Millie Bobby Brown slams Finn Wolfhard on how to kiss!

Millie Bobby Brown recently blasted Finn Wolfhard by saying the young man couldn’t kiss.

Hard blow for Finn Wolfhard. Millie Bobby Brown has just clashed with her on-screen partner by criticizing her way of kissing. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Millie Bobby Brown a talented actress

There are always so many of you to follow news about Millie Bobby Brown. And for good reason ! Since her beginnings in the cinema, the young woman has not ceased to be talked about. Recently, she also landed on Netflix with a brand new film “Enola Holmes”. A feature film in which his character investigated an unusual affair.

“Following in the footsteps of her famous brother, Enola Holmes tackles her first official case as a private detective! But as she goes looking for a missing girl, an explosive conspiracy hints at a dangerous mystery that only the support of his friends (and Sherlock himself) will allow him to solve. »

This is therefore the synopsis put online by our colleagues from Allociné. A mouth-watering summary. Moreover, it would seem that Millie Bobby Brown loves her role since she would very much like continue with a third part.

“I would like to be part of another film. I would like to see her solve more cases, be put under pressure, in crazy situations, be vulnerable again. I love seeing her back at work,” she recently confided to Screen Rant.

But before giving the reply to Henry Cavill in “Enola Holmes”, the young actress started in another production of the video on demand service. Indeed, it is indeed thanks to “Stranger Things” that the latter has pierced into the world of the 7th art.

A creation of the Duffer brothers in which she plays a teenager with supernatural powers. MCE TV tells you more about the role of Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie Bobby Brown slams Finn Wolfhard on how to kiss!

Finn Wolfhard atomized by his co-star

In “Stranger Things”, Millie Bobby Brown cues Finn Wolfhard. She is also very close to the actor since she plays his girlfriend.

Bad luck, the young man failed to seduce her co-star off the screen. The reason ? He doesn’t know how to kiss.

In any case, this is what the 18-year-old actress recently declared during an interview for Vanity Fair. This Thursday, November 10, 2022, Millie Bobby Brown went to the lie detector.

More honest than ever, she didn’t dare lie about who slips into Mike’s skin. At the question Is he a bad kisser?so she simply replied: He is “.

Besides, she did not stop there. Indeed, the pretty brunette went on to add that his sidekick hadn’t improved since the season 1. Ouch.

Let’s hope that his revelations do not create tension between the actors. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that Millie Bobby Brown was not kind with his friend. Finn Wolfhard may be questioning himself after this interview.

Millie Bobby Brown slams Finn Wolfhard on how to kiss!