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Each character in How to Raise a Superhero brings a lesson. This is the situation of Dion’s best friend: Promesa Jiménez, a brilliant classmate who has brittle bones and for this reason she must use a wheelchair.

Promise, played by Sammy Haney, a capable girl who seems to understand beyond her years, cares intensely for Dion and closely resembles the actress’s real life, proving that disability is about to uplift the psyches of those out there. a lack of understanding, acceptance and love for the social network of particular claims.

Technical Brief of How to Raise a Superhero

  • Original title: Raising Dion (television series)
  • Year: 2019
  • ) Country: USA.
  • Directing: Dennis Liu (Constructor), Carol Barbie (Author), Nima Barnett, Rachel Goldberg, Dennis Liu, Sate Mann
  • Screenwriter: Carol Barbie, Edward Ricourt, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimiglia, Lee Dana Jackson, Kimberly Ndombe, Michael Poisson, Dennis Liu.

Alisha Wainwright, Ja’Saya Young, Sammy Haney, Gavin Mann, Donald Paul, Jay Harrison Ghee, Moriah Brown, Dana Gurrier, Justice Leak, Victor Shaw, Skyler Elise Philpot, TJ Wright, Kylen Davis, Matt Lewis, Mark Menchaca, Jason Ritter, Ali Ahn, Guilherme Apollonio, Diana Chiritescu, Dani Dette, Jim Devoti, Ariana Guerra, Lauren Halperin, Butch Hammett, Michael B. Jordan, Al-Jalil Knox, Deidra Lovejoy, Ethan McDowell, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Mason Pike, Robert Pralgo, Patti Shellhas, Jazmine Simon, Gisette Valentin

4 new individuals

In Raising a Superhero Season 2, we will see Alisha Wainwright and Ja’ again, Sia Young will also return as a mother and son, along with characters Sammy Haney (Hope) and Jazmine Simon (Kat). Next to them, we will see Ali Ahn (Suzanne) and Griffin Robert Faulkner (Braden) again, this time as regular characters, with 4 new characters coming into play:

  • Rome Flynn will transform into Tevin Wakefield. . : The most popular actor for playing How to Get Away with Murder will play Tevin in the second season of Raising a Superhero. Tevin is an Olympic track coach and former distance runner who would become Dion’s coach and mentor. This character is going to have a close relationship with both Dion and Nicole.


Raising a Superhero tells the narrative of Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and her son Dion (Ja’Saya Young), as she begins to exhibit her usual enigmatic abilities. Super Hero

Season 2 takes place a couple of years after the defeat of a bad man (Jason Ritter) and follows Dion as she continues to improve her powers with the support of her mother and Tevin (Rim Flynn), her trainer. …to BIONA, who catches Nicole’s attention. Dion befriends Briden (Griffin Robert Faulkner), an exclusive student who also has powers, and a series of unsettling events ensues. Dion then reveals that the risk still looms. This season, Dion and Nicole battle surprises, incidents, and unexpected visitors, and they have to come back to win to save not only themselves, but the entire town of Atlanta.

What is it talking about?

Based on Dennis Liu’s comic strip, How to Raise a Superhero tells the story of Nicole, a widow and single mother forced to raise her seven-year-old son, Dion, alone.

Things will get quite complicated by the time the child begins to prove that he has super powers. If it’s already hard to raise a child, then with so many supernatural abilities it’s even harder.

How To Educate A Superhero Characters – Relax Type