Mirabilandia: a Halloween Rock and Horror Periodico Daily

From 1 October to 6 November 2022 the Mirabilandia amusement park will return to being very dark, with 7 horror tunnels (5 for adults and 2 for children) and new exciting shows. With themed decorations throughout the Park and a schedule of fantastic thrilling shows, the amusement park will make you experience unique emotions and monstrous fun for visitors of all ages. For the little ones, fairy tunnels and animations with Nickelodeon’s most loved characters. For the bravest tunnels with monstrous creatures in flesh and blood and the Halloween Horror Festival with new horror zones active only at night.

Gardaland Halloween: an unmissable event

Cinecittà World Halloween: it starts from October 1st

Mirabilandia: the innovative two Horror Zones

Every Saturday of the month which includes extended opening until 22:00 in addition to October 30 and 31 the offer is enriched with the Halloween Horror Festival. From 19:00 the two new terrifying horror zones called Zero Signal and Dead End will be open. Two unmissable events for lovers of terror who will find themselves face to face with monsters in flesh and blood hungry for fear. As for Zero Signal, we will travel in a post-apocalyptic scenario populated by fearsome zombies and human beings totally in disarray and what appear to be shelters could actually be a death trap. There is no signal inside them and once they enter, no one can know who will be able to get out. To find out there is only one way, to bring out all the courage in your body. Dead End also wanders in a post apocalyptic context, with ravenous zombies and inhuman creatures wandering in desperate search for food and revenge, and it will not be easy to escape it … will you have the courage to enter? you will have to be resourceful and courageous.

Mirabilandia: the five new tunnels

For the strongest emotions 5 adult tunnels available: the terrifying descent into the underworld of Malabolgia, the monstrous creatures of Acid Rain always looking for fresh visitors, the eternal tears of Llorona, the sadistic jokes and laughter of Psycho Circus. As for Malabolgia there will be a long winding path that will lead you into the kingdom of evil, the souls of the damned and their monstrous guardians will try to grab you to lead you in the presence of the lord of the underworld. You will have to find the strength to resist him or your fate will be sealed. In the electrifying Acid Rain amidst the disasters that hit the earth and made it a space of desolation, there were also radioactive rains that transformed the few surviving humans into ferocious, shameless creatures. They gave their shelter a name by calling it Acid Rain. You can enter if you wish but at your own risk.

The Llorona tunnel

In the shadowy eternal cry of Llorona you will have to have the courage to cross the threshold into the lair of the ghost woman. A cursed place, pervaded by the gruesome screams of this ghost, condemned to serve his sins for eternity. His despair and her crying will never end unless someone is forced to take her place. Finally, the Psyco Circus tunnel from the outside will look like a decadent old circus and could only accommodate listless clowns and clumsy acrobats. But in the darkness of its labyrinths dangerous traps are hidden and chilling cries are heard. It seems that the unfortunate spectators are inflicted atrocious torments. Will you dare to enter it and risk being captured ?.

Mirabilandia: the news of Halloween

To these is added the new entry 2022 The Walking Dead, the new house of horrors of Mirabilandia, set in the main places of the homonymous series: the hospital, the church, the mine, the sanctuary, Del Arno Foods, the landfill and of course Terminus, the final goal. Humanity has been hit by an apocalyptic event: humans are turning into ferocious creatures that feed on their prey. Only a small group of people survived and are trying to reach Terminus, the only safe place. If you have guts, join them on this chilling journey, or you will have no escape. But remember that you may lack courage when you least expect it. Will the guests be able to join the survivors to save themselves? you will find out only by going inside. Of course, the horror areas will be well delimited and the less courageous will be able to keep away from a terribly real nightmare.

The tunnels for children

For young visitors the many surprises of the Haunted Labrivinto, a path animated by magical creatures in which it will be easy to lose orientation, but more specifically it is a tortuous path where you will meet strange and magical creatures. Will they help you find your way or will they get in your way? The exit is there but you can’t see it, so you’ll have to find it. Instead rainbows of flowers will be the protagonists of the tunnel the Bridge of Memories with enchanted atmospheres. Where life and the afterlife meet, a rainbow of colorful flowers is born. It will be a magical journey that unites two very different worlds. Take this journey and discover your destiny. Bizarre characters and waders will be at the center of the brand new show The Witching Time by Teatro del Rumino. Lots of magic and lots of music also for Mago Merlino and his secrets in the western area of ​​the Park. It will be a show with lots of magic and music to amaze the children. Who better than Merlin the wizard could know spells? You know, every wizard is super jealous of the secrets of their art but, with a mischievous elf as a helper, being able to keep secrecy will be difficult.

Mirabilandia: Halloween shows

Another novelty of 2022 will be the Frankestein show that will bring the story of one of the scariest figures ever to the Piazza della Fama stage. The young Baron of Frankenstein is the heir of a famous doctor and is a huge fan of scientific research. One day, between one experiment and another, he discovers a magnetic fluid that, flowing through the brain of a corpse, can bring it back to life. He manages to steal the corpse of a giant man and carry out the experiment, creating a terrible monster. Also new is the show Jack the Clown with an evil clown with supernatural powers to pay close attention to. Jack is a supernatural being from another dimension, to stay on earth he needs to feed on human souls. This is why he has created this traveling circus, where to attract and sacrifice the people he will steal the soul from. Will you have the courage to enter it? Lastly, there will be the Los Locos Fantasmas show. What happens when ghosts go crazy? Simple! Group therapy is done. Here the therapist Matilde will find herself struggling with Armenio, Rosamunda and Ubaldo, 3 crazy ghosts who do not know they are in the afterlife, will you be able to resist, or will you die laughing?

The Delirium

At the Pepsi Theater there is great anticipation for Delirium, the musical set in a cemetery on Halloween night. Two young journalists are looking for the scoop of the century and a report on the existence of ghosts seems like the best idea. But venturing into a graveyard on Halloween night will prove to be a very, very bad choice. A suspenseful musical that will make you dance and entertain. Also on the schedule Let’s Party to dance and sing with the many protagonists of the Nickelodeon world, Hot Wheel City-The new challenge, the most acclaimed stunt show in Europe and the many meet & greet moments for spectacular souvenir photos. To complete the offer, the refreshment points and shops will also offer themed offers to make the Halloween of Mirabilandia a 360-degree experience. Visitors will not miss the fun and adrenaline of the many attractions of the Park.

What did Sabrina Mangia say?

“This is the thirteenth edition of the biggest Halloween in Italy”, comments Sabrina Mangia, Director of Sales and Marketing of Mirabilandia. Sabrina goes on to say: “For years it has been one of the most anticipated moments of the season with days that are sold out. We immediately believed in this appointment, which Mirabilandia was able to modulate to satisfy both the little ones and the bravest adults. This year we also decided to add an extra weekend, November 5th and 6th, to experience another two days of great fun with horror atmospheres. But the surprises do not end there: we are working on a great event that will leave everyone speechless “. You just have to book a scary weekend in the darkest amusement park in Italy. Let the party begin.

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Mirabilandia: a Halloween Rock and Horror Periodico Daily