Dracula, the cruel vampire count of Transylvania

The power of legends

Suddenly one of these complained about the stench of the gods decaying corpses that reached their tables, as well as the screams of impaled victims around the dining table. Following these complaints, Dracula, in response, had him impale on a higher pole so that he could get the better smell. In addition to the impalement he was known for, Dracula also used other tortures. These included the payment ofboiling oil, the flaying, beheading. Usually it also burned entire villages. It is also believed that he had at least 50,000 people executed. It is said that, having moved to Transylvania, he had over 20,000 impaled.

Dracula died in a battle near Bucharest

He was beheaded and the head brought to Constantinople. The legend of him has also inspired several movie. Among these we find, the silent film Nosferatu and the classic Dracula with Bela Lugosi, all based on Bram Stoker’s novel. Prince Vlad Tepes, who went down in history as Vlad the Impaler for the violent methods of torture he reserved not only for the hated Turks but also for the Christians, in Stoker’s imagination overlapped the protagonist of his novel. Among other things, in the Romanian language, the words “dragon” and “devil” (“drac”) are very similar. Thus, Vlad saw hers transform nickname Draculea in Dracul whose meaning is equivalent to son of the Devil. Stoker also found another source of inspiration in several articles of the time on a news story that really happened in 1892, in the town of Exter, in New England.

That strange death that marks the myth

The death of one nineteen year old girl sparked the imagination both for the strange symptoms, paleness and loss of appetite, both for the fact that a short distance away mother, sister and brother died in the same way. What for medicine could only be tuberculosis, for people it was a clear case of vampirism. Adding one suggestion after another, the writer constructed the novel as a collection of diary pages written by the protagonists of the story. From the young English lawyer Jonathan Harker, who travels to Transylvania to define the purchase of a London house by Count Dracula, to his girlfriend Mina Murrayobject of a vampire’s desire who sees in her his dead wife, up to the Dutch professor Abraham Van Helsing, scientist and philosopher who believes in the existence of the supernatural. The book was printed and put up for sale in 1897.

Dracula a source of inspiration for movies and fashion

Since then, the success has been so wide that it has created a genre of its own. Between these Bram Stoker’s Dracula (three Oscars in 1993 for the film of Coppola), Van Helsing (2004), the various animated films in the series Hotel Transylvaniathe 3D Dracula from Dario Argento and Dracula Untold of 2014. And there are even those who drew inspiration from a vampire’s love for one bridal collection. The couturier Alessandro Angelozziwith the 2023 bridal proposals entitled Love a Vampire, it celebrates the impossible love between a woman and an otherworldly man. Highly tailored creations, expression of Made in Italy and Italian excellence.

The 2023 bridal collection by Alessandro Angelozzi entitled Love a Vampire

Dracula, the cruel vampire count of Transylvania