Midnight Suns, impressions. A breath of fresh air in the world of strategy

For several years now, Firaxis Games has become a great benchmark for turn-based tactical strategy. Their last two X-Coms are unrivaled in the market in this area and when they announced a Marvel game with the same idea, expectations skyrocketed. After almost 20 hours of play, we can anticipate that Midnight Suns will not disappoint fans of the genre or fans of Marvel.

The game has little or very little to do with deliveries of alien invasions, there are certain meeting points such as the division of the game into two large areas: the base and the fighting, but beyond this Firaxis has built a new way to understand turn-based strategy games.

The story in the center

The start of the game places the focus of attention on Marvel’s supernatural superheroes, curiously the same direction in which the new phase of the UCM is pointing. Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange and Iron Man are in charge of guiding us through the first steps of the game. A tutorial that lasts several hours carefully reveals the many options that the user will find in the game. At first the amount of operations that need to be carried out between missions can be a bit overwhelming, but after a few hours these routines sink in naturally and as the game progresses they make sense.

Unlike other strategy games sThere has been a lot of focus on the story and the characters.. The user will have to spend a lot of time interacting with his teammates, learning about their interests, their desires, their fears and their stories. All this contributes directly to improving their performance in combat. There are phases of the game that we find ourselves more in front of a graphic adventure, with its exploration phases, puzzles and dialogues than before a strategy game.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

new supergroup

Marvel fans are going to meet their favorite characters: Iron Man, Spiderman, Doctor Strange… and a team of mystical heroes, the Midnight Sons, who have their origin in the 90s in the Ghost Rider comics. This squad includes the protagonist created ad hoc for this story, Hunter, the son of Lilith, the Mother of all demons. A plot whose details we will not reveal but which integrates seamlessly into the continuum of the Marvel universe.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

The abbey

It is the base on which everything that is not combat is developed. In it, the player has to carry out all kinds of activities that are going to take up significant time, perhaps too much, but which are decisive in the development of the game. Dialogues with the other inhabitants of the building are very common, with them their stories are discovered and synergies are then enhanced during combat. So it’s a good idea to spend time here, plus they’re very well built and offer a pretty deep portrait of the available heroes.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

There is also an important exploration phase that is limited to the surroundings of the building, gardens, caves and nearby constructions hide all kinds of objects and materials with which to get better. At the same time, secrets of the protagonist’s past are revealed.

In the training area you can improve the skills of the heroes, but it is only allowed to do it once a day, which forces you to be careful when choosing who is empowered.

Finally, there are several areas that allow technical and magical improvements and the creation of objects specific ones that grant advantages in combat.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

combats and missions

As is the norm in Firaxis, a series of missions are available each day. One of them corresponds to the main story, while the rest are secondary that serve both to improve the statistics of the heroes and to find new objects. The user has to choose which match he chooses that day. Once the mission is decided, you have to form a team with three characters, some of them in the case of the story missions are mandatory recruitment. The differences in skills between them are significant, something that is discovered as more heroes are incorporated as the adventure progresses.

The battles they take place in very small arenas and are based on turns and cards. The user has a deck of eight for each hero and in each play he randomly receives a few that he must use until completing the number of actions per turn (3). On the one hand, this entails an important factor of randomness, despite the fact that there is a possibility of two discards, and on the other hand, the game is quite picky about strategy as it leaves little room for error even at the most affordable difficulty levels.

The combinations are infinite and the user must also have the objects present on the stage Since they can be used against enemies, in these first hours they are basically a HYDRA soldier plus some villain like Venom.

There are three types of cards: attack, defense and abilities, although fundamentally those of the first type are used. As the story progresses, new cards are received and the already known ones can also be improved when there are several identical ones.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Care in all the details

The game is very careful in all its details, this is noticeable both in the recreation and development of the superheroes and in the perfect Spanish dubbing. Although it supports keyboard control in its PC version, It is highly recommended to use a controller to handle it.

Midnight Suns will hit stores on December 2 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series and we will have more to say about him in our analysis, but the initial impressions are very good, both for lovers of tactics and for fans of Marvel superheroes.

Midnight Suns, impressions. A breath of fresh air in the world of strategy