Forest Whitaker, a unique actor to discover in 3 brilliant films

This year, Forest Whitaker received a Palme d’honneur at the Cannes Film Festival. The opportunity to rediscover this exceptional actor thanks to three brilliant films available immediately on the platforms.

For its 75th edition, the Cannes Film Festival paid tribute to Forest Whitaker by awarding him a palm of honor which rewards his entire career.

To discover or rediscover Forest Whitaker, miss has concocted a selection of three awesome movies whose quality depends a lot on this immense multi-faceted actor.

The films of the selection are available immediately on netflix, Prime and Disney+.

Striking as Idi Amin Dada, African dictator in The Last King of Scotland

We you highly recommend The Last King of Scotlanda biopic that intersects with fictional elements and unlike any other. The film is available on Disney+. Terrifying, fascinating, charismatic and completely unpredictable Forest Whitaker delivers there a striking interpretation which earned him numerous awards when the film was released in 2007. Among them, we can mention Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Actor.

“Forest embodied Amin’s dual personality, charm and menace, with such intensity that the atmosphere on set was really strange at times. He portrays the excess and the danger of the character to perfection.. »

Charles Steel, producer of the film (since film shooting secrets)

© Twentieth Century Fox France

In the story, Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) plays a young Scottish doctor who arrives in Uganda where he meets the new leader of the country, Idi Amin Dada. Fascinated by Scottish history and culture, Amin Dada finds the young man likeable and offers him to become his personal doctor. Seduced by the charisma of the Head of State, the young doctor joins the presidential circle. Bombarded confidant of the dictatortrapped in the heart of the Amin Dada’s murderous megalomaniaGarrigan becomes in spite of himself an accomplice of one of the most terrifying African regimes of the 20th century.

Fascinating as a lone samurai in Ghost Dog

ghost dog is a professional killer which melts into the night and slips into the city. He lives in a hut perched on the roof of an abandoned building, among the birds, where he studies an ancient samurai text. When his moral code is betrayed by the dysfunction of a mafia family that employs him from time to time, he reacts strictly according to the samurai code.

Made in 1999, ghost dog is maybe Jim Jarmush’s best movie. Carried by the RZA soundtrack of the Wu-Tang Clan, this extremely sensitive, poetic and visceral work cross mafia stories to martial arts and hip-hop.

At the heart of this mix is ​​a lone wolf, Ghost Dog. Whitaker’s role seems almost the exact opposite of that of the Last King of Scotlandso much the actor realizes here a performance all in restraint. The character is almost mute, however, it exudes an emotional and tragic power that does not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, ghost dog is available on Prime Video.

Ghost Dog Whitaker
© Screenshot ghost dog

Threatening but also upsetting in Panic Room

Available on Netflix, Panic Room is a thriller behind closed doors by David Fincher made in 2002. The film follows Meg (Jodie Foster), a thirty-year-old who moves in alone with her daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) in a huge house located in an upscale neighborhood in western New York. A house in which they thought they were alone

True shot of suspense and adrenaline, Panic Room won’t give you a second to catch your breath. The film mischievously exploits the space of the house and above all presents captivating and surprising characters. Among them, Forest Whitaker is by far the most outstanding. He shines with the richness of his game, which makes it capable of inspiring us with both fear and empathy

Panic Room Columbia TriStar Films
© Columbia TriStar Films

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Forest Whitaker, a unique actor to discover in 3 brilliant films