Disney: the news of the D23 Expo 2022

D23 Expo 2022: New details and future plans for Disney Live Action, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios unveiled at The Walt Disney Studios event.

D23 Expo 2022 was held, a great meeting for Disney fans and professionals. As every year, the leaders introduced the main protagonists, revealed new details and shared previews and trailers of the titles coming to the cinema and on Disney +.

Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios, Pete Docter And Jennifer Lee have show fans the extraordinary line-up of titles that will arrive in streaming and in theaters.

D23 Expo 2022: Disney + titles

HOCUS POCUS 2 – 30 September

The new official trailer for the sequel coming to Disney +.

AS FOR DISENCHANT – November 24th

The musical comedy picks up 15 years after Giselle and Robert’s wedding, when their family heads to the suburbs in search of “and they lived happily ever after”. Directed by Adam Shankman, produced by Barry Josephson, Barry Sonnefeld And Adams, and includes new songs from the greats Alan Menken And Stephen Schwartz. In the cast they return Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Idina Menzel. With them in the sequel Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown And Gabriella Baldacchino.


The new film delves into the story of Wendy joining the boy who refuses to grow up on a magical journey to Neverland and reveals the story of the rivalry between Peter Pan and one of Disney’s most memorable villains. Directed by David Lowery and produced by Jim Whitaker, the live action reimagining of the 1953 animated classic will be available on Disney + in 2023.
In the cast Alexander Molony (Peter Pan), Ever Anderson (Wendy), Alyssa Wapanâtahk (Tiger Lily) e Jude Law (Captain Hook).

D23 Expo 2022: cinema titles in 2023 and 2024


Inspired by the classic theme park attraction, Haunted Mansion tells of a woman and her son who reach out to a diverse group of so-called spiritual experts to help them rid their home of supernatural intruders. In the cast Jamie Lee Curtis in the role of Madame Leota.


The prequel to The Lion King, directed by Barry, tells the story of Mufasa to a young lion cub through flashbacks.
Mufasa: The Lion King reveals the rise of one of the greatest kings of the Packlands.

Mufasa the Lion King the Prequel to the Disney movie


Live action reinterpretation of the classic fairy tale, with Rachel Zegler in the role of the protagonist e Gal Gadot in the role of the queen, Snow White’s stepmother. The film is directed by Marc Webbproduced by Marc Platt and features new songs from Tony®, Grammy® and Oscar® winning authors Pasek & Paul.


The live action of the story of Ariel, the youngest daughter of King Triton, the ruler of the underwater kingdom Atalantica.
Directed by Rob Marshall, adapted from the 1989 film by John Musker and Ron Clements.
Watch the first trailer

D23 Helium

D23 Expo 2022: Pixar’s titles

“These last few years have been a time of great change in the world. And this has led us at Pixar to think about the future. Or, how would Joe’s Soul, I would ask myself: ‘Why are we here? What is our purpose? ‘. For us, it is to tell great animated stories. Whether it’s feature films, streaming series or short films, we think storytelling is fundamental to who we are as people. They really define us. And we believe in the power of animation to capture and mirror the stories of our lives”- Pete Docter


The inspiration for the film comes from a story of immigrants who pursue their dreams in beautiful neighborhoods where languages ​​and cultures meet. The directors presented the characters of Elemental, set in a city whose inhabitants are fire, water, earth and air, and live together. Ember is a tenacious and “ardent” young woman, while Wade is a funny, cheeky and “go-with-the-flow” guy.


Pixar’s first long-form series follows the Pickles, a mixed middle school softball team, in the week leading up to the league game. Each episode takes place in the same week, highlighting the point of view of a different main character – the players, their parents, the referee – which is reflected in a unique visual style. Will Forte will give the voice in the original version to the coach Dan.

HELIUM – 2024

Elio is an eleven year old dreamer, artistic, creative and always closed at home who finds it difficult to integrate with others. Meanwhile, Mom Olga, who heads a top-secret military project, is working to decode a strange signal from outer space. But it is Elio who establishes contact, is teleported into space and is mistaken for an intergalactic Earth ambassador.
With the voices of America Ferrera And Yonas Kibreab, the film is directed by Adrian Molina.

INSIDE OUT 2 – 2024

Director Kelsey Mannthe manufacturer Mark Nielsen and the screenwriter Meg LeFauve are working hard on the new adventure in the head of the now teenager Riley, who may or may not try a series of new Emotions.
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UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE STORY – Disney’s “Strange World” is an original action-packed comedy adventure in the spirit of pulp novels. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 61st animated feature film features the voices of Lucy Liu as Callisto Mal, fearless leader of the mythical Avalonia who spearheads an exploration into a strange world; Dennis Quaid as legendary larger-than-life explorer Jaeger Clade; Jake Gyllenhaal as Searcher Clade, a family man who finds himself out of his element di lui on an unpredictable mission; Jaboukie Young-White as Searcher’s 16-year-old son, Ethan, who longs for adventure; and Gabrielle Union as Meridian Clade, an accomplished pilot and Searcher’s partner in all things. Also featuring a mischievous blue blob called Splat and a three-legged dog named Legend, “Strange World” opens in theaters on Nov. 23, 2022.

D23 Expo 2022: Disney titles

At Walt Disney Animation Studios, where it all began, on the eve of our 100th anniversary, we live this day as a privilege and a promise.It is a privilege to be the custodians of a Studio and a dream that Walt and his brother Roy started a century ago. And a promise to continue to take risks with our storytelling, explore, expand and transform the possible into real, just like Walt did.“- Jennifer Lee

ZOOTROPOLIS + – November 9
The series dedicated to the Oscar-winning film Zootropolis,

IWÁJÚ – 2023

a completely new original series created in collaboration with Kugali, a Pan-African entertainment company producing comic books. The world of Iwájú sees a futuristic representation, a place bursting with color, with unique visual elements and technological advances inspired by the spirit of Lagos, which is physically divided into an island and a part of land, separated by both water and socio-economic conditions . The coming-of-age tale introduces Tola, a young heiress of the affluent island, and her best friend Kole, a self-taught tech savvy and loving mainland son. The series is a love letter to Lagos, Nigeria and directed by Kugali, Olufikayo Ziki Adeola, Hamid Ibrahim And Tolu Olowofoyeku.


Directed by Don Hall and written by Here Nguyen is the story of an incredible family who must overcome their differences to save a mysterious world full of dangers and surprises. The rumors are of Gyllenhaal (Searcher Clade), Dennis Quaid (Jaeger Clade), Jaboukie Young-White (Ethan Clade) e Lucy Liu (Callisto Mal). The movie song is sung by Gabrielle Unioin.


Directed by Chris Buck And Fawn Veerasunthorn the film is set in Rosas, the realm of wishes, where dreams can literally come true.
Asha, an optimistic girl with a keen intelligence who cares about her community in a moment of despair launches a passionate request to the stars, which is fulfilled by a cosmic force, a small ball of boundless energy called the Star. Together, they face the most fearsome foes to save her community and prove that when the will of a brave human joins the magic of the stars, wonderful things can happen.
The actor Alan Tudyk is the voice of a goat named Valentino, Ariana DeBose is the voice of Asha.

Disney: the news of the D23 Expo 2022