La Jornada: The Espookys return with their business of fake supernatural scenarios and humor

▲ Yalitza Aparicio, in a frame of the broadcast.Photo HBO


▲ Julio Torres, in a frame from the broadcast.Photo HBO

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Thursday, September 15, 2022, p. 7

The premise of The Spookies, HBO’s weirdest series, it’s simple. It is about a group of friends who start a business in which they create fake supernatural scenarios, for a fee.

As an example, according to The Independent, There’s the first episode, released over three years ago, in which an old priest who is falling out of favor with his congregation hires the team to boost his reputation.

The long-delayed second season of the series premieres tomorrow. It continues to be a comedy that exists in an elusive space, not only because it is located in a Latin American country with an unknown name, but because the mundane and the unreal coexist side by side.

On the one hand, the Los Espookys group spends their time devising low-budget shows, with costumes or a smoke machine, while in their daily lives they are imbued with real-life oddities, such as the fact that one of them communicates with a water demon who is obsessed with the movie The king’s speech, from 2010. That character asks a moon (personified by Yalitza Aparicio) to shine brighter in order to find an earring.

The series seeks to entertain, something that makes sense because it was created by Fred Armisen, Julio Torres and Ana Fabrega, who have been part of the program Saturday night Live. The broadcast is also spoken in Spanish, which could explain the low impact it has had worldwide.

The series has also chosen to go against the grain with its characters. Unlike many protagonists who are in fashion, Los Espookys have a charming heart. Among the colorful crew are the cool and cool Úrsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), her wacky sister Tati (Fabrega) and the group’s founder, Renaldo (Bernado Velasco), whose leather jackets and chains conceal a sensitive interior. Even Andrés (Torres), the moody and melodramatic heir to a chocolate fortune, is a charismatic snob.

Armisen explained that he wanted to create an upbeat program. “I just don’t like conflict in the TV”, pointed to The New York Times. Instead, the series is packed with jokes, originality, and visual personality. Every shot is frame-worthy, like a Wes Anderson movie.

The cinematography of the series does not aim for naturalism, so the color palette is bold and deliberate. From Andres’ light blue hair to the bubblegum pink seat of US Ambassador Melania (Greta Titelman), whom the protagonists go to to apply for visas to the United States.

It also highlights the length of each episode. Unlike many current series, which devote even more than an hour to each episode, the spookys He opted for 25 minutes, leaving short bites that arouse the desire for more. which has made the wait of three years longer, since the first season consists of only six chapters.

The second season of the spookys will be available on HBO starting tomorrow.

La Jornada: The Espookys return with their business of fake supernatural scenarios and humor