Evil West: Is it worth it?

Mixing the old west with hellish creatures and abominable zombies might be a good idea… after all, how bad could the result be? This is what the Flying Wild Hog studio surely thought when planning their new game: evil west. It was honestly one of the wisest decisions the studio could have made. This peculiar game comes under the radar, in the middle of a tight year end, with more important and stronger releases on each console, raising his hand for you to consider as a gift this Christmas season. What does this crazy cowboy title present to us? Is this title worthy of the mind of Guillermo del Toro worth playing? Here we tell you.


Zombies have been in so many video game franchises that it’s a bit difficult to give them another chance without fearing that they will become boring and repetitive, considering the saturation we have in the market. Fortunately, evil west It shows us that a new idea can still be proposed, without the need to want to innovate or revolutionize and that it should only be fun and addictive. But let’s go by parts, to analyze carefully and you can know why it is a game that deserves a little of your time and money.

There are no tangled plot threads here, so you can rest easy if you want something not so complex

The story of evil west is set in an early 18th century United States, where a wave of supernatural vampire-like creatures have taken control of The Four Winds. The American union has been plunged into a long gloom thanks to these abominations, making it feel like the misfortunes will never end. These abominable monsters are a latent danger, reason enough for which the inhabitants have decided to form a warrior academy called the Rentier Institute.

This organization’s main objective is to safeguard the integrity of the inhabitants before it is too late. Our protagonist, Jessie Rentier, is the son of the group’s founder, so being the great successor to her father is her main objective, while she seeks to return the peace that was once taken from her. With “supernatural” beings as enemies, special equipment is necessary to complete this difficult task, so there is advanced technology combined into classic combat instruments such as powerful gauntlets, advanced revolvers, and powerful flamethrowers to make this herculean task possible. .

Throughout approximately 10 hours, the story takes us by the hand through the old west, unraveling its mysteries, learning about the origin of this infernal threat and the story of each member of the Rentier team. In case you were wondering… yes, it is a more than smoked plot, where there is really no room for reason, but curiously it works at all times and makes gaming sessions enjoyable. There are no tangled plot threads here that force you to search YouTube for “the history of the Rentiers explained in detail”, so you can rest easy if you want something not so complex.

evil west 2

Enjoying this title is possible thanks to its simple story, yes, but the game mechanics also play an important role, making the journey through the old United States satisfying. evil west has a bit of Hack N Slash and combines it with the bases of the shooter in the third person, resulting in a very hectic and frantic action game, but with enough verticality to walk everywhere to annihilate the enemies.

Basic controls and simple story: the keys to success

There are basic attack commands and other special ones that require the use of special technology. For example: some more common weapons of this era like revolvers and snipers benefit from unique components to detect weak points and make counterattacks; the gauntlet on the other hand, in addition to making mincemeat of enemies, allows our character to activate passive abilities such as regenerating a little health or increasing some statistics. And the thing does not end there, there are several combos that can be done to get even more out of the tools.

Flying Wild Hog shows that with very little you can achieve incredible things

Send enemies into the air to fill them with lead on different occasions; cancel boss attacks with a kick to start slaughtering; perform visceral executions on dying enemies, after a long chain of attacks; use the different objects on the stage to destroy; etc.

And the thing does not end there, the players also have at their disposal a skill tree to enhance the techniques already obtained and learn new attacks. You know, from increasing the range of the bullets to performing a single hit to finish the combo. This translates into an even higher playable value than what can already be acquired. Flying Wild Hog proves that incredible things can be achieved with very little, delivering products that are worth entrusting the money to, for being fun and addictive.

evil west 3

If you want to give yourself a little break from the blood festival, the game grants some collectibles that explain the history of the town and its harrowing invasion. In other words, there are no excuses to get bored and close the game.

Evil West is a simple game, it does not intend to technically revolutionize the industry

As for the graphics section, we don’t have any specific complaints, it’s a game that can be perfectly enjoyed on last-generation consoles and PC. What also helps a lot is that evil west It does not intend to compete against the giants of the technical section. We were able to play the PC version on an RTX 3050 and it worked without any hiccups.

Sometimes we come to remember those PlayStation 2, Xbox or Nintendo GameCube games, where the graphic section did its best but without aspiring to much and the gameplay was the true protagonist. Yes, some characters they pop from time to time and the textures take time to fully load. They are not details to lose your head, but they are present and a good polish would not have been too much to ask.

As in almost all lower profile jobs, this game has a translation into European Spanish, loaded with idioms that can break the experience from time to time. We’d beg to have located it, but considering the nature of the game, we’re more than happy with what we received. Finally, we have the sound section, something with which we ended up a bit disappointed to be honest.

evil west 4

We did not find catchy melodies that would stay in our minds to accompany our hunt through the desert. We honestly expected to find some style songs progressive metalalthough we did not find anything similar. Otherwise, with the setting, the sound of the weapons, the enemies, etc., everything is spectacular. We recommend you play it with good headphones or a powerful sound system to feel like you’re in hell itself.

Is Evil West worth it?

If you got this far, you probably already know the answer: it is obvious that evil west worth it. It is a very fun game that will give you lots of hours of emotions in the old west. If you are looking for a good option to enjoy this vacation, disconnect your brain for a while and slaughter any horde of enemies that comes your way, go ahead, this is the right title. Remember that it is available on almost all consoles and PC, so we only wish you a good hunt in the old west.

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Evil West: Is it worth it?