Friday 13 January 2023 Sky Cinema, The Equalizer

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The Equalizer – The avenger
Denzel Washington in an action inspired by the 80’s series ‘A vigilante in New York’. A former CIA agent returns to crime to save a young prostitute.
(SKY CINEMA UNO HD at 21.15/channel 301)

Magic in the moonlight
Colin Firth and Emma Stone in a charming romantic comedy by Woody Allen. Côte d’Azur, 1920s: a magician wants to unmask a girl who claims to have paranormal powers.
(SKY CINEMA DUE HD at 21.15/channel 302)

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Angelina Jolie as the heroine of the famous video game. The adventuress uses her weapons to defeat a cult interested in an ancient relic that can give unlimited powers.
(SKY CINEMA COLLECTION HD at 21.15/channel 303)

From the bestseller of the same name, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson in the touching film that conquered the public. A child with a rare malformation fights for acceptance.
(SKY CINEMA FAMILY HD at 21.00/channel 304)

Occupation: Rainfall
Second chapter of the sci-fi saga. Two years after the aliens arrived on Earth, the survivors are on their last legs, but the Resistance discovers a way to annihilate the invaders.
(SKY CINEMA ACTION HD at 21.00/channel 305)

Possession – The Devil’s Apartment
Horror inspired by a true story. 1976: arriving in Madrid in search of a better future, the Olmedo family takes possession of a house haunted by terrifying supernatural presences.
(SKY CINEMA SUSPENCE HD at 21.00/channel 306)

You can kiss the groom
Diego Abatantuono, Monica Guerritore, Salvatore Esposito and Dino Abbrescia in a comedy in step with the times. A ‘liberal’ mayor gets into a crisis when he discovers his son’s homosexuality.
(SKY CINEMA ROMANCE HD at 21.00/channel 307)

A hero
Jury Grand Prix in Cannes for the award-winning Asghar Farhadi. An inmate gives up a bag full of gold by returning it to the owner. He will become a hero but with unforeseen outcomes.
(SKY CINEMA DRAMA HD at 21.00/channel 308)

I run home
Aldo Baglio for the first time ‘as a soloist’ in a comedy by Enrico Lando. A racist mechanic loses his papers during a trip to Budapest and is mistaken for a stowaway.
(SKY CINEMA COMEDY HD at 21.00/channel 309)

Fantastic Beasts – Dumbledore’s Secrets
Third blockbuster in the ‘Harry Potter’ prequel saga starring Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen. Dumbledore tasks Newt Scamander with forming a team to stop Grindelwald
(SKY CINEMA UNO +24 HD at 21.15/channel 310)

Father Stu
Biopic with Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver. Boxer Stuart Long leaves the ring and after attempting an acting career in Los Angeles decides to become a priest.
(SKY CINEMA DUE +24 HD at 21.15/channel 311)

ET – The Extra Terrestrial
4 Oscars to Steven Spielberg’s thrilling sci-fi masterpiece. A boy protects an alien left on Earth from scientists and helps him return to his planet.
(SKY CINEMA 4K at 21.15/channel 313)

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Friday 13 January 2023 Sky Cinema, The Equalizer – The avenger |