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The game system of the Coven has been refined over the years, perfecting itself in the Coven Maleficent Trinitas but maintaining all the essence of the doyen of national role-playing games.

Coven’s game system is based on percentage rolls (a 100-sided die or 1d100), having to obtain a result equal to or less than the value of the character to succeed in its purpose. Most of the rolls will be for Skills, that is, the skills that the character knows due to the performance of his profession or due to the influence of his family environment, but Characteristic rolls can also be made, the innate traits of the character on which the abilities depend. Competencies.

The combat in Coven is simple, but has depth through the actions and combat maneuvers. Since this game tries to be based on the real Middle Ages, the combat is dirty, hard and demanding, and death will always be a possibility. This is not a game of heroes who endure dozens of wounds and take a potion to recover, it is a game of ordinary people surviving as they can to live another day.

The supernatural elements of the game are present through spells, religious incantations and other types of magical arts, creatures, etc. The most daring characters will be able to delve into magical knowledge, discovering that the price they must pay is still higher than they were willing to pay.

If you already know Coven, we summarize the main changes in the rules system:

  • Temperance becomes a characteristic in its own right, integrated with the rest of the characteristics that make up a character.
  • The list of Competences has been revised, so that they are revised and unified.
  • Social mechanics are incorporated, rules that will allow the characters to influence and convince others.
  • Mechanics are introduced to simulate the passage of time and the activities of the characters between adventures.
  • The character creation system is revised.
  • The combat system is simplified, speeding up its use without losing an iota of the danger that has always characterized it.
  • Advanced and optional rules for both combat and magic are presented.
  • Faith rituals are renamed incantations and will be completely revised.
  • Rules of alchemy and kabbalah revised and adapted to the new edition are presented.

And the game system is reviewed in a way, without losing its identity and compatible with previous editions. You will be able to take advantage of all the supplements that you already have from any of the editions of the game.

Coven: Maleficent Trinitas marks the start of a new line of supplements for Coven. The first of these, the Game Master Screen, is now available as part of patronage. From there, we will continue to offer in-game material with new titles, in the same way we did during the third edition of the game, and always under the supervision of the creators of the game. Supplements from previous editions can be used in this new edition thanks to the conversion guidelines included in the Mechanica book.

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How to play the role-playing game Coven and what changes does the new edition bring?