Marvel Omnibus Review

The less conventional side of mutants from Mike Allred, Laura Allred and Peter Milligan, X-Statix, begins in a Marvel Omnibus issue published by Panini Comics

Like many of the things in which the good of Mike Allred participates, X-Statix It was not a series that broke sales records at the time, but it did quickly become a cult series. In Spain we had spent years without an edition of this series, but finally Panini Comics put this title in the place of honor it deserves with the publication of Marvel Omnibus – X-Statix ​​1.

From the ashes of X-Force

Despite the title that this volume bears on its cover, most of the numbers collected in this first comprehensive volume actually belong to the series X-Forcewhich is where it all really started, where Peter Milligan he began to write what would probably be the great work of his life, the one that Mike Allred would capture with his peculiar and brilliant style in wonderful pop vignettes that went totally against the trend of the time.

We are at the turn of the century. Noventerism is practically over, Joe Quesada continues to save marvel comics of the tremendous crisis in which it was immersed a few years ago and what is different and novel is the new way of doing things. A situation without which the new stage of X-Force, which began with its number #116, could not have happened. the time of Rob Liefeld it was over, it was time to turn the series upside down…

Mutants have always been a hated group, a living metaphor for racism (or any kind of discrimination) that prevailed in the United States at the time when Stan Lee Y Jack Kirby created the header We keep that here. And it’s about the only thing we stick with, beyond the fact that the characters in these stories live in the same universe as Wolverine and that the appearance of their powers has provided them with enormous adolescent traumas that they will have to deal with. From the first issue the series seemed to say «this is the 21st century, forget about cartridge belts and clenched teeth, you can get on this train or go read Image Comics…».

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Don’t say superhero, say celebrity

The main characteristic of the group of heroes that would make up the new X-Force team (later X-Statix) is precisely that the term “hero” is a bit too big for them. And no, it’s not because they are violent anti-heroes (once again, 90s was over, thank God), but because their motivations were anything but altruistic. Belonging to this group had the same value as being chosen by a musical scout to be part of the new boy band of the moment. Fame and money were the main (and only?) motivations of its members.

That’s not to say that we won’t have adventures here in which our protagonists have to save the day in epic battles using their magnificent (and sometimes repulsive) powers… but it won’t be the highlight of any of these stories. Paradoxically, this series is surely understood much better today, since it could even be said that it was ahead of its time in many aspects, even a social visionary. Although it is also true that if it had been published for the first time today, it surely would not have been so impressive…

We still couldn’t talk about likes, retweets and followers (yes, we could, but they weren’t as ubiquitous concepts as they are today)… but if we could, surely Milligan and allred they would have put these influencer barometers at the center of their glamorous epic. It is no longer a question of how many children you have saved, but of having saved the life of the one who is most photogenic to appear next to you on the cover of magazines. It is not about being the strongest, but about being the one that suits you best in tights. It’s not about inspiring people to be better people, it’s about being able to sell them a car with a smile.

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very mutant mutants

Certainly this series can be understood more as a social and political satire than as a superhero comic, and perhaps it would suit him better to be a product of the label Vertigo (to which all its authors have been linked at some point) that one of The House of Ideas. But that does not mean that we are not going to have here characters with the most curious supernatural powers…

The corrosive sweat of Anarchistthe omnipotence of Doopthe ability to teleport Eddie Sawyerthe super strength of blockthe sentient skateboard of robbie rodriguezthe mortality of dead girl or the supersenses of guy smith These are just some of the mutant eccentricities that we are going to see in these pages. But be careful, that nobody takes affection from these characters. If something also characterizes this series, it is its resemblance in certain aspects to the Suicide Squad of DC Comics…no character has a plot armor, regardless of their level of prominence. Everyone here can die at any time, and that is something that unfortunately we are going to learn very soon.

In this first volume of X-Statix ​​we will be able to appreciate the daring of the proposal of some authors without fear of cancellation, where Mike and Laura Allred (what a pop visual marvel that this volume is, by the way) set the tone and aesthetics of a story that is impossible to pigeonhole. This is quite a breath of fresh air for anyone who has only read “traditional” mutant stories, but even a non-fiction reader. marvel universe You will be able to enjoy this volume without problem.

X-Statix ​​is ​​precisely the comic that should be read by anyone who is fed up with superheroic clichés and who is looking for something different from what they usually offer in mainstream comics. And in that sense, it is a safe bet.

As for the magnificent edition, the deluxe volume Marvel Omnibus – X-Statix ​​1 published by Panini Comics in hard cover contains 480 pages in color with a size of 18.3 x 27.7 cm. and includes the translation of the American edition of the numbers X-Force 116-129 and X-Statix ​​1-5.

Also includes an introduction, a foreword written by Peter Milligan, an afterword written by Lydia Castillo and the original covers of all the numbers included in the compilation as well as a section of extra material at the end. The recommended retail price for this tome is €49.95 and was put up for sale in December 2022.

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Marvel Omnibus – X-Statix ​​1

The most groundbreaking series that Marvel made at the beginning of the 21st century. Adored by humans, reviled by their fellow mutants, X-Force does dirty jobs that others refuse or can’t carry out.

All they want in return is fame, money, sex, power, and lucrative advertising deals. Peter Milligan writes his most outstanding and important work within La Casa de las Ideas, in a project like no other in which he is accompanied by the brilliant Mike Allred.

Authors: Mike Allred, Peter Milligan, Laura Allred, Darwyin Cooke, Duncan Fegredo, and Paul Pope

Marvel Omnibus Review – X-Statix ​​1