Jurassic World

The plot of the film is set four years after the events narrated in Jurassic World-The Fallen Kingdom.

Sunday 1 January, from 21:20 on Sky Cinema Oneis scheduled to air Jurassic World-Domination. The film, released in cinemas in 2022, belongs to the genre of science fiction.

Jurassic World-The domain, the film is the sixth of the well-known franchise

The production has a running time of approximately 146 minutes. The title in the original language is Jurassic World Dominion and is the sixth chapter of the well-known franchise. Notably, the film is the sequel to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdomreleased in 2018.

The director of Jurassic World-Domination and Colin Trevorrow. The latter, as happened for the film four years ago, also edited the screenplay, in the company of Emily CarmichaeL. The production is by Amblin Entertainment, Perfect World Pictures and of Universal Pictures. The latter is also responsible for distribution in our country. Filming, interrupted several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, took place between England, British Columbia in Canada and Malta.

Jurassic World-The domain where it's filmed

Jurassic World-Domination, the plot

The plot of Jurassic World-Domination is set four years after the events told in the last film, namely the volcanic eruption of Isla Nublar and the incident at the Lockwood Estate. Dinosaurs, real protagonists, live freely on the planet together with humans. A decidedly very fragile balance has been created between the species, destined to have a short life.

The agents of Biosynmeanwhile, are on the hunt for Maisie Lockwood. In particular, the organization would like to reach the young woman in order to be able to study her DNA. Maisie, who has spent the last few years living in isolation, chooses to sneak away from home, but ends up in big trouble.

Final spoiler

In Jurassic World-Domination the planet must soon deal with a new, great threat. Suddenly, in fact, giant locusts have appeared, causing extensive damage to the crops. The only crops that do not seem to have harmful consequences are those of the aforementioned Biosyn. This creates more than a few doubts in the scholar Ellie Sattler, who begins to believe that the creatures were created by the organization. Proving it, however, is not easy and, to do so, he asks for help from Alan Grant.

Jurassic World-The Domination cast

Jurassic World-Domination, the cast

Below is the list of actors and the characters they played in Jurassic World-Domination. Some of these were already present in the historian Jurassic Park of 1993, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Chris Pratt: Owen Grady;

Bryce Dallas Howard: Claire Dearing;

Isabella Sermon: Maisie Lockwood;

Laura Dern: Ellie Sattler;

Sam NeilL: Alan Grant;

Jeff Goldblum: Ian Malcolm;

Omar Sy: Barry Sembene.

Jurassic World-The movie domain Sky Cinema One: plot, cast, final spoiler