I stand up to fear playing the new DLC for Resident Evil 8 in the TGS, and it almost gives me something

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose puts us in the shoes of the daughter of Ethan Winters as she enters a twisted universe of nightmares in search of a cure for her powers. Will she find what she is looking for? Or will she find herself with more terrors than she can face? From Tokyo Game Show 2022 we bring you our impressions of the Resident Evil 8 DLC.

shades of rose is the name of the story DLC coming next month with the Resident Evil Village – Winters Expansion. An additional “chapter” that takes place 16 years after the events of the game, with Ethan Winter’s daughter as the protagonist, and a different approach from the main adventure, both at the design and visual levels. What I’m talking about? From the return to the camera in the third person, and the return to some more classic survival horror dynamics than those of a Resident Evil 8 focused on action

On the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, I had the opportunity to try a demo of 20 minutes of Resident Evil 8: Shadows of Rose, as well as sitting down with the executive producer and director about their approach to this expansion. And after listening to his words, I had no doubt about the following: it is a chapter with very clear ideas and intentions player-facing, not a simple last-minute extra, as Capcom’s “popular demand” announcement a year ago might hint at. Without falling into spoilers, given that the official synopsis of the expansion itself dangerously touches that terrain, Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose puts us in the shoes of Rose herself Rosemary Winters – the name of the DLC is not lost – who goes into a nightmarish mental world to find the cure to his supernatural powers.

This involves a journey through twisted dimensions and alternate versions of the settings from Resident Evil 8, with a constant presence looming over you and making the entire atmosphere oppressive. The developers of the game told me that the main idea around this expansion is make you feel weak and helpless, in constant danger from enemies bigger and more powerful than you. But also that you feel a paternal affection towards her, like Ethan’s, that leads you to care about your character and want to fight to help her. That’s where the third person cameraby allowing you not only to see Rose at all times and feel what she feels with her reactions, but also by making you feel small in front of everything around you.

A return to a more classic survival horror

The Shadows of Rose demo began inside Dimitrescu Castle… well, inside a deformed version of it, with corpses on the floor and a strange organic mass of black color that spreads across the walls and the floor. After sneakily seeing a disturbing scene, this mass spots Rose and she and I are forced to flee to stay alive. While I was leading my character from room to room, this mass was closing the possible paths and creating strange creatures without a face to attack me: it was a “scripted” scene, but it already laid the foundations of the expansion from the first moment. You are the prey, you are trapped and danger lurks around every corner. As I mentioned before, this expansion returns to some dynamic more survival horror what an action

The lack of resources, coupled with this oppressive atmosphere, make you feel in constant tensionAfter this escape scene, I got a basic pistol and barely enough ammo to finish off an enemy or two – if not a shot missed. These misshapen, faceless enemies aren’t necessarily more powerful than the ones in the base game, in fact, they more closely resemble the zombies from the remakes in their behavior. But you are no longer Ethan Winters, You don’t even have the resources to deal with them.. Also, in this version of Dimitrescu Castle things are not the same as in its real counterpart. Everything is in darkness, the overturned furniture closes paths normally open, while that black mass narrows the rooms turning them into narrow rooms with little room for manoeuvre. And did I mention that the “faceless” are much bigger than Rose? The lack of resources, coupled with this oppressive atmosphere, make you feel constantly stressed.

Just as a detail, the director confirmed that levels have been redesigned for this expansion. The castle is the same, in terms of where each room is and its layout, but the way you navigate through it and the paths available are completely different from the base game. That was something that became clear during my game. For example, an open room where in the original game you faced a “mini-boss” is now a narrow path that forces you to face multiple enemies or dodge them to the limit. Although you won’t always be at the mercy of your scenarios, thanks to Rose’s powers.

After moving a little further through the castle, I unlocked a power that allowed me to destroy the cores that generate the black mass in each of the rooms. A way of open exploration possibilities and to encourage backtracking. There are also other powers at your disposal, such as the ability to to freeze momentarily one or more enemies. I didn’t get to unlock this feature in the demo, but it’s something the developers have told me, and it will be very useful to survive when ammo and herbs are low.

At the general setting level, I have already commented that in this expansion the atmosphere is much darker and oppressive than the main story of Resident Evil Village. The Dimitrescu Castle is in semi-darkness, there is almost no light in most of the rooms, and in the open areas there is hardly any light from the moon with shades of gray. In fact, if you look at the sky you will see how reality itself is distorted – you’re in a nightmare, after all. The enemies, the decoration of the rooms and the design of certain characters convey a twisted image of lust and rawness. and there is some constant detail throughout the rooms it generates restlessness and intrigue about its significance to the story of the DLC, though for embargo purposes Capcom won’t let me say what it is. As soon as you play the expansion, you’ll immediately know what I mean. In fact, it is this detail that has generated the most interest in me in order to fully explore the story of Shadows of Rose in a month.

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose will be available on October 28. This additional story chapter will be included in the new Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, while owners of the original game will be able to get it by purchasing the Resident Evil Village – Winters Expansion pack. Along with this, other innovations will be introduced, such as a third person mode for the main story and additional characters for the mode mercenaries, including Lady Dimitrescu and Chris Redfield. If you want to know what we thought of the main adventure at its premiere, here is the analysis of Resident Evil Village.

I stand up to fear playing the new DLC for Resident Evil 8 in the TGS, and it almost gives me something