Jenna Ortega tells us about how she helped score the Netflix series ‘Merlina’

Tim Burton He is one of the few directors capable of creating products that are terrifying and adorable at the same time, and without a doubt that is clear to us when watching his most recent series. ‘Merlina’ (‘Wednesday’), which this November 23 hit the Netflix catalog and stars Jenna Ortega.

The 20-year-old actress is who brings to life the character whose name became popular in the ’90s thanks to the tapes that were made with the original story of the cartoonist Charles Addams. Although of course, in this 2022 it comes with a different touch.

Photo: Courtesy Netflix

This November 23 ‘Merlina’ premieres on Netflix

Although more than three decades ago we met the members of the Addams Family through tapes and television series, this time Tim Burton focuses specifically on the life of Merlinawho begins to experience changes that many of us go through as teenagers.

“I think it was interesting because, you know? we had never spent so much time with Merlina before and usually in the movies and on the tv show she’d just say a funny line and everyone laughed.”Jenna Ortega tells us in an interview we had with her for the series.

With everything and Uncle Lucas! Check out the official trailer for'Wednesday', the series about Merlina Adams
Morticia and Gomez send Merlina to Evermore Academy. Photo: Netflix.

The series focuses on the life of Merlina Addams

“She (Merlina) was amazing and mysterious and a bit more of an enigma, whereas here (the series) she is on screen in almost every scene. So, you know, this to keep the show interesting.”commented the actress of Mexican descent.

Burton’s series, created for Netflix, of course is one of mysteries and supernatural things. And it is that Merlina begins to solve a couple of mysteries to find explanations for several murders. which occur when she arrives at Evermore Academy, where her parents met.

Evermore Academy students. Photo: Courtesy Netflix

It is there where the youngest of the Addams begins to live things about friendship, feeling strange in a new school and it even shows what her relationship with her mother, Morticia, is like, whom she claims on several occasions for wanting to make her in her image and likeness.

But also, we see how Merlina is involved in aspects such as love, as well as the digital world that surrounds us today and that she denies so much: “He has more vulnerable moments or more emotional moments and you know, she dives into the adolescent experience a bit.”said Jenna about her character.

Photo: Courtesy Netflix

Jenna Ortega is the star of the series

“And I think it’s weird and awkward for her, but I think it’s good for characters to feel uncomfortable because you learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.So I was really happy to learn and explore that territory with her.”he stated in our talk.

The series, as we mentioned before (here you can see which characters will meet), has an incredible cast made up of Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams) Luis Guzmán (Gomez Addams), Victor Dorobantu (Fingers) and Christina Ricci, who played Merlina in the 90s movies and now returns as the prefect of Evermore Academy.

With everything and Uncle Lucas! Check out the official trailer for'Wednesday', the series about Merlina Adams
Christina Ricci will return to the world of Los Locos Addams with this series. Photo: Netflix

Although we also see actresses like Gwendoline Christie

But also, one of the special participations that we see is that of Gwendoline Christinewho comes to the Addams Family universe to give life to Larissa Weems, the director of the institute and whose name is mentioned for the first time in the history of the peculiar family.

“I felt a little nervous about the fact that I was creating a completely new character”Gwendoline told us in the talk. “I think part of the reason Tim wanted me to work with him was that he wanted me to come up with the character and that was an absolute joy and really a chance at a lifetime.” assured.

Who is who in the new Netflix series'Merlina'?
Photo: Netflix

It was a relaxed, enjoyable and truly extraordinary creative experience and he has an amazing eye for detail, but I think he also allows people to be who they are. And that’s a very creative state because you feel like you’re capable of anything really and it allows you to merge with the character and how actor to feel real confidence playing that role.

Gwendoline Christie on what it was like working with Tim Burton on the series ‘Merlina’

During the chat we had with the British actress, She told us that for the inspiration of her character she took one of her friends as an examplewhom he considers an intelligent woman, with glamour, power and qualities with which he molded the character of Larissa Weems.

Gwendoline Christine as Larissa Weems. Photo: Netflix

The actress of Mexican descent is the first ‘Latina’ Merlina and is very honored

Jenna Ortega has given a lot to talk about for Become the first ‘Latina’ Merlina in the world of the Addams, something that the series makes clear on several occasions. One of them is quite subtle, but exciting, and is set to music with the song “La Llorona” popularized by the great Chavela Vargas.

“I don’t think she remembers when “La Llorona” was played, but I was very excited, I remember listening to it and I was very excited”Jenna told us when talking about how she became musically involved in the series that is now available on Netflix.

Watch the first trailer for the'Wednesday' series about Merlina Addams coming to Netflix!
Jenna Ortega as Merlina. Photo: Netflix.

Here we leave you the full interview we had with Jenna Ortega, who this 2022 gives life to the not so little Merlina:

Jenna Ortega tells us about how she helped score the Netflix series ‘Merlina’