grotesque bill

CANDIDATES. They are outlined for the different institutions. Almost all female, You have to be with the times. On one hand, they say he has a very good heart. Great. In general, they know which characters you have to pay homage to appear on a list, but they don’t know what it’s like to work for yourself or for someone else. They have not even drawn an opposition. Professionals from the political show business, with the mortgages that this entails. No one would hire them for your company. As an exception, a recent appointment in the Provincial Council, with a dozen years of work experience in teaching. That one is tanned.

Well-thinking people, who are the majority, admit this situation and They tend to insist on the ability of the officials of the institutions to guide their decisions. They do not know that generally do not accept opinions or technical opinions, which oppose their occurrences, convinced that, along with the appointment, they receive supernatural gifts that enable them to discern in the areas of knowledge that affect them.

Law on the Protection, Rights and Welfare of Animals. It is a very clear example of the above, the project that the powerful portion of the Spanish Government promotes for its approval in the Cortes. I will not hide the fact that the other party’s media outlets have tried to ridicule some extremes of the text since the preliminary draft was conceived. They have it easy. Stubborn nonsense.

It is governed by decree-law, there are already 200 in this legislature, without listening to or consulting informed civil societyin the case that concerns us veterinarians, the only profession that guarantees animal welfare.

The allegations that were presented by entities and individuals, in due time and form, they have not even deserved an acknowledgment of receipt and the parliamentary appearances, reduced to a minimum, have been held, once the term for the presentation of the amendments has closed. a paripe

The law should be based in objective and scientifically agreed terms, not in ideological mantras. The text begins with a subjective interpretation of reality, considering animals as “beings endowed with sentience”, and not as “sentient beings”, as specified in the Amsterdam Treaty of October 1997 on animal welfare.

From that perspective, the law is necessary and has an important role to play, but it should be based on science and on respect for each animal species and each individual for who they are, for their own unique nature. A dog will always be a dog. It seems like a statement by Rajoy, but it is true. In other words, in relationships between animals and people, it is healthy for both parties to avoid anthropomorphization which, according to the RAE, is to attribute human qualities or traits to an animal, that is, to turn our pets into people, “the only thing missing is speak”.

Asked the San Sebastian and professor of Animal Health, Christian Cortázar Schmidt from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, in his recent parliamentary appearance, the withdrawal of the project or that it be limited to pets because, if in society there are two currents in terms of content, one animalist, and another scientific closer to utilitarianism. “The bill is biased towards the former.”

Cattle dogs, hunting dogs, ferrets, falconry birds… are work animals, a category that does not appear in the bill. For ranchers and hunters, setting limits of 24 hours of solitude for your assistant, supposes an added obstacle to your maintenance. Sheepdogs are necessary to control populations such as wolves, wild boars, or other wild fauna, with impacts on public health or livestock.

We have already referred to feral (stray) cats. The obsession with feline colonies is an example of animalistic speciesism and deserving of psychiatric treatment. Not the Egyptians.

The elaboration of a positive list of exotic species that may or may not be considered private, may pose a problem of conservation of species that, in addition, prevented the illegal trade of wild birds.

Secondly, it would be advisable to review some definitions that are given in the Law such as the terms foster home, definitive shelter, animal protection center or professional behavior that border on professional intrusion or can cause situations of legal uncertainty or lack of comparison with other existing regulations and that will have to coexist with this law.

It is prohibited to sacrifice sick animals with the possibility of palliative or curative treatment, but no economic means are foreseen to deal with these cases. Clinical veterinarians care for their patients until the end of their days, but they can hardly defend a palliative treatment when it is too onerous for the owner of the animal and could, in certain cases, conflict with the idea of ​​’avoiding suffering’ of the animal, since it forces an animal to be kept alive without taking into account the possible deficits in its quality of life. In addition, a veterinary practitioner is the only one who has the legal competence and technical knowledge to decide if any circumstance justifies euthanasia.

The crime of abuse is modified to limits that border on the grotesque. There is not a single article of the Penal Code that contains nine aggravating circumstances, with their multiplier effect on the penalty, as the text proposes.

Nevertheless, The figure of the forensic veterinary expert who verifies and, where appropriate, qualifies the mistreatment, is not contemplated, nor is the VAT reduction contemplated for veterinary clinical acts.


It seems that something is moving. It will dawn and we will see.

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grotesque bill