Manifest 4 part 1, the review of the Netflix TV series: the beginning of the end for the first time in streaming

You press on the accelerator in Manifest 4 part 1, which arrived on Netflix tells the beginning of the end for the passengers of flight 828 and for those who remained, after the shocking events of the final of the third.

Netflix didn’t just save Manifestthe series he would have liked to be the heir to Lost, from the cancellation by NBC after three seasons, but wanted to keep its identity while trying to fix the shot by making it a platform series. The review of Manifest 4 part 1the first to go in streaming, available from 4 October on Netflix (for the second and last part we will have to wait until 2023).

To fly

Manifest 5

Manifest: a scene from the fourth season

The fourth season of Manifest begins with a time jump of two years: this is the first point in favor of the ten new episodes that are pressing on the accelerator, also because initially the creator Jeff Rake wanted to go on for six seasons. The story then moves temporally forward compared to the final of the third, which had seen Grace (Athena Karkanis) die at the hands of Angelina (Holly Taylor), who had kidnapped the newborn Eden taking her with him as her guardian angel. Meanwhile Cal (Jack Messina) had returned from the new leap into the light but five and a half years older (the same leap as the first time), now played by Ty Doran, a great casting choice that allows Luna Blaise to interact differently with the twin now that they are peers. We therefore find the Stones, the fulcrum of the events and of the family theme at the center of the show, once again split. Everyone deals in their own way with the elaboration of grief and there seems to be no way to put the pieces back together, especially due to the obsession of Ben (Josh Dallas) who does not want to give up on the idea that his daughter and her kidnapper are now dead. Some flashbacks in the course of the episodes will allow you to intersperse the narrative by showing what happened in the two years of time jump and how the characters arrived at their new storylines.

Manifest 3, the review: the series that would like to be the heir of Lost is back

Great returns

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Manifest: the fourth season poster

This fourth season presses on the accelerator, perhaps a little too much, from the stories of the passengers of Flight 828, which returned after five and a half years when only a few minutes had passed, compared to the real world. More or less all the characters from the first three seasons return, even the guest stars of the “episode cases”, in order to remind us, as one of the slogans of the series said, that “it’s all connected“. Everyone seems to have given up on the possibility that Eden is alive, apart from Ben. Zeke (Matt Long) finds himself with a new” power “, a new ability, that is to empathize as much as possible with the feelings of others and also be able to control them. . The solution to the mystery of flight 828 and the Date of Death discovered in previous seasons, however, take on new meanings in this fourth season, transforming the show from mystery drama to adventure drama with an exquisitely and naively 90s flavor, with puzzles to solve, ancient. civilizations and mythologies to be rediscovered, such as the Egyptian one or that of Corinth, and so on. The drama that had always moved between supernatural and scientific explanation, increasingly tends towards the first solution. After the finale of these ten episodes of Manifest 4which really looks like a final midseason, the curiosity remains to see the epilogue for the protagonists to whom we are now fond of. The acting unfortunately remains forced and over the top on the part of the performers, but it is also part of its old-fashioned generalist charm. In fact, in this Netflix has not changed the editing, which still works as if there were advertising breaks, but by lengthening the actual playing time of the episodes a little.

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Between mythology and science

Manifest 3

Manifest: a scene from the fourth season

Just like Lost and many other series after her (see Westworld) Manifest focuses on the ancient binomial science and faith, wondering how much free will exists and how much we are effectively masters of our actions, or how much our destiny is already predetermined by a higher entity. Faith returns predominantly on the show not only through the storyline of Angelina’s family, and their beliefs of religious fanaticism, even anti-passengers of Flight 828 no longer seen as miraculous, but also and above all through believing in the Calls. Ben has totally lost faith in them and ignores them, because in his view they have never helped him to get answers and above all they have not brought him back to his daughter, while Cal is two years (that is, since he returned “adult”) who has not receives not even one and does not know how to interpret this fact. The ten episodes are therefore structured halfway between the weekly appointment and the marathon of binge watching, so as to find the favor of the streaming public, thanks to which in the US the series has been resurrected compared to being broadcast on NBC. Now all that remains is to wait and see what Jeff Rake and the writers will come up with for the last 10 episodes in 2023.


We conclude the review of Manifest 4 part 1, happy that the series has adjusted the shot a bit compared to the weekly airing, finding a structure halfway with the binge watching on the platform. You press the accelerator on the storylines of the characters, you turn a little too much on the mythological and supernatural but all the knots come to a head, bringing together all the guest stars of the previous seasons and the stories of the passengers of Flight 828.

Because we like it

  • The two-year time jump that streamlines the narrative.
  • The focus on solving the main mystery.
  • Making everyone come back without forgetting any storyline …

What’s wrong

  • … Even if this makes the narration of information a bit burdensome for the viewers.
  • Maybe it turns a bit on the mythological by making the series an adventure drama.
  • The acting of the actors remains from old-fashioned generalist TV.

Manifest 4 part 1, the review of the Netflix TV series: the beginning of the end for the first time in streaming