Halloween Celebration: the biggest Halloween Fest in Italy is coming ∂ HorrorMagazine

Halloween Celebrationorganized by NERO creativelab and LOGA STUDIO Art Vision with the artistic direction of Stefano Nannizzi, is the first and largest Halloween Fest in Italy which this year reaches its 28th edition with important news.

In addition to the traditional evening of October 31 in Borgo a Mozzano, where the Lombroso Fair will be revived and where the Declino Musicali areas, the Lucida Procession and the fireworks display on the Devil’s Bridge will return, Halloween Celebration presents widespread events in the territory of Media Valle and Lucchesia starting from Friday 28 with The Black Nightthe great interactive horror game show that will come to life in Colognora di Pescaglia and Misterica, a horror path with actors and extras lasting about 50 minutes that will take place on the evenings of Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October inside the park and the ancient premises of Villa Reale di Marlia.

Another novelty is theHalloween Celebration Carnival on the evening of October 31st always at Villa Reale di Marlia. The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Capannori, will be a mystery & history exhibition party within the splendid estates of the villa with more than 100 artists and with the expected show of the Spleen Orchestra Tim Burton Show.

And still theHalloween Celebration Trekking Mystery Routesa package of itineraries in the places of the mystery of the territory proposed every day from Friday 28 to Monday 31 October.

The program

October 28 – The black night

It starts on Friday 28 October with The Black Night, the great interactive horror game show. The thirteenth edition of La Notte Nera has as a novelty an important change of location. This year, in fact, it will take place in the ancient village of Colognora in the Municipality of Pescaglia, a truly magical place, unchanged over time.

Here the Bloodline of Sarcanyra will find new life, recomposing their bond on the bloodline of the beginning. Thus all the Families of every House are called to the commitment to bring to light the Key of the Principle, investigating and unfolding in a thousand vicissitudes between puzzles to be solved and trials to be sustained, interacting with strange beings and dangerous creatures.

Over 70 actors of the company “Anonima Teatranti”, will give life to 25 scenes arranged in the entire village of Colognora.

It will be possible to play in teams of 2 to 6 people as one of the 100 vampire families of Sarcanyra.

The game will start at 21.00 and end at 00.45.

The black night is a NERO creativelab and Loga Studio Art Vision production and is part of the “Pescaglia LARP Friendly” project.

Among the collaborations, in addition to the Municipality of Pescaglia, also the Chestnut Museum and the Community of Colognora.

29 and 30 October – Mystery

Misterica is back, second edition: after the success of 2021 with sold out on two evenings, the horror show of Villa Reale di Marlia returns with a new story and a new incredible path that will wind through the gardens, buildings and park. A new fascinating journey into the supernatural among souls, shadows and mysteries of time.

On the break of October, the limits between the dimensions weaken, giving way to shadows and presences to return to the places of their past. This happens in Villa Reale, only for two nights. Those who serve and operate within the perimeter of the park know everything well and in absolute secrecy, unbeknownst to the owners, they give mortals a way to live non-life directly. There are benevolent souls and others dangerous, but this is part of the game and the due pledge of due knowledge. Thus, like every goodbye, this passing too leaves a trace to each one, a sentence in the future for each living tomorrow ”.

The visit to the Villa Reale estate lasts about 50 minutes. The public enters in groups of 35 units accompanied on the path by the attendants of the Villa. A staff of over one hundred artists for an interactive show beyond time.

The visits start at 7pm and end at 12pm.

October 31 – Halloween Celebration Fiera di Lombroso

A strange market for strange mortals extended along the entire perimeter of the historic center of Borgo a Mozzano and mixed with souls and strange beings who in this fall of October penetrate the dreams and time of us humans.

HC Fiera di Lombroso will have free admission. The opening of the event is set for 16.00 with the opening of the Fair.

At 5 pm Jack the King of the Pumpkins returns, a show reserved for children that will start from Piazza XX Settembre to wind through the historic center until 6.00 pm.

Afterwards, the shows will start on the central street of musical groups, street bands and acrobats up to the formation of the procession of Lucida and Satana that will accompany the public to the Devil’s Bridge for the fireworks display, The Wrath of Lucifer scheduled for 11.00 pm

The Declino areas are also open with Piazza Garibaldi which will set up Ritual with street food, concert and DJ set and Piazza Pascoli which will see the Vida Loca Bar show.

The event is organized by the Municipality of Borgo a Mozzano with the artistic production of NERO creativelab and Loga Studio Art Vision.

October 31 – Halloween Celebration Carnival

A timeless night in the magic of Villa Reale di Marlia.

History and mystery within the walls of the ancient residences and in the shadows of the park, through re-enactments, animations, street art, bizarre market, interactive routes, typical food, beer garden and night bar. A free visit on the darkest night of the year, a Carnival where the stage dress is a must.

More than one hundred artists including actors, acrobats and bands: special guests of the evening The Spleen Orchestra Tim Burton Show. The evening will end with the solemn rite of the Dance Macabre.

The visit to the Carnival of Villa Reale will be possible from 7.00 pm to 2.00 am and it will also be possible to visit all the museums.

Halloween Celebration: the biggest Halloween Fest in Italy is coming ∂ HorrorMagazine