Hunter x Hunter: Where to watch the entire anime

Hunter x Hunter“It is one of the most TOP anime that one can see if the shonen theme is cool with intense fights, supernatural powers and, above all, characters with constant development. It must be taken into account that this anime is (for now) an incomplete story given the state of the manga, which due to the health of the author has hardly advanced in years. However, the anime features a sort of ‘half conclusion‘ which leaves a pretty good taste in the mouth after the long journey it presents.

Hunter x Hunter on Crunchyroll

Of first, if you have Cruchyroll you already have ALL the “Hunter x Hunter” anime at your disposal. Indeed, the streaming platform has had the full story of Gon and Killua for years, a good handful of episodes that will undoubtedly leave you vibrating on more than one occasion. Honestly, it is appreciated to find all the anime in its entirety on a single platform.

Crunchyroll allows you to see ALL the anime of Gon and company in full

Hunter x Hunter on Netflix

That you don’t have Crunchyroll because you’re not that into anime either but you still want to watch “Hunter x Hunter”? Well, you’re in luck, because Netflix also has all the anime in question in full. Yes, this is one of those rare occasions where streaming platforms don’t get into a fistfight and just share like good sisters. Honestly, I assume this is just because it’s an ‘old’ license, because if they announced more anime they’d surely be pulling their hair out for it.

netflix hunter x hunter
If you have Netflix you can also fully enjoy one of the best shonen

Hunter x Hunter on Prime Video

Unfortunately, there is not going to be a 3 out of 3: On Prime Video you will find absolutely NOTHING regarding the “Hunter x Hunter” anime. It was hard to imagine that with the coverage that Netflix and Crunchyroll provide, there would be yet another option to watch this particular anime, and well, there isn’t.

hunter x hunter prime video
Prime Video will not work for you if you want to watch Gon’s anime

Hunter x Hunter in Select Vision

As always, if there is something edited in physical format of an anime in Spain, there is a good chance that you will find it in the Selecta Visión store. But this is not the case. Indeed, Selecta Visión does not have any content of the work of Yoshihiro Togashi either..

hunter selecta
Make no mistake: City Hunter is a different franchise and has nothing to do with what you are looking for

Disney+, HBO and other streaming platforms

At first you will not find anything from the “Hunter x Hunter” anime on other platforms, neither now nor in the future, taking into account the presence of Netflix and Crunchyroll. If it were eventually reported that the episodic anime was followed, the conversation would be different (surely there would be a lot of competition to get the retransmission of the license), but first of all there is nothing else that might interest you.

And this is all you have to take into account if you want to see the entire “Hunter x Hunter” anime in Spain. The truth, The fact that it is in its entirety on both Netflix and Crunchyroll seems to me a joy, and it is surely one of the best located animes in our country. Of course, in this case there is not a single fault to put to the distribution of the anime.

Hunter x Hunter: Where to watch the entire anime