Matilda The Musical Netflix TV series – plot, cast, ending

A little girl with great communicative powers manages to change her destiny.

Netflix offers the TV series entitled Matilda The Musical. It is a comedy genre product with musical atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2022. The series consists of a total of eight episodes, each lasting about 50 minutes.

Matilda The Musical tv series – direction, protagonists, where it is filmed

Directed by Matthew Warchus. Main protagonists are Matilda Wormwood and Agatha Trunchbull interpreted respectively by Alisha Weir and Emma Thompson. Also in the cast Lashana Lynch in the role of Miss Honey.

Filming took place in United Kingdomespecially a bramshill and neighboring areas in the territory of the England.

The production is of Entertainment One in collaboration with Hypnotic and P3 Average.

The film is internationally known under the title Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical.

Matilda The Musical tv series where it is filmed

Matilda The Musical – plot of the TV series broadcast on Netflix

The plot has as its protagonist Matilda Wormwood very lively, curious and witty, a little girl with a great imagination who rebels against the people she is surrounded by to change the course of her destiny.

But unfortunately Matilda he has the worst parents in the world. In fact, dad and mom do nothing but devote themselves to trash TV. And since they don’t have a very prosperous economic condition, they try to organize shady plans to earn money.

Instead Matilda she loves to read her beloved books, she speaks little, she is a very silent child and a great observer. With this behavior she tries to rebel against the outside world to achieve her goals.

The only person in the school she feels encouraged and motivated by is the teacher Miss Honey.

Final spoiler

Thus he begins to imagine fantastic stories with the help of the teacher. Instead the school, which initially seemed a calm and serene place, turns out to be disturbing and oppressive.

The perfidious principal rules over all Chopper with which Matilda he will have an argument and to which he will give a lesson not to be easily forgotten.

Matilda The Musical tv series finale

Matilda The Musical: the complete cast

Below is the cast of the TV series Matilda The Musical and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Alisha Weir: Matilda Wormwood
  • Emma Thompson: Agatha Trunchbull
  • Lashana Lynch: Miss Honey
  • Stephen Graham: Mr. Wormwood
  • Andrew Riseborough: Mrs Wormwood
  • Sindhu Vee: Mrs. Phelps
  • Carl Spencer: Escapologist
  • Lauren Alexandra: Acrobat
  • Winter Jarrett-Glasspool: Amanda Thripp
  • Andrei Shen: Eric
  • Ashton Robertson:Nigel
  • Meesha Garbett: Hortensia
  • Charlie Hodson-Prior: Bruce Bogtrotter
  • Rei Yamauchi Fulker: Lavender
  • Catherine Kingsley: The stepsister of the acrobat
  • Amber Adeyinka: Young Miss Honey
  • James Laurenson: Ancient / Teacher asleep
  • Ann Firbank: Senior teacher
  • Amanda Lawrence: Cook
  • Thomas Arnold: Circus owner
  • James Dryden: Joe the school inspector
  • Matt Henry: Doctor
  • Karen Mavundukure: Midwife

Matilda The Musical Netflix TV series – plot, cast, ending