Filming in La Plata of the film “Serán legion” ended with renowned figures

Patricia Palmer, Emerald Miter, Atilio Veronelli, Carla Pandolfi, Valentina Ceratiare some of those who accepted this adventure, attracted by outside of a commercial revenue.

INFOSKYspoke with the director Lucas Zoppi, who is also the screenwriter of the story told under the suspense horror genre. Among other things, he explains why experienced actors said yes to this independent film proposal, with the added bonus of having to travel daily to the city ​​of La Plata.

Almost five months of filming

“The film began shooting at the end of August. In July, pre-production was finishing with costume fittings and some rehearsals with the entire cast and it lasted until the end of December. It was a very challenging experience, quite enriching also artistically and practically”, comments Lucas Zoppi.

As the director defines it, it is a self-managed project, originally from here in La Plata who bet on great actors. “I was lucky that when I contacted them they were also interested in the film.”

A casting of local actors and figures

The idea was born in La Plata, its creator could have stayed in a call for a casting of local actors, however, he went further and was encouraged to call figures with more commercial jobs to his credit.

“How I wrote the script, while I was writing it I was envisioning what those characters would be like and envisioning who could come to interpret it within what the show is, also thinking about it at a macro level, I thought about the characters”, explains Zoppi.

“Writing, I wondered: who could interpret this character so that it truly has potential for the viewer seeing an actor in a character that is quite particular for what he has been doing before?”

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Complex characters whose performance could not falter

“I think that by betting on recognized figures, it ensures that those characters that have a certain complexity and an interesting acting challenge, if they falter a bit, it already becomes something that I know is not good for the viewer.

“Betting on a good casting assures you about 80% of the film. It is a setting that in this case was instinctive ”.

Working with more experienced actors

“There are scenes that are complex that have an interesting lighting challenge, and also the challenge of being surrounded by people within the cast who are known to have their good habits in what is industrial cinema. They know and do not make the same demands, but we have to consider and respect where each person in the cast comes from and give them the best possible within the difficulties and the resources that we have to correct within the technical team”, he comments to INFOSKY Lucas Zoppi.

Filmed entirely in La Plata

The fact that the filming is in La Plata does not come from the idea of ​​reducing costs, but rather because, just as its director saw details of the characters, previously assigning an actor, he also visualized scenes, seeing locations in the city that he believed they could set the story as he was imagining and scripting it.

“I already knew the chosen locations before imagining those places I already knew in writing. Naturally I took the script and these locations were thought up going around”, says the director.

“We thought with the executive producers, give a bit of identity, importance to the city for its locations.” The house where the film takes place is a house that is a cultural heritage of La Plata, it is called Open house and is located between 47 115 and 116. They also filmed next door, a location with a castle façade called La marilyn. They also filmed in former current zoo Biopark from La Plata.

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Return to Cortázar’s story

Lucas Zoppi’s connection to Cortázar’s classic dates back to his 5th grade in elementary school, when a teacher made him read “Casa tomada”. Although at the time it had been a text that had caught his attention, many years passed before he was reunited with this classic.

It was in 2018 when with one of whom is today the protagonist of this project, Rodrigo Maureguihad had the idea of ​​making a miniseries for the meeting channel. There they began to play with the idea of ​​adapting different stories to the audiovisual in each chapter, the idea of ​​including Cortázar’s came up. “That story comes back to me and I said to myself: it is interesting to make it audiovisual.

Finally the series that ended up transforming into this project that takes this single story. It’s like I took hold of the project and it finished transforming into what it is now: “They will be legion”.

Going to the audiovisual this story has an interesting challenge, because there is nothing visual that takes these two characters home. It is interesting to dabble in showing that.

“They will be legion” set in the 40s

The movie is vintage. It takes place in the 40’s in the upper class of landowners in Argentina. It has supernatural and mystery elements that are related to a certain greed that the Haider family manages that are associated with a past and a character who is the one who brings the curse to the family.

“Always following the line of the story, I found it interesting to show what the house takes, which is the plot of the film.”

Does the presence of La Plata appear?

“I kept that from Cortázar who never specifies where he is and so it can be anywhere. There’s no particular place where you associate where the movie takes place.”

The audience and the suspense horror genre

The big draw will be seeing how this popularly known story was adapted and how it managed to adapt. It arouses interest to know how I took it to the audiovisual and the horror genre.

“In that of not knowing where it is going to go, it will surprise them. Also adding the characters and the cast that these characters play will generate an intrigue that will also be closely related to the family, in this case of my adaptation, which is the Haider family, which is the one that suffers from the house taken over, but Not only the house but also different properties from other families are taken, so from there it goes to something interesting that I think will add to a kind of intrigue added to mystery.

For the director, the horror genre has always had a rather particular approach to the general public, but he thinks that mixed with the period and dramatic and mystery elements, it increases the intrigue that can be awakened to see the story.

The cinema thought to see in the cinema

“The film is always different on the big screen. The sound, the image, everything surrounds you in a very different way than seeing it on a TV screen. It is different. I want to “fight” that to make it happen”.

Its premiere in 2023

The premiere is planned for the middle of the year, estimated in the month of June. First it will have its circulation in festivals.

Although the idea of ​​its producers is to release it on the big screen, its director had platform proposals. “I am looking at the different alternatives. There are people who are interested in distributing the film in the form of streaming but I also want to have the possibility of seeing it in the cinema, especially here in La Plata, so that people will see it on the big screen. Also because of the cast, which is made up of several people who are very interesting to watch,” concludes author and director Lucas Zoppi.


Valentina Cerati, Rodrigo Mauregui, Emerald Miter, Patricia Palmer, Gabo Correa, Marcelo Melingo, Atilio Veronelli, Marcelo Lopez Viollaz, Alexia Moyano, Carla pandolfi, Nacho Luppi, Luciano Munoz.

Director: Lucas Zoppi

Estimated release date: June 2023

Filming in La Plata of the film “Serán legion” ended with renowned figures