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Constantine 2 received an upbeat update from its director, Francis Lawrence, who confirmed the progress being made. Constantine premiered on February 18, 2005, and is loosely based on DC Comics’ Hellblazer series. The film follows John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), a demon hunter with the ability to travel between Earth and Hell, as he investigates the suspicious suicide of LAPD Detective Angela Dodson’s (Rachel Weisz) twin sister, Isabel (Weisz). Although the film initially received mixed to negative reviews upon release, it has grown in popularity over the years and achieved cult status. Recently, Warner Bros. answered calls from fans and confirmed that a sequel, Constantine 2, was in development.

In an interview with, Constantine 2 director Lawrence gave an optimistic update on the film’s progress. Although he, Keanu, and Akiva Goldsman have all been working on the sequel for years, it still doesn’t have a script. Lawrence indicated that progress was delayed due to ownership issues between DC Comics and Vertigo Comics. However, he assured fans that the issues had been resolved and he and the team were ready to get the story started. Check out his statement below:

We don’t have a script, but Keanu, me and Akiva [Goldsman] who all worked together on the first have all tried over the years to launch another. It’s been tricky because of the DC/Vertigo world and who owns the character and who controls the characters, trying to bring the right people forward. We have that now and now we need the story. We would all like to do that.

What should Constantine 2’s story be?

The fact that Constantine 2 doesn’t yet have a script and is still in the very early stages of production means that the plot has remained elusive. Also, Constantine 2 does not yet have an official cast list. Reeves is the only confirmed actor to reprise his role as Constantine for the film. The uncertainty of who all could reprise their roles for the film makes it harder to deduce the film’s plot. However, the ending of the first movie provided several potential storylines that could be explored further.

One direction Constantine 2 could take is to further explore Dodson’s interest in paranormal investigation. In the film, Dodson is loosely based on comic book character Angie Spatchcock and possesses psychic powers like her comic book counterpart. She undergoes quite a traumatic experience as her investigation into her sister’s death puts her on the radar of Lucifer’s (Peter Stormare) son, Mammon, who seeks to use his power to usurp his father. However, in the end, she finds relative peace regarding her sister’s passing and even agrees to keep a mystical artifact safe for Constantine. There were hints that Dodson might continue to pursue the field of supernatural investigation, potentially taken on by Constantine as a partner or student. In this way, Constantine 2 could continue to follow their supernatural adventures together.

There were other details in Constantine’s original film as well. The film ended with Lucifer giving Constantine a second chance at life, but only because he was determined Constantine would prove himself worthy of hell before death. Therefore, the battle for Constantine’s soul will likely continue as Lucifer plans to bring him to hell once and for all. Plus, a sequel centered around Gabriel (Tilda Swinton), a mortal-turned-follower of Mammon, might also be enjoyable as the archangel is likely out for revenge. Ultimately, there’s no shortage of directions Constantine 2 could take as the first film established a strong ally for Constantine to venture further, as well as a slew of enemies who wish him gone.

Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2 gets an upbeat update from the director | Pretty Reel