Merlina came to Netflix: the good and the bad of the Addams Family series

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Netflix premiered the long-awaited series Merlina in its catalog and it is believed that it will become one of the most watched soon. Here is our take on the positives and negatives. No spoilers!

Merlina came to Netflix: the good and the bad of the Addams Family series.
© NetflixMerlina came to Netflix: the good and the bad of the Addams Family series.

Since the announcement of its completion, the series merlin began to attract the attention of the audience, since it is one of the most prominent characters in the Addams Family. This new version of the creation of Charles Addams is available from today November 23 on the streaming service Netflix, with its eight episodes. On this occasion, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are the showrunners, but they will also have the direction of Tim Burton. Here we will tell you our opinion, reviewing both the good and the bad. There will be no spoilers!

The series is a detective mystery steeped in supernatural elements about Merlina’s years as a student at Nunca Más Academy. It sees her attempts to master her budding psychic ability, stop a monstrous murder spree that has terrorized the city, and solve the paranormal mystery in which his parents were involved 25 years ago. And all this while she manages her new relationships in the establishment.

Each release that involves the Addams universe arouses some curiosity, but in this specific case there seems to be a consensus of great expectation as it is the favorite figure of a majority. This is where we need to point out that unfortunately for the production, it would have worked better for a movie format and not a TV show. Although there is a balance between the positive and the negative, the idea of ​​thinking this story on the big screen gives the feeling that it could have been more rewarding.

The main problem we found is when it begins to falter from the fourth episode, where the premise travels through different established genres and the subplots branch out, to the point that the central thing that is happening behind it goes almost unnoticed or already turns off interest. generated at the beginning. Of course, each character must have their moment, but having only 8 chapters, the plot becomes a meaningless extension and the axis is easily lost.

In this sense, the story is responsible for taking the viewer down a path in which they will accompany the protagonist as a young detective to solve a case, but they take the simplest and, at times boring, shortcuts to reach a conclusion about what more predictable. We tend to find this situation more and more on different platforms, where we have more than promising stories, but with the wrong format they will go unnoticed.

As for the best we found, there is no doubt that Jenna Ortega like Merlina is the first thing that comes up. The 20-year-old actress has had an interesting shift in her career of late, where she’s opted for darker, horror-related roles. For her part, gwendoline christie he also contributes his acting quota, as well as the look of a character that can be indecipherable. The rest of the cast remains in the same tune, so there will be no fractures there.

Comedy is another of the strong points of these episodes, since each gag or comment made by the main character does not clash in a script that mixes mystery and the fantastic. The current gaze is also an issue that we have found well used here, beyond some thick-stroke moments that are a losing battle today among other film and television projects.

merlin It is a series with an interesting presentation from the beginning, but as the chapters go by it does not stop floundering with itself and the result is a stretched plot that, we affirm again, could have worked much better in the cinema. Although it is true that it is a program that serves to pass the time and not think too much, it contributes to a current era in which there is precisely no demand for the public and simply remains in the place of being one more today.

Merlina came to Netflix: the good and the bad of the Addams Family series