments they defined the RTS genre.

However, for ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ they wanted to get away a bit from the ‘XCOM’ formula but not of the strategy, and in the advance presented this afternoon they gave signs of what their new production will be like. Everything indicates that we will leave the covers and go more for direct confrontations, fast and avoiding all possible damage.

‘Marvel Snap’

‘Marvel Snap’ will be released on October 18 and already has a pre-registration for you to sign up for it. It is a card and strategy title for mobile devices, so it will arrive for iOS and Android. If you sign up for the pre-registration you can receive a reward, for Android players a special variant card called Max Grecke Hulk and for iOS it will be Dan Hipp Iron Man.

‘Avatar Reckoning’

This will also be a mobile title where we will delve into the world of Pandora. Thanks to its RTS nature, will be focused on actionwithin ‘Avatar Reckoning’ we will face other tribes of Na’vi and to the humans of the RDA corporation.

We can make use of bows, pistols, machine guns and more. It’s a bit strange to see so many Na’vi or avatars using human weapons, but if done right, it can be entertaining.

‘MARVEL World of Heroes’

‘MARVEL World of Heroes’, one more title for mobile devices and now developed by Niantic Labs, responsible for ‘Pokemon GO’. As expected, it will also be a game that uses augmented reality and walking tours. The description provided by Niantic indicates that we will have a slightly more leading role in this title, so we will have to wait for more details to find out everything.

Become a Marvel superhero in the real world. Create your own hero, patrol your neighborhood to thwart crimes, and team up with your friends and iconic Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine to save the Multiverse!

‘Gargoyles Remastered’

Finally, another of the most relevant announcements was that of ‘Gargoyles Remastered’. It is, how could it be otherwise, a remastering of the classic game of the same name of platforms released back in 1995.

If you’re as young as I am, the name ‘Gargoyles’ may not ring a bell, but this was a Disney animated series which was released in the 1990s. It followed the adventures of a group of gargoyles who patrolled New York and defended it from villains with magical and supernatural powers. If by chance you were curious to see it, you can go to Disney +, because there you will find it.

‘Disney Illusion Island’, ‘Avatar Reckoning’ and ‘MARVEL World of Heroes’, these are the announcements of D23: Disney & Marvel Showcase 2022